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  1. Isaiah could be viewed as the Prophet for the Last Days if a person does not believe in the New Testament. To my understanding Christians view most of the prophecies for the Last Days come from the New Testament.
  2. I was curious and did Google search "Jehovah Jesus Jacob". There are quite a few results for a man who appears to be in Jewish Outreach. How did you come to realise you were "a final servant of Jehovah"? Doesn't that make you a self-declared prophet?
  3. Claim that Jesus became God/ anointed by God at baptism is the heresy of Adoptionism. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adoptionism https://carm.org/did-jesus-stop-being-son-of-god-when-forsaken-on-the-cross Bible chapter and verse where it says the Holy Spirit Himself left Jesus please. "Yielding up the ghost" does not mean that. http://biblehub.com/commentaries/matthew/27-50.htm
  4. Word of Faith is a very dangerous false doctrine. This link has ex-pastors' testimonies. https://thewordonthewordoffaithinfoblog.com I enjoyed John Samson's show too. http://www.aomin.org/aoblog/2014/09/11/9112014-confessions-of-a-former-word-of-faith-pastor-today-on-the-dividing-line/ WOF style beliefs I developed via listening to televangeli$ts contributed to a very bad and long period of unbelief. They are probably responsible for the shipwrecking of many people's faith.
  5. It is easy to forget how much we ourselves have lied to ourselves and others in our lifetime. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans+3%3A10-18&version=KJV Therefore verse 13 applies to each one of us. I have recently been convicted of how much of an serial omitter of truth I had been, justifying its use for self protection each time. A half-truth is still a lie. https://www.compellingtruth.org/sin-of-omission.html Therefore if a single lie is enough for a jail sentence each one of us would be in jail.
  6. Remember John 3:16. Amongst those who believe in Jesus will be ex-Freemasons. Current Freemasons are not any less or more deserving of salvation than any other sinner. However like the rest of us who become Christians they need to to turn from their sins e.g. false religion, idolatry, works righteousness etc. Yes this a small forum, and may appear to do nothing on the surface. You never know how many may be influenced in the future - just one salvation may make a huge difference. Remember Charles Spurgeon was listening to a simple preacher when he got saved. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/adrianwarnock/2015/09/the-simple-sermon-that-saved-charles-spurgeon/
  7. 1. I am Australian, mostly Queenslander but due to my husband's job I have lived around Australia. It looks like we will be staying in this QLD town for good now. 2. I was brought up Catholic until teens when I read Billy Graham' Gospel message, believed it, and decided to try Baptist church. Met my ex-boyfriend there and backslid terribly. Married atheist but returned to God around same time, went to Uniting church which became non-denominational. Since that time until now, I have been near-atheist, Charismatic, non-church attender (remote town meant no church I could attend), then Bapist. I was baptised in 2011. 3. Experiences - answered prayers, bible passages suddenly alive to me, strong Christian women to set me a good example (my mother did not), finding perfect Christian websites whenever I need them 4. Literally - surgeon able to do my operation in a small town is rare. Spiritually - God bringing me a street preacher and the correct thoughts when I was running away from Him continuously. 5. Genuine faith in God will result in love for Him and a desire to please Him. I use the reference library training that I received in an academic hospital library way more online than I ever would have in an average library, and I have used those skills to defend the faith to myself and others. 6. I keep all evangelism activities online. All my family members are atheists (including husband and our sons) and all my new acquaintances I have are Christians. 7. Haphazard I must admit. Most activities are during day when I am alone. Right now I am aiming to focus on one bible chapter a day and then look for sermons to read or listen to on topic/ particular verse that caught my attention. I have found this especially useful for OLD Testament books I skim over. 8. No particular favourite author right now; I like a lot of the Puritans' works despite their tendency to way too many words by modern standards. I have listened to quite a few preachers like John Macarthur, I sometimes listen to Christian apologists' online radio shows too. In past I have listened to some whacko (to reformed minds) addressing conspiracy theories preachers like PastorMike Hoggard and Jason Cooley to get an understanding of "the alternative viewpoints" that I came across on several forums. Both excellent preachers, but 1. Non-reformed 2. KJV only (me too, but I agree to disagree) 3. non-Pre-Millenialism. 9. Met with opposition - I avoid it in real life. Online I remain courteous and request that the other person defends their viewpoint with facts/ evidence as I do. 10. Be yourself, be polite, don't get mortally offended if someone disagrees with/ corrects you. None of us are infallible. Don't let online friendships rule your life.
  8. Right now I think that you should be praying for God's peace and comfort. I get the impression that it has re-opened the grieving process for your lost relationship. I will pray this for you. You can pray for them later after you have progressed through this difficult time for you personally.
  9. How friendly are atheist forums to Christians who use the bible to defend their position as well as intellectual arguments?
  10. I am very surprised at that too. KJV supporting websites are extremely good resources for showing clear differences between the bible and JW's "version". One interesting issue is the unreliability due to questionable qualifications. http://www.forananswer.org/Top_JW/Scholars and NWT.htm
  11. Hello there. How do you view the WatchTower Organization's ability to change JW teachings, predictions and policies when it is in the best interest of your church? Do you view that as dishonest or permissible?
  12. So in your opinion, listeners to James White are already familiar enough with Christian Theology, and therefore will not become Charismatics if they do decide to read Michael Brown's material/ listen to his shows?
  13. I have visited atheist forums in the past and shook my head. From reading only several threads I realised the regular commenters were anti-theists**, not just atheists. They were mockers of all aspects of Christianity. I have enough "don't care/ religion is a crutch/ what about UFOs" atheists in my life and so I don't have the desire to argue against anti-theists online. I admire Christians who are willing to defend the faith in such challenging forums though. ** atheists determined to spread their unbelief and hatred of the Christian God.
  14. Only stalking online. In the weird forum I contributed to last year I became more careful. I used a name and email I hadn't used before and won't again, but that is more due to certain weird individuals with pre-existing personal problems. I am tougher online than real life so it doesn't really worry me. I am in a regional area where only mainstream cults like JWs are present. I doubt if I'll ever meet people like those ones in real life!
  15. I am genuinely interested in how Dr. White's supporters (I am still one, despite the following entry) view this issue. This is a topic of great frustration for me personally. I am saying upfront I am extremely grateful for Alpha and Omega Ministries. It has done so much to educate me and release me from last bondage of Roman Catholic Church. I trust Dr. James White's teachings on Christian apologetics and have always admired his courtesy to all people he has debated and communicated with. He has the highest standards of both debating skills and politeness to his opponents that I am aware of in both his Youtube clips and websites. That being said, as an extreme EX hyper-Charismatic I am extremely disappointed that he is endorsing Dr. Michael Brown's book on today's radio show. Dr. Brown has been proved by both polite Christian polemics experts AND other extreme bloggers to be extremely flexible with the truth, refusing to name nearly all the shameless charlatans via misuse of Matthew 18:15-18, Matthew 7:1-5 and ignoring the apostle Paul's example in Galatians 2:11-14, publically exposing apostle Peter when he was in serious error. On Hillsongchurchwatch (now Churchwatchcentral****) Michael Brown's name started popping up as a supporter of Hillsong frequently, making excuses for their poor conduct and taking their excuses blindly. Hillsong was proven by secular newspapers to be doing what Michael Brown minimised and made loopholes for the undiscerning Christian/s. One example: http://www.hallels.com/articles/15483/20160603/hillsong-church-criticized-over-the-appearance-of-the-naked-cowboy.htm an exceptionally weak rebuke in response https://askdrbrown.org/library/when-hillsong-offends-naked-cowboy. There are other less obvious ones, but together they make a pattern. In practice, Michael Brown puts Unity before Truth, Charismatics before Christians. On paper/ websites he appears orthodox. So I genuinely feel great disappointment that one of the Christian apologists whom I admire the most is choosing to ignore the warnings about Michael Brown because he keeps to the Nicene Creed + doctrines of Faith Only etc. I wish some polemicists' words hadn't been so tactless and downright abusive. I understand why Dr White chooses to ignore those opponents' words on principle now. However right now I feel like I need to treat his words with almost as most caution as Dr. Piper's because this particular blind spot has become massive due to his long-term friendship with Dr. Brown. ---- **** I know those are the ones which Dr Michael refuses to name. I used to contribute to comments (WITH EVIDENCE to answer the Hillsongees) "below the line" before they went "no comment" (some commenters became so abusive IMO the blog did the right thing). The reasons why names of contributors are not given is due to Australia's surprisingly strong censorship/ freedom to sue for offensive statements (whether true or not) compared to most western countries. It is not "gutlessness" as he claims.
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