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  1. It is OK, Just Mike -- Reformed Baptist has some cool posts on this board. Do not worry about any past. I came to this board really hurting from RCC and Orthos on another board who thought I was a heretic just for being a Protestant. I reached out, I persevered on that board, and had a 7-page thread of "A Catholic and a Methodist study Gospel of Mark". We will never agree on every theological point with everyone. Trinitarian, Arminian, Continuationist, for eschatology; maybe Amill and Partial Preterist -- do I know of anyone on a message board who agrees 100% with me? No. IN fact, I have more online Calvinist friends than Arminians So Okay Just MIke -- we all know you love Reformed Baptist Good
  2. There is an apocryphal account in the Greek-only portions of Daniel... Two men lie about Susannah, and Daniel catches them in their lie by getting them alone and asking "under what tree?" did the deed happen. The two guys named a different tree; and young Daniel nailed 'em.
  3. And Potiphar's wife became the mother of all such as would accuse accuse and accuse - the mother of Anita Hill, and Christine Blasey Ford, and all such as would bring forth blasphemous breathings against men from the hot breath of Beelzebub; and the legitimately abused, from Tamar to the real MeToo women of our day, were further subjugated by the Potiphar-Wives of our own day
  4. "With great power comes great responsibility." - Stan Lee
  5. Kavanaugh WON -- he's IN... Libbies can go pass out on a picnic table!
  6. rofl Forced into Arminanism -- AGAINST THEIR OWN FREE WILL? We "compel them to come in" !! Seriously, aside from all theology, in the purely philosophical realm, Determinism vs Free Will has had arguments raging since before Calvinism/Arminianism treats it as a religious issue. I think people in general, as well as Christians in general "believe in free will" whether they have ever read any of Calvin or Arminius. But, yes, we have to spend forever DEFINING "free will"... For decades, I had read only Arminius himself, Wesley, and one book by Robert Shank on Election. Lately I have gone to Roger Olson's blog and also the EvangelicalArminians.org site and have read various differing opinions among Arminians. Heck, I thought I had it down! But I guess it is like 'differing opinions in 5,4, or 3 point Calvinism, and 'who is a real Calvinist'? etc. But I am interested now in varying Arminian views; it all relates to how I might react to the future of the United Methodist Church as it votes this spring on gay issues. If UMC's response is too flaky for me, options in the Arminian/Wesleyan Tradition are Church of Nazarene and Assemblies of God, as well as the General Baptists -- that's where Olson, an Arminian author of several books -- is found, as a professor at Truett Seminary at Baylor University in my hometown; he is at a Baptist Church catty-corner to the Methodist Church where I grew up -- which bldg had been bought by a black Missionary Baptist Congregation
  7. Where or what is THAT? Is it a sub-forum on this board?
  8. It blows Gnosticism out of the water in that Knowledge is not a basis of being saved. To pin down what is exactly meant by "prevenient Grace" seems difficult to me; I think it is related to the DRAWING of a person to God, which must be done by the Father. And technically the ETERNAL SECURITY issue becomes moot for the Arminian who believes that Election is on the basis of God's foreknowledge of who will believe AND PERSIST IN BELIEVING TIL THE END; so the question of "falling from Grace" might become meaningless; it is clouded by the realization that God foreknew who would persist in believing. Joshua told the Israelites "Choose Life" -- but it might be true that the Bible never says "Choose ETERNAL life -- I dunno. Christian message boards these days seem rampant with non-Trinnies, not-godders, and non-Chalcedonians. Differences in soteriology and eschatology seem MINOR compared to the insisters that there is no Trinity, that Jesus was not fully divine, and/or not fully human.
  9. Christine Blasey Ford ex-boyfriend says she helped friend prep for potential polygraph; Grassley sounds alarm WWW.FOXNEWS.COM In a letter released Tuesday, an ex-boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, seemingly contradicted her testimony under oath last... Some ex-bf of Boozey Blasey tears up her testimony...
  10. I'll bet Kavanaugh wishes Martin Luther was in the Senate - to vote for him!
  11. Kavanaugh accuser arrives for testimony the below pic is the one with the text "Kavanaugh accuser arrives for testimony" The alleged pic of Ford on the picnic table - it is disputed that it is actually Ford - allegedly the "passed out pic" was originally on some Spanish site way earlier. Someone said it is a "more modern pic" than would have been true for the 80's time frame -- something about THONG bikini bottoms or underwear not coming out til the 90's. An alleged pic of Ford with Soros is also fake.
  12. I don't know if they would dare. Already stories are that the photograph is not of Ford. Christine Blasey Ford bombshell photo?, Panties topless surrounded by booze, Told best friend she had 64 sexual partners between 11th grade & college? | Citizen WElls CITIZENWELLS.COM Christine Blasey Ford bombshell photo?, Panties topless surrounded by booze, Told best friend she had 64 sexual partners between 11th grade & college? “Receptionist: How do you write...
  13. Wearing only a bikini-bottom beer bottles all around her on the table Christine Blasey Ford WWW.ONEPOLITICALPLAZA.COM
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