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  1. To be fair, Fox doesn't, and to my knowledge has never, claimed to be conservative. They say they are "Fair and Balanced." They offer both viewpoints but they usually don't go off the deep end crazy.
  2. It is foolish. If I have a gun, I will defend my family. I don't think Scripture addresses your first point. As far as defense goes: Psalm 82:4 Exodus 22:2-3 He also gave qualifications in Scripture to what that meant.
  3. Not a villain, just a flat idiot. She literally opens her mouth and stupid pours out.
  4. That's from the Bible, they wouldn't get the reference....
  5. Yes, the wall is necessary. Yes, the government shutdown is harming people. Yes, the Democrats knew for A YEAR that this was going to happen. I guess they thought Trump was bluffing. But he said a long time ago he would not sign another CR without border wall funding. And what did Congress do in the meantime? Nothing. Nothing at all. All of the Democrats who have been in DC for a while have voted for wall funding before. All of them. Yet now, somehow, it is immoral. It is only because of their attitude towards Trump. They hate him. $5 billion dollars is pocket change in Washington so this isn't about the money like they try and claim.
  6. Wasn't there a movie or something where California just kind of broke off into the ocean?
  7. Wonderful choice of language she has.... So befitting a member of Congress.
  8. This in no way debunks what @William is saying. How could you possibly come to that conclusion?
  9. I don't have a lot of patience for many of the Independent Baptists. Most of these churches are the ones that end up with KJV Only nonsense.
  10. It is interesting that he never responded to
  11. Republicans would be foolish to challenge the President in the primary. They will lose the base and a Democrat will be in office.
  12. Actually, Baptists believe exactly what is being discussed here as a general rule. Read the London Confession, read the Baptist Faith and Message, read the doctrinal statements of Southern Baptist Seminary. All of them have this.
  13. No, we don't know who the elect are, therefore, we should treat every unbeliever as if they are one of the elect and pray for and witness to them until the end.
  14. I don't really see the point of ending the punishment. If people do what they are told they wouldn't have to worry about it.
  15. Scripture is clear that those who are not saved (the uncalled) spend eternity in torment. Do you deny this?
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