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  1. It's a sad state of affairs when moderators and staff resort to mocking members they disagree with. Slander them. And all sorts of other behavior. It's not just you, it is the entire staff. Obviously, this is not a place for all protestants. This is a place for people who only believe exactly as you do. This will probably be my last post. The arrogance, rudeness and unchristian behavior of the staff is just too much.
  2. Well you should because you are slandering me. You owe me an apology. No I read it but he doesn't want to engage the topic. That's what I'm saying. I'm tired of the slander.
  3. Maybe your problem, and the problem with a lot of covenant theology, is that they overcomplicate Scripture. They spiritualize something that has a plain meaning in context and with grammatical context. Not opinion, again it is fact.
  4. No, it is a fact. Sure Notice I am talking about specific sections of passages and also that numbers can be symbolic or literal depending on context. So yes, you did, in fact, misrepresent me. You know good and well all of Revelation is not symbolic yet you refuse to go there and dismiss it as a game because it blows up in your face.
  5. @Origen you can laugh at that post all you want but it doesn't change the fact that you did the very same thing you accused me of. You misrepresented the beliefs of someone else. It is even demonstrated in this very thread that what you said is not what I believe. ??
  6. Did Jesus come back? Nope. So yes, we know it wasn't 70AD
  7. Why does that not make sense? Jesus will be waging war against them. What makes you think there shouldn't be disease? Also, when was Satan bound if there is not a literal 1,000 years? This is why the ammilliienal position does not work. It can't account for these things.
  8. Exactly, that is why they must give reasons the 1,000 years, a specific time-frame, is symbolic as opposed to literal. Because it is in a section of Revelation that does not need to be symbolic and is much more natural to be read as literal as opposed to spiritualized and allegorized without cause.
  9. Which of course goes back to the question you refuse to entertain. Is ALL of Revelation symbolic?
  10. So are your arguments by the way. What eactly about that is unbelieveable? The fact that since 1 time when the number 1,000 is symbolic you suddenly take every time the number 1,000 is written to be symbolic? Goodness.
  11. Because it was attacking the position not the person.
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