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  1. PRAYER. It's as necessary as "breeeeeathing", isn't it? Like spiritual "oxygen", amen? As Peter said to Jesus, where else can we go or to whom else can we go to? He IS the ONLY HELP for us, in ANY circumstance or dilemma or inexplicable quandry, isn't He?
  2. Praying, Tony (((hug)))
  3. brinny

    Silly jokes.

    Q: What has four legs, one foot and one head? A: A bed.
  4. Q: What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday? A: Aye matey.
  5. Praying for your precious wife, and you too, David (((hug)))
  6. Praying for you Tony. God bless you (((hug)))
  7. Praying David, i pray all goes well at work and you are feeling much better.
  8. brinny

    What's for Supper?

    i'll be sautee'ing onions n' garlic n' fish when the groceries get here....i'm about ready to eat one o' those Liitle Debbie's Zebra cake rolls hahaaa
  9. brinny

    What's for Supper?

    That's it...they better get my groceries here....i'm hungry now LOL!
  10. brinny

    What's for Supper?

    Yummm-mers!!! This thread is makin' me hungry.
  11. I hear ya', but i'm gonna swat that fly hahaaaaa
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