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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. hard to believe the free handouts to illegals while citizens live on the street with no care/support of any kind
  2. Truthfrees

    Word of faith movement.

    very good - thank you for this - awesome post - love this kind of stuff - looks like you do too - thank you
  3. Truthfrees

    Word of faith movement.

    i'd have to research it again to refresh - ecclesia - called out - is the greek word - and have to look to see what the hebrew word is as i can't remember off hand - has ties to hagios - holy - which means to be separated sequestered to the specific Romans 8:29 predestined Godly living God requires of you in Christ - and likewise tied to chosen - can't remember the greek word so will have to get back to you with something definitive as this is all i can remember off the cuff need to think about the historical too - nothing comes to mind right now on the historical
  4. Truthfrees

    Word of faith movement.

    yes - amen - scripture is the only way to know what God says about anything the problem is we have so many denominations because we disagree about the correct interpretation of scripture so imo the best way to find out how to interpret scripture is: 1. read scripture continuously cover to cover to hear all God has to say - i listen to the NT cover to cover 3x/week (60 hours/week) and the OT cover to cover 2x/year - this helps me keep all things in context - the OT and NT have awesome treasures that shine light on each other as per Jesus' words in Matthew 13:52 2. study scripture in the original language to clear up translation mistakes - i have found amazing things this way - one of my favorites is "pray" in hebrew means "pour out" - i was literally jumping with joy and inspiration when i found out praying was pouring out my heart thoughts feelings questions to God - it made praying alive and life changing for me 3. find out historical context if possible - example the priestly class of sadducees were keeping to a literal interpretation of God's words to the best of their understanding but non-levitical pharisees were trying to replace the priestly class and re-interpret scripture - thus the pharisaical errors Jesus and paul were addressing - 4. think about the real life application of God's words to ensure one is living in line with scripture - theological debates often have no real life daily living application - scripture is really meant to be lived by each individual - God doesn't want us getting involved in silly semantic disputes about things that we really will not know for sure until we get to heaven - most of us agree on the way to live to please God - it's the other theologies we fight over 5. pray/talk to God to get God's wisdom on what He meant and how He means for us to live out His amazingly awesome instructions - don't follow man - God wants an intimate relationship with us and wants to talk to us about how to best please Him in our daily living - He loves when we walk with Him and talk with Him as enoch did - Genesis 5:24 - it's what He loved to do with adam and eve - Genesis 3:8 God bless you my friend - thank you for your kind christianity - i have a new appreciation for kind christians
  5. Truthfrees

    Word of faith movement.

    yes - i took some time away to pray and get over the hurt/rejection/attack i was feeling - feeling love in my heart again - which is a wonderful way to live imo Jesus talked about all things as per John 10:10 - Mark 11:22-24 - John 14:14 in this life we have spiritual and natural needs and Jesus paid for our sins sickness poverty etc - 1 Peter 2:24 - Isaiah 53:4-5 - in heaven we have no needs - all is perfect in heaven but as you say salvation is the primary issue because unless we connect with God through Jesus we will find ourselves outside His John 10:10 abundant life benefits and Philippians 4:19 gloriously rich provisions
  6. imo it was a liberal judge making an outrageous ruling knowing PT would appeal it in a higher court iow the liberal judge is just wasting PT's time and money and putting himself in the news so many unscrupulous people playing wicked games simply because they hate PT and conservative christians we just need to go to God in prayer as He is the Judge of all the earth and He will judge righteously if we bring cases before Him - Luke 18:7
  7. people who are not racist and don't hang around with racists quite often don't understand how some comments are racist @godsquadgeek and @Fireproof you do make good points about the double standards of what is called racist what i learned from this situation is that saying unkind things about others isn't a very good idea on real news there is a lot about how roseanne isn't a d or an r - she just happens to support PT - just as kayne does i guess roseanne has a long history of saying outrageous things - as most commedians do that wolfe lady who trashed sarah sanders at the news media whitehouse dinner was far worse imo than roseanne but such is the media bias hypocrisy and blatant bias is evil - but God sees and if we keep close to God He will make a way through all the nonsense we are experiencing God bless all you wonderful people who are not racist and didn't recognize racism - that just shows what good hearts you have God bless all you wonderful people who do see racism - please be kind to others as @deade was - it was very wise of deade to recognize that some people are not familiar with racism because they are not racists and do not hang around with racists i can vouch for @godsquadgeek that he is a good guy and honestly did not see the racism - i too have the same issue - i am not racist and don't hang with racists so i tend to take people at face value as did godsquadgeek praying for you all - God bless you precious people - may God's love fill your hearts
  8. no it's only because it's PT everyone else is allowed just not PT the hypocrisy is without limits and notice how he was not ordered to do anything differently so if he really did something wrong he would have been ordered to make it right
  9. Truthfrees

    Word of faith movement.

    thank you for this video - i can see a lot wrong - and am sorry that so many people were affected by this - i notice he did not declare Jesus as the healer - and he changed the Jesus lifted me song to Father lifted me - and he said something about the power of all the great religions of the world - i feel kinda sick in my stomach and have a headache after seeing this video - so there is something that is not the presence of God the last time i felt like this was when a satanist was talking to me about satan when i was trying to share the good news about Jesus - and before that when i read a manual of a deliverance minister who said the archangel michael gave him the deliverance techniques wow - so sad that people who needed God's help were harmed -
  10. Truthfrees

    Word of faith movement.

    ok - you have a good point and i have no response for that - that is pretty clear in scripture so i will have to accept that - thank you for that excellent point God Bless you my friend
  11. Truthfrees

    Word of faith movement.

    i agree with a messenger from satan tormented paul - but the scripture says paul asked 3 times that God would lift this off him and 3 times God said my grace ability power is sufficient for you - what is this grace ability power? - it is God's power - imo the same power Jesus used to heal the sick raise the deal etc - so this indicates to me that when paul started rejoicing that when he was weak then he was strengthened - he meant God's power is what he used as per Philippians 4:19 - Mark 11:22-24 - the power of God is activated by us using God's words and seeing things change i don't see paul ever saying he accepted sickness or that we should accept sickness - neither did Jesus or God tell us to accept sickness - in fact Deuteronomy 28:1-68 and Joshua 1: 8 and Isaiah 53:3-6 and 1 Peter 2:24 says the opposite rather we see paul and all the others also healing the sick and raising the dead - just as Jesus did
  12. Truthfrees

    Word of faith movement.

    judas carried the purse so Jesus wasn't poor - John 12:6 - scripture doesn't say one way or the other but imo for the 3.5 years Jesus was travelling from town to town and preaching the gospel He slept out in the open at night as did all travellers - BUT when in a village someone invited Him into their home as per nicodemus - martha/mary/lazarus - and the jewish custom to not leave anyone out in the street at night - before that Jesus was a carpenter and had a home with His family and income from His carpentry work - there is no scripture that says Jesus was in poverty or poor - and there is no scripture that say He and the disciples were without food - fasting for 40 days was the only time the bible says Jesus was hungry - in fact the pharisees called Jesus a glutton and winebibber so He and his crew were obviously eating and drinking - and the pharisees complained the disciples never fasted - all of this together indicates they had food - Luke 8:3 makes it sound like Jesus had supporters thus the need for the purse judas was stealing from - and if they were poor there would not be enough money in the purse for judas to get away with it - any stealing would have created a ruckus if they were poor Jesus asked his disciples if they EVER lacked ANYTHING when He sent them out without money bag and they said no - Luke 22:35 - so this indicates to me when they were with Jesus the money bag was used to make sure they lacked nothing this is how i would interpret scripture to say Jesus was not poor hungry sick sinning - and God does not want us poor sick hungry sinning if there is a scripture that say God wants us poor sick hungry sinning then i will have to accept that
  13. Truthfrees

    Word of faith movement.

    yes - good points i heard of jim jones - he was controlling and an isolationist - trying to keep people under his control did jim jones perform miracles of healing or some of the other things i shared i and others experienced? - did he command miracles in Jesus' name as i described? are there other examples of false miracle workers doing everything in Jesus' name? the scriptures you provided talked about miracles satan did - which would not be in Jesus' name - satan is the anti-christ - he would not honor the name of Jesus i have heard of spiritists doing miracles but none of them use the name of Jesus to do their miracles either so how would you tell which miracles are from God or from satan?
  14. Truthfrees

    Word of faith movement.

    o - ok - thanks

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