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  1. that makes sense to me too - i don't study theology - i read scripture - i go through the nt 3x/week - and this is what i see too i don't see how a regenerated person can become unregenerate - and then can such a person become regenerated again - and how many times can a person go back and forth between these 2 states? - new nature - dead nature - this sounds like silliness to me every person i have ever seen get born again gets a new nature and the word of God helps them understand the new nature and what God wants because the Holy Spirit keeps leading them and guiding them and then if they have some kind of crisis that causes them to be wounded in their faith they withdraw from God for a season until the woundedness of their faith is healed and then they go at it again being led by the Holy Spirit into the good things of God
  2. ok one last question that might be works righteousness or might be something else when a person says christians can lose their salvation based on all the scriptures about falling away / departing the faith / never knew you / never belonged / no sacrifice left / etc do you believe a born again person can lose their faith - or is it really that they never were saved in the first place?
  3. ok - excellent - this is easy to understand - osas watered down - perseverance of the saints more in depth - iow watered down leaves it open to misinterpretation and in depth makes it difficult to misinterpret?
  4. works righteousness might be a part of it - i'm not sure what they believe on that - i think they believe in the grace of God - i will have to find out they for sure have a severe reaction to eternal security - and osas specifically - over the claim by someone that a christian can sin all they want i don't know of any group that says you can sin all you want and still be saved - i think this person has been talking to an atheist pretending to be a calvinist - and they are now convinced that osas / eternal security / perseverance of the saints are synonymous with a license to sin what are the shortcomings of osas? - how does it differ from perseverance of the saints? i have baptist friends that are eternal security but they do not agree with osas and i didn't understand their explanation of the difference between the two
  5. ok - thank you for this - very interesting - if i understand this article correctly i came to the same conclusions is there a group that you can think of that believe they are saved and can sin all they want? is osas then a critics misunderstanding and mislabeling of perseverance of the saints? the statement made to me is that osas / perseverance of the saints / and eternal security are all the same? - but if i understand correctly perseverance of the saints and eternal security are the same but osas is different?
  6. i personally don't believe a saved person wants to sin imo someone who wants to sin - loves to sin - lives a gleeful life of sin is not saved i want a calvinist to help me understand osas i am being told by a non-calvinist that osas says that you can sin all you want because you can never lose your salvation is that a calvinist doctrine? i have nothing to say to the other person because i don't know calvinist doctrine i need to hear from a calvinist on this
  7. Can someone give me a brief synopsis of osas - the children's version? is one of the tenets of osas that you can sin as much as you want and still be saved? i may have more questions later just wanted to hear from a calvinist how does eternal security compare to osas? and perseverance of the saints?
  8. trump plays 4d chess when dealing with corrupt people opening the gov will prove the dems have no intent on helping anyone but themselves if or when the shutdown happens again people will be better prepared trump wants the wall and will get the wall the shutdown got several other things established follow trump tweets and trump broadcasts and you will find out what all this is about follow media and you will miss what trump is doing
  9. hard to believe the free handouts to illegals while citizens live on the street with no care/support of any kind
  10. very good - thank you for this - awesome post - love this kind of stuff - looks like you do too - thank you
  11. i'd have to research it again to refresh - ecclesia - called out - is the greek word - and have to look to see what the hebrew word is as i can't remember off hand - has ties to hagios - holy - which means to be separated sequestered to the specific Romans 8:29 predestined Godly living God requires of you in Christ - and likewise tied to chosen - can't remember the greek word so will have to get back to you with something definitive as this is all i can remember off the cuff need to think about the historical too - nothing comes to mind right now on the historical
  12. yes - amen - scripture is the only way to know what God says about anything the problem is we have so many denominations because we disagree about the correct interpretation of scripture so imo the best way to find out how to interpret scripture is: 1. read scripture continuously cover to cover to hear all God has to say - i listen to the NT cover to cover 3x/week (60 hours/week) and the OT cover to cover 2x/year - this helps me keep all things in context - the OT and NT have awesome treasures that shine light on each other as per Jesus' words in Matthew 13:52 2. study scripture in the original language to clear up translation mistakes - i have found amazing things this way - one of my favorites is "pray" in hebrew means "pour out" - i was literally jumping with joy and inspiration when i found out praying was pouring out my heart thoughts feelings questions to God - it made praying alive and life changing for me 3. find out historical context if possible - example the priestly class of sadducees were keeping to a literal interpretation of God's words to the best of their understanding but non-levitical pharisees were trying to replace the priestly class and re-interpret scripture - thus the pharisaical errors Jesus and paul were addressing - 4. think about the real life application of God's words to ensure one is living in line with scripture - theological debates often have no real life daily living application - scripture is really meant to be lived by each individual - God doesn't want us getting involved in silly semantic disputes about things that we really will not know for sure until we get to heaven - most of us agree on the way to live to please God - it's the other theologies we fight over 5. pray/talk to God to get God's wisdom on what He meant and how He means for us to live out His amazingly awesome instructions - don't follow man - God wants an intimate relationship with us and wants to talk to us about how to best please Him in our daily living - He loves when we walk with Him and talk with Him as enoch did - Genesis 5:24 - it's what He loved to do with adam and eve - Genesis 3:8 God bless you my friend - thank you for your kind christianity - i have a new appreciation for kind christians
  13. yes - i took some time away to pray and get over the hurt/rejection/attack i was feeling - feeling love in my heart again - which is a wonderful way to live imo Jesus talked about all things as per John 10:10 - Mark 11:22-24 - John 14:14 in this life we have spiritual and natural needs and Jesus paid for our sins sickness poverty etc - 1 Peter 2:24 - Isaiah 53:4-5 - in heaven we have no needs - all is perfect in heaven but as you say salvation is the primary issue because unless we connect with God through Jesus we will find ourselves outside His John 10:10 abundant life benefits and Philippians 4:19 gloriously rich provisions
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