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  1. ok one last question that might be works righteousness or might be something else when a person says christians can lose their salvation based on all the scriptures about falling away / departing the faith / never knew you / never belonged / no sacrifice left / etc do you believe a born again person can lose their faith - or is it really that they never were saved in the first place?
  2. ok - thank you for this - very interesting - if i understand this article correctly i came to the same conclusions is there a group that you can think of that believe they are saved and can sin all they want? is osas then a critics misunderstanding and mislabeling of perseverance of the saints? the statement made to me is that osas / perseverance of the saints / and eternal security are all the same? - but if i understand correctly perseverance of the saints and eternal security are the same but osas is different?
  3. i personally don't believe a saved person wants to sin imo someone who wants to sin - loves to sin - lives a gleeful life of sin is not saved i want a calvinist to help me understand osas i am being told by a non-calvinist that osas says that you can sin all you want because you can never lose your salvation is that a calvinist doctrine? i have nothing to say to the other person because i don't know calvinist doctrine i need to hear from a calvinist on this
  4. i guess that is what they tell each other - and perhaps they really believe it - but that would be a type of error to think they know better than all the rest of us as per 2 Timothy 3:13 - especially considering their success rate is so poor - they seem really good at making messes - and really bad about cleaning them up - as PT is now clearly demonstrating - so surely they should see how they have failed for decades and PT is succeeding immediately
  5. probably because the eu is overwhelmingly liberal - conservative christians are a tiny minority
  6. amen - it's interesting that islam is at odds with christians and non-christians - that's a hard feat to accomplish
  7. i know my friends and relatives in europe are very liberal - imo that is why this kind of thing happens they tend to oppose the bible and promote what we would call sin
  8. it's a rule of law issue - when rule of law gets ignored voter fraud proliferates PT has so much on his plate - hope he gets around to dealing with this one too he and his supporters are about the only ones getting anything done the rest are do-nothings or obstructionists
  9. that would be a great place to see a doctor - too bad they can't just refuse abortion all together - that would be a witness when people ask why they don't do abortions
  10. awesome thread topic - thanks for starting this thread we need to know the character of our God for the quality of our own life as per Daniel 11:32 the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever - 1 Chronicles 16:34 the Lord is compassionate and slow to anger - Exodus 34:6 God is love - 1 John 4:8 God loved so much He sent Jesus - John 3:16
  11. that would sure make people think twice if they knew their lies would come back to bite them in the same manner they wanted to see an innocent person harmed
  12. i agree - i think rigging is justified as the right thing to do - but i don't get how they justify it
  13. exactly i am also concerned about noko and soko unifying - what if kim decides to pull a coup after and take all of korea? i don't think he can be trusted either as far as i heard american military will permanently remain in soko
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