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    Yes, we should pray for the sick. I have heard that some do not believe that God is still in the healing business in this 21st century. I had an online friend many years ago, (also a Baptist) while we were both in the process of recovering from severe illnesses. We agreed that God does any wonderful thing that he wants to...if we have some faith. Thanks to Jesus.
  2. I was told that Baptists were "not into the healing of others". I found this not to be true. When I had my near death illness in 2002, I had a past of teaching the 5th, and 6th grades of Sunday School at our Baptist church for some years. Then I became a greeter. When I collapsed and was sent off to the hospital for my big operation, one of the deacons came to my hospital to pray for my recovery, and two of the older ladies who had worked in the Sunday School, and had heard me talk made it their personal project to pray for me. God bless them. Plus so many more. After I started to slowly recover I prayed for others. You know God is wonderful. He does not make it a big deal when he answers prayers and heals someone. Often he just quietly heals them, and people hardly notice, unless we are the one being healed! Thank you, Jesus.
  3. 2002

    Prayer Request

    The more prayers to the Lord for you the better. Our wonderful Father, Thank you for your mercy. We pray that this health threat will wither and completely disappear from William, leaving us ready to say thank you to the blessed Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.
  4. Daughter(A) and her fiance were only days away from their small church wedding, when she got some bad news. A had just been fired from her job, two weeks before the ceremony, and A said that the reason for it was that she had tried to share Jesus with a lady who was higher up in the company. What to do? Her soon to be husband was also losing his job, because after the wedding he was moving to A's little townhouse to live with her, too many miles from his old job. It would take some time to find new jobs for them both! A was working on the details of the wedding, and that kept her from totally panicking over it. Wife and I had a little money aside, but not enough to save the situation, that was for sure. So, the Sunday before the wedding I was waiting for the church ceremony to begin, with my wife, when I got these thoughts like coming to my head. Like little whispered thoughts. They seemed to say to look in our locked box where we kept copies of insurance papers, and such. Look in there, and find the savings bonds that A's grandmother had left her when she passed away. I remembered nothing about such bonds, but Mom had left people things like that when she had passed a few years ago. After the service, I asked wife about all this, but she also knew zero about it, but she said that we should check it out right away. Of course. When we got home, we found a plain white envelope with a small pile of savings bonds that had reached their maturity. I phoned A, and told her what we found and she came over that afternoon. The little bonds paid for the honey moon, and also paid for their expenses until they both could get adequate jobs. I am not sure how the Lord helped straighten this all out, but I think he did. Thanks to Jesus, he does all things well.
  5. Nice write, Sue D. He sounds much like our Pastor R.
  6. Personally, my wife and I were probably too financially poor to divorce when we were young. That we always stayed together .... I thank the wonderful Lord.
  7. I like the way that theophilus thinks.
  8. Dr. W, where I worked for ages, was the senior mathematician, and a person born and raised far away overseas. We all liked him, and he was the only mathematician I knew who could sometimes blow an entire PC... we believe by using overly large amounts of data. Anyway one day all the math people were talking about Dr. W, and I wanted to be let in on the news so I asked one of the younger statisticians what it was all about. He told me that Dr. W had just proven an interesting theory. It was called the "God Theory", and it stated that the makeup of the most basic building blocks of matter had been shown to not consist of what it should, if only blind chance were involved. It was believed that some super force had changed the makeup of these basic building blocks for reasons unknown. What super force is there? God? There aren't many other possible known choices. But I am no mathematical genius, and this is just my understanding of what I was told. The last time I talked to old Dr. W alone, we bowed to each other, and then we shook hands. I asked him, if he was a believer, since he proved the theory. He said that he wasn't. But he was ill, and so I asked him if I could pray for him, and he said yes, and we parted. I hope he got saved. But would the Lord let such a theory become publicly known? I don't think so. We have enough to go on to become saved in Christ, and it may not be fair to the people of the far past to have not had the advantage of such information, while we did have it today. God bless you.
  9. My impression was that he was not a believer until he had his bar experience. He made a great pastor, I know that.
  10. Our Baptist church was in a beautiful new building, but the members were a bit sparse, and money was becoming a problem. Then our pastor had to leave us in order for he and his family to relocate to another location in another state. A new candidate came to preach a trial sermon, and here is what happened. Mr. R started by telling us about himself, how his father had been a very successful pastor in another part of the country, and how he and his first wife had divorced, and how he had remarried his second wife who was there with him today. Baptists were very strict about such things, like a pastor divorcing their wife, and I thought to myself that the members would never approve him, but I sat and listened to the rest of his sermon. He told how he had come to be hired by a very important corporation, at a very good job. His mother was disappointed that he had not gone into church work, like his late father had done, but it was what he wanted to do. Every day after work, he stopped into a nearby bar where he would have a drink or two to celebrate the end of the day. One day, he came in there, and prepared to place his order, when someone whispered into his ear a short message, and guided his elbow to stand him, and then guide him towards the door. The message was "This place is not for you." He looked over to see who was guiding him towards that door, and who had whispered to him, but there was no one there, no one at all. He kept going out that door, and he told us that he never went back there again. After that he began classes to prepare a person to become a pastor, a Baptist one. His wife thought that was a stupid joke, and she did not want to be married to any pastor, so they agreed on a divorce. He found a fine new wife who loved being a pastor's wife. Under the circumstances we could understand somewhat why he needed a different wife, and we all unanimously approved him to be our new pastor, and he became the man, under the Lord who brought our church to bloom again in the Lord. He stayed for years, and in the minds of many of us was the best pastor we ever had. He today rests in the Lord, waiting for that wonderful new day. Praise God.
  11. I had an inner peace also when I was saved, but that was not really what I was talking about. The married part did not have anything to do with salvation, not for me anyway. I am talking about knowing for certain sure that I was saved in Jesus Christ. To me it seemed like perhaps it was wishful thinking to just decide that I was saved, just because I was baptized. I wanted to hear it in my heart, and be totally certain. Meanwhile I believed in Christ, and continued to ask for my sins to be forgiven. It was not until I was in my early fifties that I heard him speak in my heart that I knew that I was for sure saved, that I was 100% certain. Perhaps I did not have the perfect training in this area in church. Anyway it is nice to finally know what it means to be certain of my salvation! Thanks to Jesus!
  12. I mean, like Billy Graham would have said, that you might one day hear that I am in the grave, but don't you believe it! There is a place for me in Heaven. I bet that you, Sue D. are going to the same wonderful place. Now, I am not really talking here about my being saved, but my KNOWING that I was for sure saved. I think that I was saved when I got married, because of his wonderful promises. I just felt that I should hear it from the Lord also before I told others about being saved. I think that I felt this way because of how I was taught at my local church.
  13. It was ages ago, and my fiance and myself were looking for a marriage like each of our parents had enjoyed. We each wanted to be close to God and be members of a church where we could bring our children when they were born, so they could be close to Him. We were having a church wedding many miles from my home, but close to my fiance's home. The pastor who was to marry us was a different type of Baptist from my pastor, and fiance warned me that he sometimes asked each man and woman if they were certain that they were saved in Jesus Christ. I was raised in church, and had been water baptized, but had not been told that one should have to be certain we were saved. To me it was up to the Lord, and I would not lie to the pastor about it. So we prayed about it, and when he interviewed us, he only asked us if we were sure that God wanted us to marry. That was a different question and neither of us had any trouble saying yes to that. So we were married there. It was three decades later, after prayer from others brought me through my near death illness, and after my prayers to the wonderful Lord for the healing of some others was also answered that I was told something in the spirit. I was told that I was saved in the Lord Jesus, along with my wife, and we were bound for Heaven. Finally I could answer that question the right way. Thank you, Jesus.
  14. It all happened according to how He wanted it all to happen. God has the best timing!
  15. I was a Baptist for all of my life, and had been taught that we should pray for those badly in need of help from the Lord. But very little seemed to happen in answer to any of my prayers until I was just past fifty years old. Did what happen then surprise me? It certainly did. More things sort of like this came to me not long after this.This is what happened... I was going down the road very early in the morning, one Sunday morning, and I prayed to the Lord, and asked if there was something that I could do for him that day. I didn't really expect a direct answer, but I guess I got one. Just as I finished my prayer I pulled up behind a small pickup truck going the same direction I was, and there was also another car stopped coming from the other direction. I got this like message in my mind, a string of thoughts. I was to pray for the driver of each of those cars stopped with me at the light, pray for their personal safety, and for their salvation in Jesus Christ. I didn't know where this answer was coming from, but in case it was from the Lord I figured I had better do what I was told. I quickly prayed, and then the light was green and off we went. I followed the little pickup for two or three blocks and then I heard something, and I saw the little truck swerve off the road and slam into the bushes adjoining the road. It raised a lot of dust. I stopped and got out of my car. He got out and ran over to me, and I asked if he was OK. He was, but his pickup was going nowhere. He said it had a broken axle, and as we looked at the scene I could see that his pickup had missed a fairly large tree by just a few inches, and hitting the bushes had not done him or the vehicle much damage. Not compared to what would have happened had he hit that tree. Neither of us had a cell phone, so he asked me to drive him to a service station, so he could call his boss who owned the truck. I did so and I knew that I was supposed to say something about the Lord, so I did. I told him that God had really looked out for him that time, because he surely saw how close he had come to that tree. He said yes, and he admitted that was all true. He looked a little funny when I mentioned God's name. Then I brought him back to the scene and left him off there, wishing him a Good Luck. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before and it blew my mind. Why did this all happen? I have had years to think about all this, and I am wondering if he was someone being pursued by God. Someone who was supposed to come into his fold of believers. If this is true, then I pray that it all came about. Praise to Jesus. This all happened about a year before my own near death, after which I learned to pray for the healing of others who were close to death also. The Lord is wonderful and merciful to us!
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