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  1. Yeah but what Dr White was meaning is that he does those things so very, very well if I recall rightly
  2. You do realize Walvoord is the most articulate and gifted pre-trib rapture scholar that has ever graced the church of Jesus Christ - that's why i quoted him!
  3. There is no doubt that Ruckman is "brilliant, in a strange sort of way" (James White)
  4. OK - if that is the case why is the word 'congregation' used in both the Old Testament and New Testament (by the way that is what we translate the word 'church' from - the Greek for 'congregation') John says he is party of the wedding party - the best man is part of the wedding! He is declaring he is part of the church You need to prove from scripture that there are two ways of salvation if your asserting this to be the case. Personally I see Pentecost as a pouring out of the Spirit upon the church (not the individual) - the apostles were already saved and part of the church. According to your understanding that might be the case but it is not what the people of God have believed down through history
  5. @WilliamAnd I wish people would deal with what I said and not misrepresent me - especially not mods - bearing false witness is equally sinful to murder - but I would never suggest such behavior means your not a Christian! Clearly I was wrong to return to this forum! If you will not show me the grace of dealing with what I actually said rather then twisting my words I am done for good - mods set the example of behaviors for others to follow
  6. I haven't derailed the thread - but as I said I will drop out - the fact that you have put this arbitrary restriction that stops a person bringing the whole counsel of God to bear on the subject suggests that you have a predetermined answer that your not prepared to have challenged - the bible deals with sin in categories my freind - abortion fits under the category of murder
  7. I saw the word and I did not mention categories of Christians where the support is more passive! No can do - it's an arbitrary restriction that stops us discussing the subject and it suggests that we are treat abortion differently to any other sin - if I can't ask you "can a christian tell lies and still be a christian?" I can't discuss this question with you - so I'm guessing I'm done here
  8. I believe I answered that quite adequately in my first post Any christian is capable of just about any sin - it is the grace of God that keeps us from it! And as far as I can see in the Bible Jesus Christ was clear that the there is only one sin that never be forgiven (and it wasn't murder) - so yes I do believe a christian can commit murder under certain circumstances either of an adult, a child, an unborn child and even themselves (mental illness being one such circumstance). Just like abortion, I am not condoning any of these things, or seeking to diminish the sinfulness of them - they are all wicked acts - but then so is every act of hatred/ anger I harbor in my heart (Matt 5:22)! We are saved by grace, despite our sin, not because of our works, and to say that there are certain sins that grace cannot overcome is to diminish grace.
  9. How good a preacher is should not be measured on personal taste or agreement - but on biblical soundness and the proclamation of the gospel! The preaching isn't int he pulpit to confirm what you believe he is there so that you might grow and your misunderstandings might be challenged.
  10. How is that consistent with salvation by grace? Yes, the grace saves us, is also the grace that changes us - but we will only be perfectly changed at the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. No Christian has come to the full scope of scripture (I certainly haven't) - we will all take misunderstandings and sins to the grave with us! Why can one not take a misunderstanding about abortion to the grave and still be a believer? Yes abortion is wrong (sinful) - I assumed that din't need to be stated based on the question - but that wasn't the question
  11. I'm sorry, but I can't the answer with that restriction I'm afraid! All Christians: 1) Sin (Christians commit adultery, tell lies, are selfish etc) 2) Misunderstand points of doctrine And we saved by grace despite everything we get wrong. And besides it is far too simplistic - what scenario do you have in mind? 1) A new believer just converted who is largely untaught 2) A 'so called' mature believer who has heard the teaching and rejected it 3) A believer who has been taught that life does not begin at conception 4) Maybe they have been taught in certain situations (eg to save the mothers life) it is acceptable 5) They don't support abortion - but they support IVF (which includes aborting babies) I know people in each of those groups mentioned above and whilst I believe they are all wrong I'm not prepared to write any of them off as unsaved. I would say a genuine Christian cannot consistently hold to the Christian faith while supporting abortion, but none of us are utterly consistent.
  12. The point of those verse 15 being that everyone who isn't saved shares the fate of the devil Revelation 20:15 And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire. (NKJ)
  13. I know you didn't - but sadly that is precisely what annihilationism does my friend - one cannot consistently hold to penal substitionairy atonement and annihilationism - happily though as Christians we are not saved for our consistency in theology, but by grace despite our inconsistencies (I'm sure I have some to which I remain blind)
  14. And Rev 20:15 makes it clear that all who are not saved join them!
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