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    I am not looking for any romantic relationship. Sorry. I am looking for the Lord Jesus Christ to take me Home soon at the pre great tribulation rapture event or sooner if it be the Father's will.


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  1. Thank you for the welcome, Innerfire89. I did not know what the "doctrine of the Nicolaitanes" was about as referenced in the Book of Revelation until I found out through an internet search and the break down of its name which is "conquering the laity". or something like that, which was about having a governing body outside the immediate assembly. As a former member of Covenant United Presbyterian Church, at the time I had withdrawn my membership, it was under a hierarchy that compromised Biblical standards towards social values. It is presently now under a different hierarchy tending towards Biblical truths. Course, how long that stays that way is anybody's guess when no one has control over who gets appointed in that hierarchy, let alone have the means to remove an unrepentant appointed christian when they start to deviate from those Biblical truths or standards again. It is in that, I understand why God hates the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes wherein the deeds of the Nicolaitanes was referred to by most Biblical authorities as sexual immorality. During my stay under that corrupted hierarchy, the senior pastor at one time preached from the pulpit that it was not an unforgivable sin to get a divorce. It was an indirect message to me in squashing any efforts for the separated couple to turn to the Lord for help in reconciling. I did not withdraw my membership then, but I should have. I do not believe any member of the congregation took that temptation one step further by applying it to committing suicide at that time, but in hindsight, now I understand how teachings from the pulpit was geared towards social values in bringing people in rather than Biblical living. Anyway, that same senior pastor was using the church as a center for the Promise Keepers' program in the valley region when they were helping to promote the movement of men for the convention held in Pittsburgh in 1994. It was just a means to get more men involved in the church and in the community and in the homes. It was a campaign to get all the Christian denomenations involved in the valley from the Catholics to the Pentecostals/Charismatics. ALL the churches in the area were involved as far as I know. Anyway, to cut this short, The PK's program starts out with 7 promises for men to make in trying to keep to be a good husbands and good fathers, but Matthew 5:33-37 KJV has Jesus speaking against making promises nor even swear by them that only God can finish as in you cannot make one hair white or black. The Lord has set me free from my covenant with my mouth to not cuss, any and all other promises that only He can keep which also includes my commitment to follow Christ or my commitment to make Him Lord of my life, because He has made THE Covenant and all He has asks from me is to believe in Him that He will do it. That is why He is helping me to live by faith in His promises to me rather than look to myself in doing the best I can to "please" the Lord. I find myself following Him when I depend on im all the time, instead of seeing me as trying the best I can to please the Lord. So I live by faith in Him now. Most of my brothers and sisters do not see anything wrong with making promises or commitments that only God can keep when He has it covered in the New Covenant that He will help us to follow Him for He is our Good Shepherd too. They think that God will help them keep their promises and commitments but His words says that He will not; Numbers 30:2 states that our oath is telling God that we will do it & Ecclesiastes 5:4-7 has God warning believers not to lave a vow unfinished les He destroys the work of their hands. So He is not going to help someone keep a promise that was made by that person when he or she did not really keep that promise. This is why Jesus warns against it because the New Covenant covers those vain promises of men when we apply our faith in Jesus Christ to finish His work in us and thus He is the power for living the christian life; not by keeping promises. Some claim I am being legalistic but the question they all have to answer is if doing circumcision which is a one time act is the smallest letter of the law and if they do that, they must do the whole law, then where does making a promise to God and to men falls under when it is the biggest letter of the law? Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. Jesus did not ask His disciples to bind themselves into following Him and it would be a clear teaching to do so when it is a known Jewish practice, and so Jesus is asking believers that wish to follow Him, to deny themselves as able to by any religious means, pick up the cross daily which I liken to being crucified with Christ in that it is not I who lives, but Christ Who lives in me, so how can I make any promise?.....especially when the New Covenant is not lacking anything for me to add to it, is how I am following Him by faith in Him alone as being my Good Shepherd in helping me to follow Him. This is why little children are free to come to the Lord for all they can do is take Him at His word; that means all they can do is trust in Him for all things. It is the religious people that have a hard time surrendering in trusting Him as their Good Shepherd and not just as their Saviour. My "opinion" is derived from the scripture, but not without the Lord's help. I could read those verses and not apply to how I was "following" the crowd without looking to Him in asking Him if I should be doing this in according to His words in the KJV. Thankfully, He helped me to apply His words to follow Him instead by asking Him for forgiveness, and to set me free from all yokes of bondage ( Galatians 5:1 & 5 KJV ) to rest in Him ( Hebrews 4:1-3,9-11 ) as He will help me to follow Him by faith alone which goes to His glory and not mine nor any one else's since no flesh shall glory in His Presence.
  2. Hello Eric T. Thank you for the welcome, brother Eric. In Christ's Love Equinox
  3. Thank you, deade. In Christ's Love, Equinox
  4. Hello Origen, and thank you for the welcome. In Christ's Love, Equinox
  5. Hi Brother William, Thank you for the welcome and the link to the rules at this site, brother William In Christ's Love, Equinox.
  6. I was a former member of a Presbyterian denomenation church until I had withdrawn my membership over protest of the church being a center for the Promise Keepers' Program in the Shenango Valley in 1994. So basically, I am church less but I am still a member of the body of Christ as I am still a believer, trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour that I am saved and trusting in Jesus Christ as my Good Shepherd and my Best Friend to help me to follow Him in walking in the light by keeping me from my sins from having dominion over me again. By the grace of God I am saved and by the grace of God I am following Jesus by faith in Him as He is the power for living this reconciled relationship with God. by the grace of God and His help, I am currently waiting on the Lord Jesus Christ to deliver me from this life that I hate, but I am thankful that He is in me and is with me always to walk me through this valley of death till He brings me Home by His righteousness and His faithfulness wherein I shall give Him all the glory and thanksgiving in Jesus's name as the crowns I receive are His crowning achievements in me. I am not perfect, but I trust Him to perfect that which concerns me as He will finish His work in me to bring me to His glory at the Marriage Supper at the pre great tribulation rapture event when God will judge His House first; 1 Peter 4:17-19 KJV & Luke 12:40-49 KJV & 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 KJV & Hebrews 12:1-29 KJV & 2 Timothy 2:18-21 KJV I hope in Him that He may use me for His purpose to minister to others as only He can minister and use this forum to help me abide in Him and minister in me as only He can minister through others towards me to bear fruit as His disciple and as His friend so that my joy may be full.
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