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  1. some here need to read more carefully...I never said citizens could not have handguns to protect themselves or rifles for hunting. Someone said vets keep their weapons but no we dont...I learned how to use an M16 in Basic but I would not want that anyway...It was too powerful. Even shook my shoulder. I do not hunt so I gave my Dad's shotgun to my brother many yrs ago. I have God with me at all times anyway...
  2. I still made a good point though regardless of what weapon was used...try not to nitpick folks..
  3. My kids are adults but they were never encouraged EVER to read trash like that...Ick...no way..
  4. I never mentioned veterans except that I am one of them...I SAID FOR ARMED FORCES MEANING ACTIVE DUTY....DO U get it now? Nobody else needs them.. Rifles can be used for hunting and handguns for home protection.
  5. MY kids are adults but I would not want their kids to read that stuff. Those are not what I would recommend for kids at all....fairy tales are better without demonic stuff..Or Bible stories..
  6. No automatic weapons for anyone except armed forces. I am an Army veteran.
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