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  1. I once had the dilemma of having several employees come to me asking to get off work early to go to a Benny Hinn show. I prayed, struggled, didn't feel clear on an answer and finally warned them to be careful, to compare what they saw and experienced to the Bible, to pray for spiritual discernment and let them go. Then I prayed for them to be delivered from him. What was the right thing to do?
  2. 1. Turkey, more or less. 2. A simple matter of timing of evangelism. Not a matter of withholding grace.
  3. The wall makes helping manageable. There are better ways to help the needy than allowing illegal influx of millions. Immigrants are not our enemies. We love enemies and immigrants both. We are seeking ways to actually help. Question: Are you actively helping such people now? If not, why not?
  4. Some of that $500 million (not much) may feed hungry children. That would be good. Some will allow rich people to buy vacation rentals providing jobs to the working class. Lots of Poly-Sci college interns will get their hours signed off for their resumes. So its not all bad. Just one million send my way could be a blessing--I have ideas for it.
  5. GaoLu

    God told me...

    Not everyone who says God speaks to them is telling the truth. Some who have not heard God speak may not be listening. --Jn 10:27-28 Would one close enough to God to be in His hand be close enough to hear His voice?
  6. The problem is that one fly somehow becomes an endless genealogy of flies. Still, I am not sure that swatting just one would help much.
  7. I am weighing in from the middle, so I hope not out of place, but this subject interests me. 1. God or Jesus is in a different position to make an oath considering Who God is, and God's or angel's oath-making may not be an example for us in that regard, but I do notice Jesus saying "Verily verily.." Paul says things like "God is my witness..." or even 2 Cor. 1:23, “I call God to witness against me." I wouldn't use OT characters as a strong example for us today because Jesus' teachings brought more light regarding the heart and will of God. 2. US courts recognize a distinction in ways we validate our words. Some Christians choose to say or write "I affirm..." instead of "I swear...." and the government recognizes and honors that. If the government sees a difference perhaps we could also see a difference in what Paul did that is described as an oath and what Jesus taught regarding oaths. Perhaps there is no conflict there. 3. I personally have avoided statements such as "I swear" because it seems like an effort to honor Jesus words regarding oaths and seems that authorities honor and recognize that distinction. 4. Most important may be that our yes means yes and out no means no and that we don't invoke God or other validation which presupposes that our word might not otherwise be equally true.
  8. GaoLu


    Your description sounds a little too much like luck--like what I see in Asia when people give money to an idol expecting an increase in luck. They would describe their experience just like you describe. I think tithing is about something entirely different--the heart. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." I think the phenomenon of blessing you describe above has a seed of truth. God does bless and provide well for his children, but not as a tithing matter. Rather the matter is a heart matter of right living vs. sinful living. Often the heathen are apparently "blessed" far more than the humble carpenter. On the other hand, while I don't think there is a Bible promise that the righteous will never suffer or go hungry, I can say from personal experience with David that I have never seen the righteous forsaken.
  9. God is God. Sometimes people have misunderstandings about God and his attributes.
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