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  1. Some of that $500 million (not much) may feed hungry children. That would be good. Some will allow rich people to buy vacation rentals providing jobs to the working class. Lots of Poly-Sci college interns will get their hours signed off for their resumes. So its not all bad. Just one million send my way could be a blessing--I have ideas for it.
  2. I don't doubt you might have seen something like you describe. That would not be a miracle. That would be a vision. Consider this warning: Not long ago in Asia, I was concerned when church leaders kept declaring dramatically to the church that they had seen visions, that God had given them insight, songs, prophecies and such. This was not a typical charismatic group. Immediately after church, My wife and I were called in to do counseling with these same church leaders. One by one I got consistent stories from the leaders that they had indeed seen visions from what they thought was God and that he told them many conflicting things including that they should take their own lives by jumping off a rooftop. They were confused, My wife and I had a lot of counseling to do. Not every vision or miracle is from God, no matter what people say. People can be deceived or telling the untruth. Suggestions: 1. Check your experience with the Bible. Any conflict indicates a lying spirit. 2. Check with trusted older Christians. I think you will get good guidance from this forum, but also find a truly godly pastor to get good counsel.
  3. If he is bound, he is very badly bound. He is clearly in roaring-lion mode.
  4. It could be Prism-shaped which might also account for a lot of colors.
  5. Awww, c'mon, Becky. There are some good kids coming out of the system. I went to public university and look at me!
  6. Do you think shooting in that situation might have been overkill?
  7. GaoLu

    Prayer Request

    Oh, none of that will happen to me 🙂 I have a wonderful, capable wife and trust her completely. Thanks for the heads-up. I hope to invest the time visiting and encouraging others with similar maladies. And I understand that during chemo, most people are limited to a 5-foot leash and not going very far. I will try to get situated in the middle and give 'em the Gospel. People do need to be open and receptive and I hope chemo will accomplish that for many. If the draino-room is my new mission filed, then by God's grace I shall love it well for His glory.
  8. GaoLu

    Prayer Request

    Thanks for asking and praying. I know it sounds cliche, but your caring really matters. I had surgery and came through splendidly, however, the cancer spread some so I have Stage 3 Cancer, meaning I need 3 months of chemo. I can do that. We found a couple of places to stay in Seattle, so that has worked out great. God is good!
  9. I have some time today and am praying for you.
  10. I am surprised that English is NOT considered one of the harder languages to learn, but apparently, it isn't. Japanese, Finnish or Chinese? The 10 Hardest Languages for English Speakers to Learn UNBABEL.COM Learning a new language is never an easy thing to do. It’s literally a mind-bending challenge. But here are some ways to make it easier. There are also .
  11. The is likely true and unfortunate. 1. Could the reason be that so many students have so little opportunity to practice spoken English with a native speaker, that they learn the best way they can with the tools available? 2. In some regions, English spoken in a church service could be a liability which may be a deterrent as well. What are your views regarding those matters?
  12. I will pray for you Mike. May God bless and heal you and give you peace. I am thankful for your spiritual focus and look forward to future posts soon.
  13. Perhaps we need some examples for clarification. How would your congregation handle such cases: 1. The Deacon is seen every Friday night staggering drunk through a local bar district. 2. Mrs. Jones, who teaches children's Sunday school, was fined for cheating on her taxes by $5000 in 2017. Her story was seen in the newspaper. 3. Bob and Sally, church members for 1 year, are getting married in 2 weeks and she is 3 months expecting. 4. Joe, the town drunk, staggered into church Sunday morning, again, and slurred his way through "Amazing Grace" 5. Fred and Dan are happily married with 2 adopted children and show up Sunday on the 3rd bench back from the front. Fred wears shiny black high heels and offers a lovely quivering tenor contribution to "Amazing Grace".
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