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  1. Praying God's blessing and safety and full detox as you move to a fresh new environment.
  2. GaoLu

    Prayer Request

    Thanks for opening up some ideas. I will go to work on that.
  3. GaoLu

    Prayer Request

    It's a long shot, but if anyone has ideas of economic places to stay in Seattle, I am interested. I know there is corporate housing and AirB&B and such. But spendy. I've also heard people stay at RV parks. Better ideas?
  4. GaoLu

    Prayer Request

    A beautiful thing is that on a forum, where we don't really know each other, comforting words and prayers from Brothers and Sisters mean so much. God's idea of church is a wonderful thing.
  5. GaoLu

    Prayer Request

    Thanks to you all for notes of hope and encouragement.
  6. GaoLu

    Prayer Request

    Well. I never really expected to post here, but sometimes things change. I just learned that I have colon cancer. We don't how advanced it may be, but it isn't looking good. God clearly has a new assignment for us and we want to live it well. I ask for prayer that my wife and I use this opportunity well to glorify God, strengthen Believers and spread the Gospel. Hopefully, we will be fine and back to work soon. Meanwhile....we may be looking for a place to stay near Virginia Mason in Seattle for a while. So if anyone has suggestions, that might help as well.
  7. I think you capture the subjective genitive perspective well. I am not debating whether or not that is so, but trying to understand the implications if it is correct. I think the questions either #1 or #2 in the OP need to be answered. I am hoping to learn how people have thought about that. The subject is not clear to me.
  8. I use both. So far no viruses on Linux, but I don't use it much anymore. Win10 is just too good. Had a virus on Windows around 18 years ago, but recovered OK. Repaired a friend'sMac with a virus a couple years ago.
  9. Well said. In fact, a perfectly literal translation is impossible because words have denotation, connotation, somantic domain (range of meaning/usage), different grammar structures, and shift in meaning over time and region. Even an imperfect attempt at a perfectly literal translation would be unreadable. Good modern translations provide the best possible job of conveying original meaning in English--and they do a very, very good job.
  10. Here are a few resources to read the most accurate version of the Bible: http://www.csntm.org/manuscript http://aleppocodex.org/ http://www.codexsinaiticus.org/en/ http://www.csntm.org/Manuscript/View/GA_03 https://www.deadseascrolls.org.il/featured-scrolls
  11. GaoLu

    What's for Supper?

    All this, just when I found out I need to get my cholesterol down. Guess it will be...blechhhh... spinach. Let me try again. I am so thankful for spinach!
  12. Please don't burn my mother! She is still learning.
  13. Also consider that a vaccinated person does not carry around buckets of the worst preventable diseases (which can be vaccinated against). An unvaccinated person is a vector (carrier) even if they don't have the disease and an infected person may be carrying bucketfuls of disease which they certainly broadcast everywhere they go. Usually vaccinated persons are not the victims. So who is? The infected unvaccinated person spreads disease to... 1) Elderly who may not be vaccinated or who have weak immune systems 2) Young children, too young or simply not yet vaccinated 3) Those with weakened immunity--such as cancer patients 4) Unvaccinated people, and perhaps worst of all... 5) They spread disease to other carriers who may unwittingly take it to who knows where such as countries which do not have vaccines. @Knotical You raise a good point here: >>> The reality, which is accessible from the CDC, is that there are far more individuals who have adverse reactions to vaccines (disabilities, death, etc...), than those who actually contracted diseases for which there are vaccines. That statement is true because, although adverse effects are rare, far rarer is for a vaccinated person to suffer a disease for which they are vaccinated. Children without vaccinations survive pretty well, because those with vaccinations vastly reduce the vectors or carriers of the disease--they are exposed to hugely less of it. However, without the vaccine, they may well become a carrier if not a sufferer of the disease. If vaccinations had not been so effective, and if disease was rampant as in years past, then parents with babes in arms would nearly all frantically flock to centers to get every vaccination as soon as possible. But vaccinations have nearly wiped out smallpox, polio and others. But those diseases wouldn't take long to come back. Here is an example: Remember when the Soviet Union broke up and vaccinations were disrupted a few years in the 90's? A disease, diphtheria, nearly non-existent, exploded into something like 4000X the number of normal cases in just a few years. Keep in mind that I share your concerns. In general, I do not like vaccinations as they are done today. It's not so much science as a gut feeling. Yet some of the prevailing, noisiest worries bantered about today aren't helping matters as they just aren't true--which discredits more believable concerns.
  14. Help me understand Faith OF Christ. I don't necessarily want to discuss Faith IN Christ versus Faith OF Christ. Rather, I'd like to understand views on the meaning of Faith OF Christ. The subjective/objective genitive rendering is interesting, but not my question. For now, let's look at just the subjective genitive. Does this refer to: 1. Christ's faithfulness in saving us? If so, are the meanings of faith and faithfulness conflated in saying this? 2. Christ's faith as a man in His Father, God, being imputed to us as if it were our faith--and thus His faith saves us? 3. Something other?
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