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  1. Ya, I agree. They let you go home, same day surgery. And eye should be good again.
  2. Well, my right eye is very blurred. I would feel very scared to drive, if something occured with the left eye. Do see very good out of my left eye. It might be a blessing to have this surgery. If the docs did not know how to do this yet, I would be hopelessly blind in my right eye. I am thankful for advanced technology. Thankful to you all for praying for me.
  3. CharlesC

    Hard life

    Yes... It was not innocent always. We were considered hoodlems too. We stole as children. I say this to my shame. I mean, we noticed this cigarette machine was open, with no one in sight. We stole the cigarettes and money. $5 dollars we got each and 2 packs of cigarettes. I than went to the store, called Aphabeta and stole 10 packs of Bubble Yum gun. Got caught and told not to enter the store, no more. After that, I began to feel bad. Quit shop lifting. We did get into some silly fights, but not many. We did not like fighting. Didn't steal from each other. I recall the others stole a bike. Well, this man offered a reward. So we said, we found it and collected the reward. Yes, I was their. Didn't have nothing to do with taking the bike, but was there, thus guilty still.
  4. CharlesC

    Hard life

    I was raised in San Jose. We considered ourselves little rebels, when growing up. We were 13 years of age. But we never really fought. We would run the streets at night. We also hung out with Mexicans. I was once in a fight, with a black boy. He stole my bike and I did not stand down. So we sat there and duked it out. He finally conceded, that the bike was not worth it. Once was threatened by this kid, because he could not figure out how to make friends without threatening. I was intimidated by him. But eventually I told him if he wanted to fight, we can fight. That one can't claim to be a friend with threats. He began to apologize and realized he was wrong. I did not fight often, but if it came to a fight, well I would. Needed a reason to fight. Did not cause trouble to be causing trouble.I was not the strongest on my block but fought for principles. I don't enjoy fighting no one. Fighting has good outcomes, if for the right reasons.
  5. Well, I agree, the spirit is like you claim. It is like the wind, we can't see it or harness it. But you can tell by the fruits of the spirit. The spirit is invisable to us, but the change in our lives is visible.
  6. Jesus had his disciples sell items to buy 2 swords, to fulfill the prophesy of Isaiah 53:12.. Like the donkey Jesus rode into Jerusuem to fulfill the prophesy. He was non violent. We are to be little Christs. Like Jesus was. So if Jesus was a pacifist, well we are to be the same. Do good unto them that hate us. Pray for them that persecute us. Don't do evil for evil, but instead do good.
  7. Justme, I was just stating a fact. If the apostles came out with swords after Jesus was crucified, it would not say much for the Prince of Peace. The apostles were beaten and released from jail and still preached the good news and did not retaliate or take up violent means against their oppressors. It is misinterpretting the message that will cause people to feel justified by weapons. Jesus forbid his disciples from using a sword for self defense. Jesus forgave all the people whom persecuted him. The buying of the swords was to fulfill the prophesy of Isaiah. Same was true with riding a donkey into Jerusuem. It was not to defend off the guards. It was to fulfill the prophesy. Look in Isaiah. That is why Jesus said, two swords will be enough. Acts, none of the apostles carried swords in self defense against their oppressors.
  8. See, Jesus did not carry a weapon to defend himself with. Nor Paul, after conversion. Nor Peter. Jesus flipped the money table, out of a just anger. His father's house was being turned into a den of thieves. Jesus anger was justified. Did Paul fight the Romans to the end. Go out in a blaze of glory. No he was beheaded. Peter was crucified upside down. He did not say, I will kill my enemies. Non, killed in a blaze of glory. So this is the hard part about gun toting in church. It is easy to say, Jesus was one way. But Jesus told them at the LastSupper, the two swords were enough. That was not enough to hold off his arrest, trial, and crucifixion. So, Jesus was not intending a battle.
  9. So the Christian is not murdering to kill, but protect other Christians from being harmed. Never thought of it this way.. I could see that. If one loves his brothers, will he not protect them from harm? Yes he would. And self defense is not murder, according to our laws. Law of the land. The law does not stop us from packing. I guess, I should be thankful, that I don't pack. I don't think I could live with myself, if a innocent by stander got killed in the battle, with my gun. A lot could go very wrong.
  10. I was chatting with a Christian brother, whom packs a gun for self defense against Muslims or home grown terror. I think, Jesus would be against us arming ourselves for self protection. One of God's commandments is, Thou shall not commit murder. Jesus always spoke on Don't do evil for evil., Whoever wants to save their life will loose it, Whoever lives by the sword shall die by the sword... So this is awkward, if Jesus is a pacifist. Should we be packing in church? If we are packing, would it not be looked like by Jesus, that we are afraid to die for him? Would it not look like the right motive, if we were waiting on the Muslim or home grown terrorist in ambush, and desired to kill? We already no they desire to kill us Christians. But it is not an eye for an eye world anymore. We turn the other cheek. We overcome evil with good. Thank you for posting your opinion.
  11. I guess, from the American stand point, persecution is not the same as loosing one's life for Christ. We do have church shootings. Hate is everywhere. But most persecution in America is in words. It is not the same, as living in the Middle East or Africa. Even the church shooting were hate crimes verses shooting because of religious beliefs in America. Hate crimes pick out one type of nationality and try to cause havoc. The Middle East ISIS kills one for claiming to be Christian. Now persecution comes in many forms. If we stand up for Jesus in overwelming opposition, well that is being persecuted. If we are kicked out of our parents home for being a Christian, well that is being persecuted. If we have a job, and got on to by the boss, for wearing a "I Love God" shirt, well that can be persecution. Or being in school, and told we can't speak on God. But our form of persecution is not as severe. We have laws that protect our rights. We don't shoot one for their beliefs.
  12. We think of Christianity as being secure. Safe.. Perhaps no persecution. But all Christians should feel some type of persecution. Even their very lives could be taken, for the love of Jesus. Being a good safe Christian far away from persecution is not living the Christian life. We are Christians, for the slaughter, for our beliefs in Christ. What do you think a Christian life should look like?
  13. CharlesC

    Hard life

    Justme, Ya, that would be nice to meet you and your wife. I hear, the Sound and Light theatre, is showing Sampson, this Spring. Moses is going to another theatre. It really is quite amazing, how they put on the shows. In Jonah, they carried out a big whale, carried on big poles and waved it above the audience. Made to room dark, so the poles no people would be seen. Then fish on poles swam around. Looked so cool. They use live animals too. It takes a lot of creativity to put on these shows. I am not a man of the cloth. I am just a Christian. Might also call me a Disciple. See, any truly born again Christian, is a follower of Christ. So we have the responsability to obey Christ and show others the way. My friend Ben is no preacher neither,but baptized his oldest daughter on Thanksgiven. Just trying to carry out what Jesus commands. I thought this was neat. I was baptized on Nov 26th 1995, at North Park Baptist Church in Moberly MO by Howard Smith. It meant a lot to me. I can't recall the date, I was saved. It was in 1984, in a Christian Church, and I was sprinkled verses baptized. I went this route, because had no other clothes, had still been recovering from the stroke, and it was chilly out doors. But the Baptist said, you really need to be baptized to become a member of this church. So I agreed, because it was what Jesus done. I was welcome to worship there, but needed baptizing. Brothers in Christ..
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