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  1. I believe it as Paul laid it out for us in his writings.
  2. The rapture of the Body of Christ is 100 percent dependant on the New covenant believers. I think that is why so many who combine the two separate and independent covenants (like mixing old wineskins and new wine or mixing cold and hot getting lukewarm) don't believe in a Pre-Trib rapture. The Old Covenant has many laws, the New only has one: believe in Christ and love as He loved us. Daniel 9:24, Daniel's people are not under the new covenant of Grace. They were/ are under the law. That is who the Tribulation is for. Not for Christ's own body. Again, do you not believe in two covenants?
  3. Which scriptures are you referring to? All of them? They are not talking about Christians. We are not judged righteous by our works. We are judged righteous by faith in Christ and His works--what He has done not what we have done. Philippians 3:9 Those under the law, are judged by their works. If they come to Christ during the Great Tribulation, they will die horrific deaths, but they are justified by the blood of the Lamb, only a little too late to be counted worthy to escape that day. But, note: the nations will be gathered. We are not the nations, we are Israel. We are the Body of Christ. The tribulation is for the Jews (those under the law) Daniel 9:24. Do you also not believe in two covenants: law and grace?
  4. Yes, I am talking about two raptures. One, where He comes in all His Glory (with His Bride being part of His Glory) after the Tribulation, He sends His Angels to gather His elect. The 2nd is When Christ Himself steps down from Heaven into the clouds and we meet Him in the air. This is not after the Tribulation, and at this point when He steps down from Heaven, it is not in all His Glory it is to pick up His saints, which are a major part of ALL His Glory. When He appears, we will be like Him for we shall see Him as He is. But there may be another rapture, not of the saints but of those headed to the WordPress of His wrath.
  5. What is a dead Christian? I think if you understood those of us In Christ are not dead but alive, 1 Corinthians 15:20-24 would have whole new meaning. 20: the key word is SLEPT. as in past tense, because now they (we) are in Christ, and are made alive. We have been crucified with Him and HAVE BEEN resurrected with Him. 22, ...in Christ shall all be made alive 23, but every man in his own order: Christ the first fruits (referring back to verse 20 Those who SLEPT but are now alive--because they have been crucified with Him and HAVE BEEN resurrected with Him) and after that those who are Christ's at His coming. We know He comes after the Tribulation, so this seems to point to those who were not His at His appearing, when we meet the Lord in the air, but become His durring the Tribulation. It would all make so much more sense if you understood "anyone who believes in me WILL never die" and that by believing in Him we are passed from death to life. There are no dead Christians, and Christians do not need to be resurrected because we have been already. But those who become Christ's during the Great Tribulation are dead and are resurrected . See Rev 20:4 which should also tell you that the 1000 year reign with Christ is after they are raised from the dead, and they are the ones who did not worship the beast or take his mark, which happens during the Great Tribulation. They WILL REIGN with Him 1000 years. When those who died during the Great Tribulation are raised the 1000 year reign had not happened yet, it is still to come. Re-read Revelation 20:4
  6. The reason I insert the gap is because we are in the time of the gentiles, which is the gap. But the prophecy was for the Jews (Daniel's people) and the Great Tribulation is the Time of Jacobs trouble. The rapture for the Jews and anyone else under the law covenant, is after the Tribulation (Mathew 24) where Jesus sends His Angels to gather the elect. The rapture before the Tribulation is for those of us under the new covenant of Grace, where Jesus HIMSELF steps down from Heaven, into the clouds (no mention of coming in all His glory) and we go to meet the Lord in the air. He receives us unto Himself. Not have us gathered unto Him. I believe the difference between the coming IN ALL HIS GLORY, and DESCENDING into the clouds is the bride. We are a big part of ALL His Glory. The first time He does not come in ALL His Glory, but to get a big portion of His Glory: His Bride. It does not yet appear what we will be, but when we see Him, we will be like Him for we shall see Him as He is. I believe this happens in the twinkling of an eye--that is changing to be like Him. Everyone seems to think the rapture happens happens in the twinkling of an eye, but Paul actually says we are changed in the twinkling of an eye, not caught away. So, we see Him, and instantly we are like Him, then we have the ability to go and meet Him in the air, and He receives us unto Himself, and He takes us to that place, in His Father's house that He has been preparing for us, and so shall we ever be with Him. I know you only asked about the gap, but I wanted to also give my input on the rapture.
  7. Maybe this thread has run it's course. I am not saying He is not on a throne right now, or that He is not King right now. I am not saying 100% sure He is not sitting on David's throne. I am saying I do not believe that the Throne He is sitting on now is David's Throne. 1) the Throne He is on now, is not the one He will be sitting on after the millennium. After that, He sits on a different throne. A physical Throne. And that throne will be until everlasting. The throne of David is also an everlasting throne. 2) Jesus' Throne, that He is sitting on now has always been there, as far as I can tell, long before David even had a Throne. But scripture does not say that Christ will sit on His own throne again, it says He will sit on David's throne. I am not saying He is not King Foever. He is King forever. I am referring to the Throne He sits on. If He is seated on a Spiritual Throne now, but a physical Throne later, obviously the Throne He is on now is not the everlasting throne of David. And 3) David's throne was physical. It was in Jerusalem on earth. Just like Jesus' coming throne that is not here yet. I am not saying Jesus is not on a throne: He is King of kings. He is Sovereign. But David did not sit on Christ's Throne (where Christ sits now and always has). Christ is going to sit on David's Throne that has not always existed. 4) When Jesus read from Isaiah 61, He stopped at verse 1. What Isiah went on to say in 2:6 is not what He came to accomplish at that time. In fact, most of it will not be accomplished until after the Tribulation, I believe. Yes Jesus is Lord and He always will be in my life. But He is not Lord in my neighbor's life. To me, that says He is not ruling with an iron scepter YET. This is what I believe on the subject of the Throne of David, and some of the reasons I believe it.
  8. Spiritualizing = making the topic, being discussed, of a spiritual nature. That is how i used the word. Do you want examples of how you do it, too? Do you remember when we were discussing "By His Stripes, we are Healed?" Look, I did not come here to anger or put anyone on the defensive. I came to challenge and be challenged, hopefully learn something along the way. I refuse to defend myself against the attacks, I will, however defend what I believe and why I believe it with scripture and reason. With that said, is there any reason to believe He is seated on the Throne of David now? Other than the fact you believe we are in the millennium now, and whatever scripture does not fit, must be spiritual in nature (like David's Throne)? I am truly curious. I am not suggesting that only you are doing this. We all do it, often. The trick is to realize we do it, and to not harden our hearts to the point that no more truth gets in.
  9. Tell me then, How is the Throne of David the Throne that Jesus is sitting on now? Allegory or type. Knowing that it was Christ's throne long before there was a David. Unless you think David sat on Christ throne.
  10. Do you think I am the one who said He will be on the Throne of David forever?
  11. Yes, but they rejected Him as their king, so He left their House desolate. There is coming a time when they won't reject Him
  12. The bloodline is still there, but there is no king of Israel. I would be curious to know Bebe's tribe. But there is no throne in Israel. There will be though. That is not alagory or type. It is a fact of prophecy not to be fulfilled until after 1000 year reign. When Jesus does take His Throne, not saying He is not on a throne now, on earth in Jerusalem, He will be the 1st line of David to sit on the Throne in a long, long time. I am making a very valid point here, argue if you must, but at least acknowledge the point.
  13. Solomon was seated on the Throne of David. So was Bethseba's 2nd surviving son, whatever his name was. But the Throne of David ended with Jeconaiah. Still is not here today. You can "spiritualize" it if you need to, but Jesus will sit on a physical Throne, in the new Jerusalem on the new earth. That throne will be an everlasting throne. That is the Throne of David. Why? Because Jesus is in the line of David thru Mary. That makes Jesus the first in the line of David since Jeconaiah to sit on the Throne in Jerusalem. Yes, God is Sovereign. Yes Jesus is God. 1 Corinthians 15:24-36 Then the end comes when He shall deliver up the kingdom to God, when He shall have put down all powers, authority. FOR He must reign until He (God) puts all enemies under His (Christ) feet. Question: is there no powers or authorities? I think we all agree this happens at the end of the 1000 year reign. 28 and when (as in, not yet, but when) all things shall be (not yet) subject unto Him then shall (at that point, but not yet) the Son also Himself be subject unto Him that put all things under Him, that God may be all in all. I know All authority in heaven and earth is given to Christ, but that does not mean He is yet seated on the Throne of David. That throne is a specific throne, and it is to honor David for his heart towards God. Jesus is seated at the right Hand of God in Heaven. That is not the Throne David sat on. God was there before during and after David sat on his throne.
  14. Not sure I follow you, but He is a God of abundance. Cup over flowing. We are like Him in many ways. Created in His image. As He is, so are we in this world (1 John 4:17).
  15. Jeconaiah was the last of David's blood line to sit on The Throne. Ever. When Jesus was born, there was no throne in Israel. Still today, no throne.
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