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  1. This is the knot I use to connect the thinner braid line to the monofilament leader. It is very strong. Braid is very slippery by nature and knots unravel very easily not tied well. If you have 30-50lb braid, I generally put leader of 10lbs extra breaking strain. 30lb braid = 40lb mono leader. Advantages of using leader instead of braid alone. Mono leader is easier to tie terminal tackle to and has extra abrasion resistance. The heavier strength leader can be wound onto your reel giving you more control as the fish reaches retrieval distance. The other thing to consider is if your lure is swimming correctly. I use this knot which allows free and natural movement of the lure, by not having the knot tied directly to the attachment point of the lure. Live bait set up. Or the live bait set up. Shoulder hook. Try these out William and see if it improves the catch rate.
  2. What fishing gear are you using William. The bass over there seem to be similar to the barramundi over here. We use live bait and small baitcasters and lures to catch these predator fish. Even the small Barramundi are good fun to catch. https://youtu.be/ZSPOgiRFrYI
  3. One of the best ways I've made the fish rise is using insects and frogs as live bait. Let them float and kick around on the surface making a ruckus, fish can't pass this up, it dares them to snap it up.
  4. Suffering teaches us to love. When we see suffering we love, when we are suffering we are loved. Without suffering life wouldn't be worth it, it is a gift directly from The Father to enliven our dark souls with love for one another. The heart of man grows cold in comfort and good times, he forgets his brother and focuses only on himself. But when he sees his brother suffering, his heart opens in love and care again. The spiritual malady is cured by temporal disasters brought in God's good timing.
  5. William, honestly mate I've been hearing good things about Alaska for fishing, and I just looked at the fishing regulations you have in California, it almost made me choke. Your relatively close to Alaska, I'd nip up to some of those creeks and rivers and give them a shot.
  6. I used live bait which was very effective, are you allowed to use throw nets there?
  7. I bought a smoked trout from a shop once, but it was so filling I really struggled to eat the second half.
  8. Our salmon are very different, but getting out in the remote areas would be the same refreshing feeling everywhere in the world I suppose. In the Northern Territory it's a conflict between fishing and hunting, many times while fishing a waterhole, a herd of pigs or some buffalos show up. So it's smart to sling your rifle before going fishing. But take some webbing with snake bite kit, camelbak, and knife. It can get far too hot for packs, so webbing is the best way.
  9. I just got back from a fishing trip in the Northern Territory. I'm constantly amazed by the huge numbers of fish Australia has along its coastlines. Threadfin salmon are the favourite eating fish, and they are easy to catch from the northern beaches. I wish I could have cooked you guys some threadfin on the beach, there's something biblical about the idea. Hot threadfin fillet sandwiches off the BBQ plate.
  10. I remember grandad saying that the whole place was a mess. He held positions to allow America forces to withdraw, but many were left behind due to frost bite stuffing their feet. He managed to drag many Americans back, but he reckoned that there were many more out there that the Chinese soldiers bashed to death.
  11. Praying. Trust in Jesus. If you don't have trust ask for it, ask for a trust that burns a hole in Jesus Heart. Jesus can't resist childlike trust, He has an impossible time if He ignored it, it hurts more than any pain that exists.
  12. We love you brother, your example is real because Jesus lives in you and no action of yours is your own, it's Jesus. When you are weak, Jesus is strong in you. Even mundane things in this precious time, Jesus is working wonders beyond our understanding in each soul dedicated to Him. Your sufferings are Jesus sufferings and in Jesus they have merit and it is to His Glory, but He will crown you in that Glory because of His Love. I had a glimpse of what life is into eternity, nothing is unimportant, everything has significance, it is impossible to explain it. Thank Jesus for all the graces granted to all the saints and patriarchs and all the graces rejected by ungrateful men, and receive them for His loves sake. You soothe the Lord by this and will be given a spiritual treasure that needs an eternity to understand. Gather treasure now and ask the Lord to measure it according to His generosity, not yours. The spiritual economy works by appropriation, ask the Lord to appropriate by His generous Love, what He would have for you. When you are in the Garden the Lord has prepared only for you, you will see fully what this time means.
  13. Praying for you Mike, trust in Jesus and keep saying Jesus I trust in you. As you approach birth into Eternal Life you will be shown many things, but have no fear, hand over everything to Jesus care. Jesus is the reality, the Rock that is sure, faith in Him is not in vain.
  14. God's Mercy is such that it looks for any excuse to flow out to the hardest of sinners, and that excuse might be even just a thought or distracted prayer on our part for them. When we get a small exposure to Jesus love, we understand how cold, rotten, ungenerous, uncaring and poor we are. We don't have a clue what mercy and love is, we must have a new definition and conception of it, one that is far more expanded and generous. I realised this one time and it was like my heart was too small to receive what was being poured into it, I didn't have the capacity. I asked Jesus to expand it, to create a new heart in me. I had to appropriate His Heart and hand Him mine, before I could receive what He wanted to give. We are poor because we have limited capacity for His kind of blessings. We don't understand the power we have over God by our prayer, especially when it comes to asking for mercy on others. His mercy loves to be invoked, it soothes His vicious wounds that paid for it. Package your supplications in prayers for Mercy on others, invoke His Holy Wounds. Jesus Mercy is perennial in its appeal, all it needs is for us to second it by our prayer. Prayer is powerful because it is entirely voluntary. If it is used with humility and faith it will help many by unleashing God's power.
  15. "By all prayer and supplication praying at all times in the spirit; and in the same watching with all instance and supplication for all the saints." Eph 6:18 Those in Heaven continue in this scriptural injunction, but they are completely united to Christ and are in Christ. They are watching with all instance and supplication for all the saints. The saints in heaven are in Christ, nothing bypasses Christ, the saints are in Jesus Heart. In turn by our thanksgiving to God for the graces, blessings and virtues granted to the saints in Heaven, we appropriate those same graces, blessings and virtues for ourselves. In this way the saints of Heaven receive twice the measure they gave away to us. They are drawn up higher in the Glory by Jesus who is not outdone in generousity.
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