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  1. Dear Aedaz, Being 'saved' (have been/are being/will be) makes no one perfect in this present life. Christianity is comprised of two parts: THE GIFT Which is that of eternal life which, once received, cannot be taken away. THE PRIZE Which is only for those who are "accounted worthy"; having 'earned' it, and it is to live and reign with Christ (via the first resurrection) for the period immediately prior to the 'Judgement Seat of Christ'. All however, via the second resurrection, must stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ, when those 'of faith' (however weak or strong) will, in addition to having at least some work of faith (likened metaphorically to "gold, silver, or precious stones") also have works which metaphorically are comprised of "wood, hay, or stubble', (and that includes addictions such as yours) and these are burned away and purified so that you may thereby be ("saved yet so as through fire") After such purification the believer will finally be made sinlessly fit to enter the eternal presence of God in his New Jerusalem. and enjoy whatever God has in store in his "house of many mansions". Forget 'hell', there's no such thing ..... only 'Gehenna, Hades, or Tartarus', all mistranslated by the King James' translators who lazily latched onto a word of Middle Age pagan origination that was etched into their psyche (Young's Literal Translation carefully avoids that mistake). I'd love to help further if you wish and pray that God will lighten your anguish with his loving care. God bless....Mike.
  2. I am 'with' David (St_Worm2) on this one and, being of Cessationist persuasion, I may well go further and would warn against Glossolalia. When I was a young Christian I allowed three Pentecostal friends to lay hands on me and pray for me to receive the 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit'. I was totally open to receiving this but, despite their frenzied attempts to make it happen, nothing did. Afterwards they reckoned that it was my fault for not first emptying my mind. Now that flies in the face of the suggestion that Pentecostalists don't require a prior emptying of one's mind. I believe that there are 'spirits of the dead' who troll around, without omnipresence, and when they come across someone who is pro-actively seeking to be 'indwelt', without questioning the 'visiting spirit', then such a spirit must think it's his birthday. I reckon that many Pentecostalists may well be indwelt by a spirit other than the Holy Spirit. In which case seeking 'release' by means of Glossolalia is the very thing to be avoided (IMHO).
  3. I too cannot ever remember not believing and trusting in God. I am now 81 and my memory goes back to my earliest Sunday School days (approx 1940). Despite struggles with denominational division leading to a very liberal (some say modernist) regard for the 'Bible', it remains my joy to say, in the words of the hymn: "All the way my Saviour leads me. What have I to ask beside? Can I doubt his tender mercy, who through life has been my guide. Heav'nly peace, divinest comfort, Here by faith in him to dwell. For I know, whate're betides me, Jesus doeth all things well." Hang on in there Greg, "It grows better as the days go by." Mike ..... (also from UK).
  4. True faith is to worship and trust God in the way that a little child would respond to its parents, and ideally that is where the analogy should end (but sadly it doesn’t). In the ‘natural’ realm the growth from childhood to maturity passes through the later phase of “knowing better that one’s parents” until, by the end of one’s days, one attains a degree of hard earned wisdom. All of which is but a part of the circle of ‘natural’ life, which includes watching one’s own children making all the same mistakes which could have been avoided had they remained in their initial state of parental trust. In the ‘spiritual’ realm the ‘child of God’ also grows away from the simple childlike trust “without which one cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven” and soon enters the phase of ‘seeking knowledge’, as a result of being encouraged to do so by other ‘children of God’ who teach that as being an essential ‘biblical’ duty. This particular ‘child of God’ has, at the age of 81, gone ‘full circle’, ditched the assumption of ‘knowledge’, and has now reverted to simply trusting God with a childlike faith and worshipping him accordingly. All of which is but a part of the circle of ‘spiritual’ life which includes watching one’s fellow ‘children of God’ making the same journey, which occasionally ends in the same way as mine, but more often ends in the bigoted insularity of total denominational entrapment. But God is sovereign, has watched it all happening ad infinitum, and will bring it all to resolution when we each see Christ face to face, when what we consider to have been ‘knowledge’ “shall have passed away”, and when our “knowing” will finally be that of doing so“even as we are known”.
  5. I went to a church with no clergy Where members all sat in a ring Each one anxiously waiting to hear If another would say any thing Some days we were swamped With words so abundant That all cups ran over with joy And others a silence akin to a deafness Was the best that their tongues could employ Sometimes I sat in that church when twas empty Waiting for hours upon end Hoping for someone to turn up and join me And speak words the silence to rend But often they joined and were silent I guess they’d no message to feed But if all who are gathered are feeling the same Who’ll cater to everyone’s need? So we sat there in silence till one came along who gave us a word of true worth Then all of a sudden we’re back in full swing New treasures of faith to unearth.
  6. My hobbies used to including painting oil and watercolour pictures and for a while I turned it into a commercial endeavour. I am now too old for commercial enterprise so, without commercial intent, maybe it's OK for me to showcase some of my paintings via my old website at http://personallycommissionedpaintings.blogspot.co.uk/
  7. Could have been a coincidence. Happens a lot, particularly with 'Hotmail' accounts, and with those who do a lot of of open 'group' emailing without using the BC facility.
  8. IMO you've taken to 'moderating' me with a tad too much zeal. I consider my post to have been 'fair comment' and totally appropriate (although maybe it should have been made by a moderator).
  9. I empathise with the above selection that I have picked out. Being very old (81) and having developed my faith in a particular chapel from the Sunday school at age of 5, through to lay ministry in my 20's, I now belong to the "things ain't what they used to be" grumpy old man brigade. No longer can I find a church that simply fellowships and worships "with reverence and Godly awe". I just can't get away from the craze to repeat phrases ad infinitum from modern and trite 'worship songs' in an attempt to whip up trance-like glossolalia and, as for the Benny Hinn style 'slain in the spirit' stuff, I put a brown paper bag over my head and walk out in the hope that no outsider will recognise me. Where, oh where, is the "faith first delivered to the saints"?
  10. That might be me ..... but I constantly search my heart in the hope that, as a result of being so 'non-mainstream', I do not fall into that category.
  11. Hi William, It takes a while for an 'oldie' like myself (physically and mentally) to develop familiarity with a new forum and, of your two suggestions for where I should unfold my particular faith, would it be ok if I use your suggestion to post in 'Other' within this 'General Faith' Section (until you mentioned it I hadn't even noticed the long sub forum list with 'Other' sitting at the bottom).
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