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  1. Would that Cornelius were still a contributing member. I believe that he and I would have stood shoulder to shoulder in this matter. To perish back to the dust from which man originated became the default destiny of man once "the soul that sinned surely died", at which point his spirit returned to God who gave it (Ecclesiastes 12:7) to await the second resurrection and the second 'death'. There is no injustice in the fulfilment of that default process. It was God's sovereign right to create an alternative in the form of the Tree of Live, and to set a guard over it in order to preserve it for those to whom he would choose to be its beneficiaries.
  2. Thanks William, I've taken your link and discovered Cornelius but he seems to have stopped posting. Nevertheless in tracking back so far in the forum's posting I was intrigued to find so much wisdom from members who's recent postings just haven't yet resonated with my particular faith. It's alway difficult, when joining a new forum, to attain familiarity, and then once you have done so the pleasurable 'edge' seems to gradually erode away once each member begins to feel that themselves and other members have 'said it all' and have little to add that is 'fresh'. Maybe I should take time to read as many posts as possible from those who are current posters. I just love the diversity of conviction when it comes from those who are able to support theirs with eloquent logic as distinct from 'parroted' prejudice. Such is the beauty of the 'Body of Christ'.
  3. Oh dear, isms and ologies rear their ugly heads. Years of interaction with them all has taught me that for almost every theological path that can be woven from the vast realm of scripture, an alternative (and often contrary) theological path can be, and often is, woven by others. That is why there are over 30,000 different sects and denominations, each claiming "thus says the Word of God", or saying "oh no it doesn't, it says thus". I incline towards the pathway that suggests the ism of 'Annihilation', since I cannot accept eternal torment in hellfire for any except the devil, the beast, and the false prophet and, on the other hand, I cannot agree with Universal Reconciliation. Is there room on this forum for another Annihilationist? (as well as Amadeus who tells me he had lost track of CF since registering).
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