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  1. Partisanship. The worst mistake the Evangelical community had ever made was to throw in with the conservatives, as if doing so would further Gods plans. I have no problem with conservatives, just as long as they don't goosestep off the same Idealistic cliff as the left seems to be doing, by not scrutinizing their, so-called leaders just as much, if not more than they doing those on the left. Those so-called conservative leaders are going to be the ones that the conservatives will be defending against left wing attacks and if anyone, left or right thinks their leadership is incapable of sanctimonious self interest then they deserve the government they get and the charletons that may stand in as figureheads.
  2. Precisely. We are here to bring people to Christ, not invent ways of proving we're our version of being Christian. God gave us our tasks to perform to and it is to him we need to prove ourselves. The more we bring to Christ the less there will be to support immorality and by sheer numbers on our side will bring Target around without the finger pointing and the banner waving. all we have to do is look at the myriads of protests to see how effective fist shaking is. Look at Occupy Wallstreet. Look at the women's marches. Look at Black lives matter. Look at the anti gun protests. What is left in their passing except a memory of doing something just to do something and the next thing that happens will obliterate even those memories.
  3. @Just Mike Jesus overturned the money changers because they were corrupting his house of worship and turning it into, as he said, a den of thieves. The only piece of scripture that I can think of that seems to back boycotting It would be the one about if anyone rejects your message then you should sweep the dust from your sandles, but even that would be after you present Gods message to them. There are two general approaches to influencing another person and those are the carrot approach and the stick approach. I favor the carrot approach since it offers something positive that can not be countered by more consumers. The stick approach leaves nothing except a finger in the face and only God can back that up with anything more than the view of our backs as we walk out of the place. The veiw of 15 people walking away from something is easily forgotten when 30 people walk in right after we leave.
  4. Sorry, but I think boycotts are infantile and down right arrogant. You don't change a persons ideals by staying away from them or saying that If you don't subscribe to my ideals I'll take my toys and go home. There is a reason Jesus ate with sinners and publicans and it wasn't to make an irrelevant statement to the spiritually blind. the parable of the talents also comes into play here as we weigh our actions and inaction's, as those who fail to reach out to others are those slothful servants that have their talents taken from them and given to those who have multiplied theirs. As for these companies, I could not think of a better place to go to to meet and confront sinners than a place that welcomes them with open arms and happily supports them. It is, in the language of Top Gun, a target rich environment. These boycotts are what the left does because they think that all the right looks at is the bottom dollar. There are people on both sides that have the courage of their convictions and they stand on their principals. Your not going to change them by standing outside and shacking the shame finger at them. The one thing we have that they don't have is God and with him everything is possible, but if we don't use him in the form of the words that The Holy spirit speaks into our hearts and minds, then we will never get any farther than those people on the left who thought they could change Chick-filet by boycotting them. They did more business though those who supported them than the would if the left would have kept their mouths shut. Do you really think that this support came from the supporters alone? God did that and he will render his support to those who ask and boycotting I think leaves him out as it is something done politically instead of spiritually. It's a form of financial temper tantrums that makes us look as silly as it does the left, when they do it.
  5. I want to openly apologize for my part in this disruption. Thank you and God bless.
  6. One of the greatest gifts God gave humanity is the gift of laughter as it is the greatest medicine for the anguish we feel at seeing the way the world is and our ability to coop with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Humor is a pressure release vent that is most often used when we can not or will not forgive ourselves for doing what we, in our own heads would have forgiven others for doing ages ago. Being Christian is not a prison sentence for the stoic. It's a celebration of Gods glory, his majesty and his love and If we can't laugh at ourselves how can we laugh at others for being what The Bibles clearly calls foolish? How can we explain our own individual quirks to others when the media has painted us as so inflexible to the quirks in others. We can do so with an understanding smile and the knowledge that If God isn't finished with us, that he surly isn't finished with those who haven't even began to accept him. I think that there are times when we need to feel the message god is sending us more than look for a meaning, since there are times when we can't see the brouder picture because we are too busy nit picking at the bark and forgetting how beautiful the forest is. When we come to realize what we are doing and what we are missing by doing what we are doing is when we need humor the most.
  7. I can argue my rear end off about anything I wish to but if I do things underhandedly does that make me a good person because of what is coming out of my mouth and should people look the other way when I do things underhandedly. This is my argument and it has nothing to do with a voting record. . Please don't use Jesus in this because he was perfect. If you want to use an biblical example of what I am talking about what about the actions of Peter when he said all the things he said to Christ and then in his own nature he denied him three times before the cock crowed. This was the strength of his charactor, since he let his fear overpower him. To Peter's credit he wept bitterly after the fact, but it is a Biblical example of my meaning which is actions speak loader than words and when you claim to be for God you need to act like it and the way Truz acted during the primaries is not, in my book Christian at all. As far as me making it into anything My comments were a throw away comment that could have been easily taken care of by someone starting another thread. I know I should have done this myself, but I made a mistake that I now regret. As far as Facebook ois concerned It's not a secret that tech gravitates towards the left, because those who fill these jobs are coming out of thw same colledges that are run by liberal elites for years. The disappointments that the right feels are because they expect to be treated fairly by people who have been indoctronated for years to hate conservatism. When has that ever worked?
  8. Ted Cruz used democratic style identity politics against Donald Trump by insulting everyone in New York saying that he had New York Values. What values he never said, but his intentions were clear. He was trying to drum up any ingrain prejudice he assumed that those he talked to had about people from the East Coast. Not only did he insult New Yorker's, but he also insulted the integrity of the Midwestern voters, by thinking that they were so bigoted that they would look down on people they knew nothing about. In a nutshell he assumed the worst of the people he was talking to, which shows how much disrespect he had for them. He tried to use the same style of attacks that Hillery Clinton used when she called Trump voters a bag of deplorable s, which in my book, those who get down in the same mud puddle are the same kind of creature. People who do despicable things are the same type of character no matter who you claim to stand for or what.
  9. I love it when people try to us the non sequitur' logical fallacy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non_sequitur_(logic) The fact that I argue does not equate to me not knowing about hoe champiegns work and there is no logical or rational arguement that you can put out to connect the two. What you state is your opinion and since you are taking the time to try and use logical fallacies, I would submit your objectivity is in question.
  10. His record speaks to what he wants his constituents to see. I know for a fact that the face an opportunist shows the world when everything is going his way is far different than the face he will reveal when everything is falling apart. This goes directly to the character of a person and Cruz is an opportunists, which means none of this matters when the $^&*) hits the fan. All that matters to Cruz is Cruz.
  11. @William I don't ignore anything. Voting records are one thing. The manner of person an individual is more important . Why do you think God looks at our hearts instead of our actions.
  12. You actually take this guy for his words and not his actions. Do you really think that a staff member. Someone that does Cruze's bidding did this out of the blue without his knowledge?
  13. The Ted Cruz people sent out E-mails to Carson supporters without confirming or clarifying anything. Do you take CNN at their word for anything? I don't and I never did. Ted Cruz is an opportunists
  14. I removed that post and I don't care about his record. I care about his character.
  15. It was his champagne that sent out those E-mails to Carson's supporters, I believe, not a PAC. There is a reason why Ted Cruze is disliked by so many on the right.
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