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  1. @Fastfredy0 My arguement was about DNR and I will not dabble beyond that, because if you had not spoken about that particular subject, I would not have commented on this at all. . If you wish to bring in further examples beyond the scope of my comments then I am not obliged to entertain them since they are beyond the scope of my original comments. As for providing anything I will provide the following. Suicide.is what happens when a person purposely ends his own life when that life would continue on it's own and is not in jeopardy of ending by natural causes. Natural causes is anything God would allow to happen to that person that would end that persons life if it were not for scientific equipment that would artificially extend that life By scientific machinery, I mean instruments ans/or equipment, that if turned off would result in the natural death of the person it was used upon. It is a life, if you can call it that which goes beyond the limits God has set for it and is lived without any of the quality that God intended for that person and is wholly dependent on the electrical plug that fits into the wall and the generator which feeds electricity through the wires. This is not Biblical, it isn't even spiritual. It is the huborious of man determining one's fate by virtue of his own designs.
  2. You are mixing up what is happening here. DNR means that you refuse to allow yourself to have your life augmented by the use of scientific machinery to extend it past what God has allowed for you in this life. The key word here is resuscitate. This is not suicide as suicide is the taken of your own life which is not in jeopardy of being lost by natural means.
  3. The so-called natural causes is of Gods making, since he decides when our time is up and not trying to extend that by scientific mean is not suicide, but letting man step in the way of God as if we know best how to run the realities of our lives. How do we know that it isn't a test of our faith in him. Didn't God tell Abraham to kill Issac? Was that not a test. Either way, God has a plan for all of us and that includes those who are left here after we are gone. If it is part of his plan that we leave this world at a certain time then it might be to make room for the plans he has for those around you or those you meet after.
  4. I take it you prefer no resuscitation. I follow that ideal.
  5. I got into a debate a long time ago when the Terri Schiavo issue was in the news. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terri_Schiavo_case I've had some discussions where the issue turned from a vegetative state to one of constant horrible pain and I've asked myself this question. Would I to save a person from committing assisted suicide because of unbearable pain take that pain from the person and place it within our own bodies in order to save him from having to make that choice? I know my feelings on suicide as it is a sin against God and one I can not repent from, because I would be dead and it would be too late for me. I have, before finding God had gone through the motions of gathering the equipment to end my life, but thank God I did not go through with it. I know now that the Lord was looking out for me, but the question I've ask myself I ask you to contemplate.
  6. I don't understand this. I've always been taught that we were to be taken up in heaven. What is the rapture except this very thing?
  7. Why do you say innocent bystander as if people who stand by are simply there by accident. People who attack crowds don't target people singularly as if that person is important to the gunman.Everyone is a target, because it is not they who the gunman is after, but society in general and all people are part of society. I do have issues with the idea of guns being singled out as if they are anything more than an expediant responce to an action. Guns are no more at fault than a collection of chemical mixed together to make a bomb are at fault for the devistation they cause in the wrong hands. As far as things going wrong, if one is in that situation, things have already gone wrong and your choices are limited by that which you are capable. You can either fight on your feet, fly with your feet or die on your knees.
  8. Identity politics is what the serpent did to Adam and Eve He put it out that they were being held down by God for telling them they couldn't eat from a single solitary tree amoung probably 1000"s It was a garden.
  9. I am sure I will have volumes of questions that I will be asking on this and that. I'm just starting out on this path for knowledge and I am one of those unwashed ignoramuses that the elitist left is always mocking the right with. I am not proud of not being educated, but I am happy to have had the wisdom God granted me with to not look down upon a person for having fewer accomplishments in a field of life than I. I've learned, more than once that those who are less gifted in the intelligence dept. can sometimes come up with the most brilliant and insightful statements and no matter how uneducated one is on some subject, there is always something you can learn from someone, If nothing studious, then just how to be a better person inside . Sometimes, when you reach out, you can find a gem of a person hidden beneath a ton of hurt and anguish that the world has dumped on top of them. It is these people that need to know about The Lord Jesus Christ and what knowing him can accomplish in them. God really knew what he was doing, when he specks about humility in being one's self. It opens up your mind and opens the door for us to grow so far beyond our wildest dreams, but but the most desperate hopes of those who just need an ear to listen to them and a shoulder to cry on.
  10. Well there are many who agree with him about gays, but they are trying to placate their own views of themselves, as they see anyone who follows Biblical reasoning on such things are far too harsh to be the type of quote/unquote Christian they see themselves as. It's not about God or Jesus to them. It's about a feel good exercise in inclusion into a social group they think Christianity is all about.
  11. Why don't we start with the Early Church and see what they were taught, before heading into a debate, that I'm sure began after that. Were the 3000 people who came to Christ saved because they understood the idea behind the Trinity or because after Petter told them that they had cruesified the Son of God, they said. Then they listened to Peters word I would say that in order to understand what a thing is and what works you should return to where it started and ask of yourself, what was it that they knew when the gave up their old lives and were born again.
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