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  1. In case your post is directed to me, it would be: Matthew 28:1-10 says that when Mary Magdalene went to the tomb she was told by an angel that the Messiah had risen and would be seen in Galilee. Matthew then says she ran "with great joy" to tell the disciples and while on the way that she met the Messiah (this occurred before she got to the disciples). However, John 20:1 and 2 say that when she came to the tomb and didn’t find the Messiah there, that she ran to the disciples and told them that He had been taken away and that she didn’t know where He was. In Matthew she knew where He was (or at least had been) and where He would be, but in John she didn’t.
  2. Studying the seeming descreprancy between Matthew 28:1-10 and John 1 and 2.
  3. William, re: "What is weeping and gnashing of teeth?" The link you provided answered your question. Weeping means sobbing. Gnashing of teeth means a furious verbal attack directed at the supreme being. Your topic can now be closed. William, re: "Why wouldn't a person's beliefs be unable to be consciously chosen?" Origen has asked me to move on because he says my question regarding belief 'is not what this topic is about'. Other than the OP question I'm not sure what this topic actually is about. So I am honoring his request and am skedaddling.
  4. William, re: "Did you mean 'consciously' chosen?" Yes.
  5. Matthew Duvall, re: "I'm sorry if I...misdirected beliefs." Well now you know that you did misdirect your belief comments to the wrong topic. re: "...what is your problem...?" The only thing that might be considered a problem is my feeling of frustration that I haven't been able to get across what this topic is about. re: "I want to know it in case I run into the same mindset as yours." With regard to this topic the only mindset I have is that if someone says that it was common to forecast or say that a daytime or a night time would be involved with an event when no part of a daytime or no part of a night time could occur, then they would have to know of examples in order to legitimately say that it was common usage.
  6. Now I know that you're just messing with me.
  7. Matthew Duvall, In your post #5 you said that unbelievers denial and rejection of the Messiah will be revealed to them. In my post #8 I asked you if a person would first have to believe that a supreme exists before they could deny and reject Him? I don't see where you have said yes or no. I then asked that if the answer is yes, what is a person suppose to do since beliefs can't be consciously chosen?
  8. Matthew Duvall, Why did you quote my questions and then ignore them?
  9. Matthew Duvall, re: "...revealing their denial and rejection of Jesus Christ..." Would a person first have to believe that a supreme exists before they could that? And if so, since beliefs can't be consciously choosen, what is a person suppose to do?
  10. Becky, re: "Which temple ?" Origen says in his post #1 that the poll has to do with a physical building temple. I'm surprised that you missed it.
  11. reformed baptist, re: "...how frequently do you post on subjects other then 3 days and 3 nights?" Some of the topics I've started which I frequent from time to time: Belief a Conscious Choice? Cornelius and Acts 10:30 Disputed Ending of Mark 16 Matthew 28:1-10 versus John 20:1 and 2 Acts 10:30 Three Curtains European Calendar Seven Day Week Continuity 1 Samuel 30:13 Messiah as the antitype of the wave sheaf offering. John 19:31 First Century Jerusalem The Messiah's Spirit left His body at the moment of His death. Where did it go? "Evening" Matthew 28:1-10, Luke 24:1-12, John 20:1-18 and Mark 16:1-8 Discrepancy between Leviticus 23:6 and Matthew 26:17? Dietary Laws Fraternal Twins Septuagint However, I currently am concentrating more on the commonality of forecasting or saying that a daytime or a night time would be involved with an event when no part of a daytime or no part of a night time could occur.
  12. Sorry, I was thinking that Brown was for California as a “sanctuary state and against the existence of ICE.
  13. William, re: "Jerry Brown suggests that before the laws surrounding whether local law enforcement could not coordinate, communicate, and work with ICE had gone into effect that ICE could have prevented the officer's murder..." I'm confused. That sounds like Brown is saying that before the sanctuary city policies, that ICE could have prevented the officer's murder. Shouldn't that be that ICE couldn't have prevented it anyway? What am I missing?
  14. News Feeder, re: "What does the Bible tell us about Mary, the mother of Jesus?" 1. That the Mesiah only spoke to her 3 times. 2. That He only spoke 2 times with regard to what someone said about her . 3. That Mary is not mentioned by any of the writers in the New Testament Epistles including the one to the church at Rome and the two by Peter.
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