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  1. Cornelius, this would be a post that requires a love button option.
  2. Sue D. God promises to see his people through tribulation never to deliver them from it, In the world you shall have tribulation take heart(be of good cheer take courage) I have overcome the world. John 16:33 perhaps one of my more favorite Scripture verses.
  3. Been through the Darbyite school myself. They make the same error (for one) that the Jews made at the time of Christ by looking for an earthly kingdom Jesus himself said that his kingdom is not of this world.The errors in this system are too many to go on about. Suffice it to say that Darbyism is not historic Christianity although its advocates which are in the minority are vocal and publish and broadcast zealously. Unfortunately this pernicious teaching has infected a great many Baptist congregations.
  4. Dispensational teaching is what happens when people read their New Testaments like it is the Old Testament. The return of the Jews to their homeland, rebuilding the Temple and the animal sacrifices. All these things occurred in the times of the Prophets. We are to read the Old Testament in the light of the New Testament not vice versa.
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