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  1. My brother was not evil and he never was evil,you do not know who my brother was,you are very judging
  2. yes I care about him a lot,I love him with all my heart
  3. My nephew's wedding was a blast,it was so wonderful to be able to spend some time with some of my family,my niece Carter was and is such a doll,she is 1 yrs old,she was the flower girl,she has always been such a happy baby,I adore her and love her so much,also something happened at the wedding when both of my nephews were getting ready,this is going to sound very superstitious but everyone believes that my brother was there right there when my nephews were getting ready,in the pictures of them getting ready,there was this white thing,and everyone that my mom has showed the picture to thinks that it was my brother.
  4. I'm praying that you get the rest that you need,in Jesus name amen
  5. Yes I believe people do deserve what they get,especially bad and evil people
  6. I have a slow learning disability sld for short
  7. Yeah,its just special to me because of my brother and everything.
  8. My nephew is going to be getting married this weekend on Saturday,I think what his soon to be wife is going to be doing at the wedding is going to be really great and special,she has never gotten to meet my brother,what she is going to be doing at there wedding is she is going to be hanging pictures up with clothes pins of my brother,so that way my brother can be at his son's wedding in spirit,since he can not be there.
  9. Yes I have read the bible
  10. what do you think of animal hunting?I think animal hunting is wrong,why kill a beautiful animal for the fun of it and why kill a beautiful creature to begin with?I'm an animal lover,I love all beautiful creatures and they deserve to live a peaceful life just like we deserve to live on earth peacefully.
  11. there something wrong with me?I prefer not to talk on the phone,I just don't really like talking on the phone.
  12. Im praying for you Jonah,in Jesus name amen
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