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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. victory4me

    Did Jesus Ever Die?

    If Jesus didn't Spiritually die, How come He was made alive in His Spirit, 1 Pet 3: 18. Col 1: 18. Rev 1: 5. Jesus wasn't the first to be raised from physical death, People in the Old Testament were raised up, Jesus Himself raised the physically dead. But Jesus was the first to be raised up Spiritually. If Jesus didn't die Spiritually, why did He cry, "Father, why have you forsaken Me"?. Eph 2: 1, & V5 says they were dead and have been made alive, They didn't dies physically, They were spiritually dead Then v12 tells us what spiritual death is, " WITHOUGH GOD". Both the Hebrew for, "Forsake", Ps 22: 1, and the Greek for "Forsake", Matt 27: 46. Means, "To forsake, To leave, to abandon" which equals Spiritual death. Jesus took our sins, 2 Cor 5: 21. And the penalty for Sin, Is spiritual death, and the penalty for spiritual death, Is Hell, "Hades". Acts 2: 27---31. Where Jesus suffered pains, Acts 2: 24, God didn't loose Jesus from the pains of physical death, HE DIED, in agony, But God did loose Jesus from the pains of Spiritual death, hell and the devil. Isaiah 53: 9, Tells us about the two deaths of Jesus, "He made His grave with the wicked, [The sinners in hell], And with the rich, [Josephs tomb] Matt 27: 59--60. If you have a Bible with the Hebrew and Greek meanings in it, You'll see that Isaiah 53: 9 says Jesus made His grave with the wicked and the rich in HIS DEATHS, [Two deaths]. After Jesus was made alive in His Spirit, He went into Tartarus, [Another part of hell], To proclaim His victory over Spiritual death, the devil and hell, To the fallen Angels, 1 Pet 3: 18--19. 2 Pet 2: 4. Jude 6. Then He went into Abraham's bosom, To preach the gospel to the Old Testament righteous, 1 Pet 4: 6.
  2. victory4me

    Did Jesus Ever Die?

    You cannot prove that Jesus didn't die, Because the Bible and History proves He did dies, And He rose from the dead, How were you going to prove it??.
  3. victory4me

    Did God create evil?

    Are you a born again Christian, because you don't seem to believe the Bible. What's your opinion on Divine healing ?.
  4. victory4me

    Did God create evil?

    You have only sited what YOU want to believe. There are at least two other opinions, So what makes you think you are right??, After all you are wrong about tongues.
  5. victory4me

    Did God create evil?

    You cannot use Hiphil, sterm , Because it means, Granted, [Permitted]. Different scholars have different opinions, And you chose the opinion that makes God to be the creator of evil. Then you have scholars that say Hiphil sterm CAN be used as causative, But only in it's right context. Then you get some Scholars that says it can be used as a declarative statement, Such as God declared Abraham blessed. You believe your negative sources, and I'll believe the Hebrew Bible scholars.
  6. victory4me

    Did God create evil?

    So you think you know better than Biblical Hebrew Scholars??. Jewish and Hebrew experts say there is no causitive in the Hebrew language.
  7. victory4me

    Spirit Baptism and Speaking in Tongues

    All the disciples in Acts 2: 4--11, we're speaking a foreign language, in tongues. Tongues that are a foreign language, and tongues that need an interpretation, are just two of the seven or eight operations of tongues that the Bible records. And even one of them are needed today, along with healing's and miracles.
  8. victory4me

    Spirit Baptism and Speaking in Tongues

    Christians can controlled the tongues, the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet. Where does Paul mention a loss of control.
  9. victory4me

    Spirit Baptism and Speaking in Tongues

    Jesus didn't say it was just for the Apostles, in Mk 16: 17--18, Did He, He said, "These signs shall follow THEM that BELIEVE ", and v20 says God confirms His word with signs following, it doesn't matter who does the preachIng,/speaking of God's word, God will confirm His word, Not the speakers words. Jesus also said the BELIEVER shall do the same works that He did. God didn't have a plan A for the first Church, and a plan B for the later day Church. ​
  10. victory4me

    Spirit Baptism and Speaking in Tongues

    Jesus said the "BELIEVER" shall do those things., What if a Christian was on own with a sick person, and with no Pastor or no one with the gifts of healings, Then thank God for Mk 16: 18, They can tell the sick person about Jesus the healer, and lay hands on them, and the shall be healed, As God will always confirm His word, Mk 16: 20. As for tongues, In every Biblical account of people being baptised in the Holy Ghost, They all spoke in tongues, Making tongues the Biblical evidence of the baptism in the Holy Ghost. What if someone tried to poison you, or if you got bit by a poisonous, You would want Mk 16: 17--18 to work for you, And so would God. Any believer can cast out devils through the mighty name of Jesus, In Lk 10: 1. Jesus sent out another seventy to heal the sick and cast out devils, Vs 9, & 17. Jesus said seventy wasn't enough, Pray that Gos will send more out, V2. And the seventy came back rejoicing because the demons were subject to them through the name of Jesus, V17. Jesus said He gave them power over the devil, V19.
  11. victory4me

    Spirit Baptism and Speaking in Tongues

    Tongues Are languages, Heavenly languages. with a few different manifestations, [Operations]. As for the Trinity, Pentecostals and Baptists in the UK have no problem believing the trinity, The Bible makes the Father Son and Holy Ghost are One God, manifested in Three persons. Gen 1: 26. "God, Elohim, [Plural], said let US, [Plural] make man in OUR [Plural] image after OUR [Plural] likeness", On God manifested in Three persons. Jn 1: 1. In the beginning was the word, [Jesus], and the word was with God, [Theos], and the word, [Jesus], Was God, [Theos], Acts 5: 3--4 calls the Holy Ghost God, [Theos].
  12. Nowhere does the Bible say infants can be baptised, God's laws are, Believe first, Mk 16: 16.Then Repent, Acts 2: 38. so how can an infant choose to believe, then choose to repent, then choose to be baptised. The Greek word and meaning for,"Children in Acts 2: 39, Is "Teknon", meaning a child from the age of understanding, Right up to a good old age. If it meant infants, The Greek word would have been, "Brephos". Infant baptism, is witchcraft, Imposing one's will on another.
  13. victory4me

    2 Thessalonians 2:3

    2 Thess 2: 1 mentions the two comings of Jesus, His physical return to reign, "By the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ". Then first the pre tribulation rapture, "And our gathering unto Him". V3 says the Rapture happens before the man of sin can be revealed, Which Vs 6--7 backs up, The Church is holding the man of sin up, and will do until we are taken to heaven. Although "Falling away", is recorded as Apostasy, The Greek says, it doesn't mean apostasy, it means a "Departing", which people think it means a departing from the faith, But Please note, It doesn't say a departing from the faith can also. It's the same meaning as, Receive, [To take] Jn 14: 3, Taken up, Acts 1: 11. Caught away, Acts 8: 39. Caught up, 1 Thess 4: 17. Jesus is coming for a glorious Church, Eph 5: 26, A Church doing outstanding miracles. And 1 Jn 3: 2 say we will be just like Jesus when He comes, SO, If the devil couldn't handle ONE Jesus. How is he going to deal with millions who are just like Jesus??. He can't, that's why we have to go before he can come.
  14. victory4me

    Did God create evil?

    There was no causative in the Hebrew language, just the permissive , So God didn't create evil, But He permit people to do evil things, Just like God wouldn't stop people today doing bad things, He has given us a free will.
  15. victory4me

    The Authenticity of the Shroud of Turn: New Evidence

    The problem with the shroud of Turin, is John say there was a separate napkin around the head of Jesus. Jn 20: 6--7.

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