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  1. Brother Rome is not the church of Christ.Was brought up in the system Spent 9 years in their schools eight under the Dominicans and 1 under the Jesuits.They do not preach the gospel of Christ.Their system is a combination of grace and works FOR salvation(the mark of every false religion).Study the Scriptures diligently.Would suggest you drink deeply in the Epistle to the Romans(clearest presentation of the gospel of free grace) and the Epistle to the Galatians written against the false apostles who were bringing in a false "gospel" of grace and works(just like Rome) As for purgatory their is no biblical basis for the doctrine (try as they might). It is one of the greatest money making schemes of all time sending untold millions to their eternal deaths..
  2. Dutch


    Hyper Calvinism is not really Calvinism
  3. I was going to mention that he just appears to want to stir things up decided not to add that to my comments (wasn't sure how that would have been received)
  4. I think rightfully so. Thank you brother for your diligence.
  5. Yes love is the greatest. We are to love one another as Christ loved us. This is not proclaimed enough today. This is how others know we are Christians. It was said of the early Christians Behold how they love one another. Martin Luther put it well when we said That we should do nothing in life that is not needful for our neighbor. This is how we show love.
  6. The law came by Moses but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.
  7. The New covenant command is to love one another as Christ loved us.
  8. Actually the word church itself is part of the problem. The word is better translated as Tyndale originally did and the early Geneva Bible did also as congregation. The NT was written to congregations. Christ found not the congregation on Peter or the Apostles but on himself and Peter's testimony that Jesus is the Christ. For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid,which is Jesus Christ.
  9. Sure atpollard. If not for the Schofield Bible Darby's works would have collected dust and we may not be having this discussion today. His Study Bible introduced these doctrines to a whole new generation which never would have heard of them without his Study Bible Many people have found that after a closer examination that what they thought the Bible said were actually to be found in Scofield's notes on the bottom of the page. Even Scofield was honest enough to admit that these dispensational teachings were not historic Christianity.
  10. The Schofield Bible the scourge of American Christianity.
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