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  1. That's what I said. I agree Christ died. The bible says he did. It's the definition of resurrection.
  2. I want to remind you of a couple of things. "for the first time ever felt God's presence in my life." Is a great statement. Just make sure feeling God's presence is not all you do. He requires a couple of things of us, and the greatest is love. Love for him, and his son. Next is repentance, which comes from confession, and apology, as well as a will to do God's will. Take time to actually love God, to silence yourself and love him. As you learn to love, and listen to God, you should see a growing will to become better. There is no good sin, it is by sin that we are condemned. God hates all sin, and all make us worthy of hell. He does, however, forgive sin, with sincere apology, and according to his will. Scriptures tell us we're born in sin, and no one is righteous. Believing you are a good person is a lie. God is the truth, so he alone is good. All truth done through us is literally the work of God. Take time to love God, and he will love you back. Grow, and he'll help you out. Also, don't think that you will have to stop sinning for salvation. This can't happen, since we are born in it. This makes us perpetual sinners. The result is our need for daily repentance.
  3. His physical body died. That is confirmed by a verse you already supplied. Mark 15:45 (ESV) 45 And when he learned from the centurion that he was *dead*, he granted the *corpse* to Joseph. If he was not dead the term dead and corpse would not be used. You said the crucifixion was over in a short time, but Jesus was also pierced by a spear. Lets not forget the fatal blow to his organs that caused water and blood to spill out. Do you think he laid in a tomb three days, with a spear wound in his side, without death? On the other hand, we are eternal beings, so Jesus also did not die in spirit, it says after separation, his body went on to a place, and received the keys of life. I'm not sure if this is hell, or Hades, but he went somewhere. Scripture is clear he died in flesh. All verses say died, death, ect. This is to be taken literally, in whatever sense they meant it.
  4. I've never really had this problem. Grand Manan, where I live, is a small island of 3000. All the churches are homey feeling. I wouldn't go to the catholic church though, I don't agree with their religion very much. Not beyond Jesus himself. I don't even know if a Catholic can get into heaven if they don't repent to Jesus, and only stick to a man in a box.
  5. When I was young my mother took me to church. The young people were there, all sitting in the pews with their parents and guardians. The service would start, the beginning blowing past in a breeze. It never felt like long before it was our time. Then, each of us, a bit insecure, but happy with what we were doing, would take pennies up to the collection plate. After that we would find ourselves in a Sunday school service. I remember drawing Jesus. The cartoon Jesus knelt by a sheep, with a curled shepherd staff in his hand. Time passed, and church took a back seat. Holding a couple of joints for my cousin turned out to be the first time I would smoke weed. In later years I would get into drinking, smoking, and doing what ever drugs I could get my hands on. Ecstasy was my favorite. I ate mushrooms by the handful once. Alcohol bottles were quickly mounting in my closet weekend after weekend. I was sniffing pills, any pill. Nytol would be a joke, showing off. The demon inside me was tearing the house apart. I actually faced that demon one day, on acid, looking in my bathroom mirror. A scar on my face from a fire flip gone bad stood out more than ever. Every blemish was hideous, and I was literally looking at a monster. An aged monster. Spiritual deceptions were no secret to my life. The Ouija Board had told me and a group of friends we were special people meant to bring spirits to the light. We lit candles and coaxed spirits to cross over, ignoring and spirits that would spell ‘666’, or tell us it was going to kill us. Alone with my hand on a ring, the ring would fly about the surface of the table. I believed that I would become a strong psychic— in the least I hoped it. I would hold things to the moon and hope for power, but it was broken. The end of it would come. It was coming quickly. I started reading the bible. My girlfriend at the time told me it was for old people. I didn’t listen to her. I read it many times, day after day, and felt good about it. I started praying. Not long after that God started talking to me. Weeks to a month later he would give his voice for the first time. I was sitting at work, smoking, and he said my name. He told me to quit smoking, and that it was bad for me. From that day I have been walking with God, and he has, at this time, helped me shatter every habit. Most of all, he saved my soul. I would not find the words of Satan to be glorious in life, but it is a glorious truth to hear Satan and his demons tell you, you’re going to hell. I've posted my testimony in an audio format. Five videos that tell my story. If you're new to Jesus, or have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope you'll be able to learn something from me.
  6. Hey, good story. I also came into Christ from a drug and alcohol addiction background. God is awesome.
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