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  1. I hope to reach a level of spiritual maturity as well, but as of now, it's hard for me to accept things. I spend way too much time in my mind I guess.
  2. For the record, I do appreciate your feedback. Not because it quenches my thirst for debate, but because it causes me to consider your proposals. That's valuable. So thank you.
  3. The link provided does not claim authenticity. Its actually focused on accuracy. Very different. But even by your logic, "good" does not equal true. Therefore A+B do not equal C I'm talking about the Bible
  4. It doesn't hold based on "a good portion of time" or otherwise, not 100%. But the books were around before Rome. They survived because of their political potential. Constantine saw it as did many others. So yeah I would say it holds.
  5. Thanks for the link. But it still provides no evidence. Remember that the whole thing was scrutinized by those in power. It was carefully guarded so as to remain "accurate" and anything that did oppose it was suppressed and purged sooner or later. The Bible withstood because they wanted it to, not because it is true. Many of them were.
  6. What powerful evidence do you speak of? And please don't use subjective opinion or circular reasoning.
  7. Yes that's right. I come pretty close to finding them but they always shy away. Even now. So I've resorted to anyone that will stick around. So far, the Mormons have.
  8. The night that I had a spiritual Revelation caused me to believe something... That there existed forces outside our spacetime "reality". If the Revelation was not from God, then it must have been from Satan and his ministers. Yeah you're wrong. Either God and heaven do not exist, or he is a loving God and will not torture people for eternity.
  9. But in Christianity, "faith without works is dead". Going to church is a work. Giving tithes is a work. Loving your neighbor is a work. Believing in Jesus is a work. Everything is a work. You have to work to get to heaven.
  10. Thank you for this. I guess I'll become Mormon after all then. But I have to get publicly baptized...
  11. Well then I won't become Mormon. I'll just stick to my basic intentions with them in the first place.
  12. Hi guys. I recently started speaking to Mormon missionaries who asked to meet me on a regular basis. During our initial meeting, I made it clear to them that I was agnostic (formally atheist (formerly Christian)) and that I wasn't prepared to follow their doctrines. I just wanted to discuss life issues and maybe learn a thing or two about their faith. The reason I started speaking to them in the first place was due to a brief discussion at my front door followed by them asking see me again. Aside from being drawn in by their youthful beauty, I also wanted to explain my agnostic worldview to them in hopes of rescuing two lives from the indoctrinating grasps of religion. (It really bothers me when I see young adults or kids being brainwashed) At first, I had no intentions of joining their religion. In fact, and I apologise if this is site-inappropriate, I was hoping to score with both of them. But after inviting me to their Church and personal counseling sessions with them, I started realizing that maybe God does exist. This also has to due to an enlightening event which took place shortly after our 3rd meeting. Iactually have a lot to say about what occurred that caused me to believe in God again, but we can discuss that later. So to make this post short, I learned some things about the Mormon faith and I am now attracted to it. I want to learn more. I want know if this God really is and if so, why he is using Mormonism to reach me. (It's likely because I wouldn't listen to any other religion) But I'm also curious as to why he would play on my physical attraction to the missionaries he sent my way. Isn't that a little deceptive? Would God do something like that? Because if it had been a couple of bike-riding, suit-wearing guys, I'd have never seen them again. Anyway, I personally believe that God uses any and all religions to reach people and if there is some eternal plane of existence called heaven, I'm sure there will be people from all of them there. Thank you.
  13. erealmz

    hi guys

    Yet that is exactly the case. However, I'm not talking about the belief in god. I'm talking about the mindset of righteousness. It's beautiful, though subjective.
  14. Thank you guys. I really appreciate your reaching out. As I've stated in the past, I don't really believe in God. But still pray to him. The reason I pray is because I hope he is real. So i ask him, before every prayer, if he is real, to please answer me. If not, then I'll get no answer and things will be the same. Tonight, I'll make a public declaration. I will pray, once again, to help me with my problems. And you with yours. If he is real and he doesn't answer me, I hope he at least answers the prayers towards you. I don't think I'll get an answer from him. But I'll try once again to open communication. Thanks for responding.
  15. Hello William. To tell you the truth, there is no single reason as to why I feel this. It's quite a number of things that have occurred throughout my entire life that lead up to this. I'm at the point now where I understand so much... see so much. I'm more aware than I've ever been and I notice things. I notice the way people treat me. I realize that it's me and not them. I know what has to change. I've only recently become aware of the attributes (some of them) that I need to work on. But they are complex. That it's why I never saw them before. But now I do. So I need to focus. Research. Figure out how to conquer this new, more powerful demon.
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