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  1. I like Ubuntu and Linux variants. One main reason why its less susceptible to malware is because of the limited usage. There are far fewer users of Unbuntu than there are of Windows variants, and users of Linux variants tend to be more computer savvy because much of the daily operational things need to be done by hand. Apple made the mistake of grand-standing on their pulpit some years back, and making the breath-taking statement that their OS was immune to viruses. As we've seen, it "just ain't so." Linux variants are a wonderful option for certain compute platforms and in a number of ways, are indeed more stable -- but if you examine the reasons and causation of Windows problems, you'll find no simple single answer - cross platform issues, video drivers, old software and legacy apps, a plethora of H/W issues and not just a few PEBKAC events. If Ubuntu were the primary OS for the last 25 or so years, we'd probably be seeing a lot more instability and complaining. It's inescapable - we humans, even those of us with 38 years in engineering, are fallen critters capable of some of the most profanely bad decisions and goofs in our code. It just takes time and exposure to ferret them out. Now QNX... there's an OS for you! 😉 -CC
  2. Used to have a console, but the controllers gave my carpel tunnel fits. I'd routinely have to stop and shake my hands out because it hurt so bad. So I've gone back to PC gaming. Far less stress on the old wrists! -CC
  3. Yes, it'll cause the circuit to work, but it will also set someone up for being electrocuted. It might be expensive, but having someone electrocuted is worse. Get a proper ground installed. If it means re-wiring your house, please do so -- prayerfully ask the Lord for the path to get it done. Isolated grounds are important for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is isolation of the energized circuit from coming into human contact. I used to have a power drill that I inherited from my father that was made in the 50's. It was an all aluminum chassis power drill. If you were in any way grounded when you used it, you'd feel a jolt every time you released the trigger to turn the motor off. Why? Because the collapsing inductive field around the motor loved the metal chassis and because I'm holding the drill, the current would pass through me as well. God bless, -CC
  4. Declaring attribution of false motives states by inference that you know the true motives - do share. G.E. Stated, "By we I suppose I exempt anyone who does not vote, which includes myself. I did not vote in either of the last two parliamentary general elections in this country. I did vote in the most recent council elections, but only for two independent candidates." This is the sentiment I was addressing. By not voting, he / we / they / all of us allow evil to triumph. "...I exempt anyone who does not vote." Again, I addressed this as well, as in this situation, I can find no basis in scripture for not engaging. No where did I accuse or attribute definite motives - if you are feeling similarly convicted, be of good cheer because the Holy Spirit works within us to reprove, correct and rebuke. This is what scripture is for and applies directly to each of us. I will not apologize for addressing poor behavior, or what appears to be a clear case of a Christian refusing to vote because he or she has apparently decided one or both parties are evil. Please try addressing the content.
  5. Perhaps the answer lies within the question, how is refusing to vote for anyone considered engaging the world?
  6. True, we must vote with our conscience and we will answer to God for our choices. I can't find anything in scripture that ratifies a decision to remove oneself from engaging the world. On the contrary, scripture is rife with examples of common men and common women trusting God and stepping out in faith against all odds. Pretending that because one simply doesn't vote somehow gives them a pass on who gets elected is the same as being in an army, never engaging the enemy and when the enemy wins we're somehow absolved of any and all responsibility because we objected to the fight in the first place... By not engaging, you have opted to side with the enemy.
  7. Yes - and about light... and in reading those verses, what can we ascertain about the light?
  8. Yes, it is sad and unfortunate that Christians continue to make excuses to not get involved in things such as politics. This is why I first responded with 1 John 1: 8 and John 8:7, because its all too convenient to point at the sin of others and condemn it without examining *WHY* Christ died for...US. I'm a police chaplain and work with front line law enforcement and those in executive leadership. I've yet to find a perfect cop or perfect administrator. Using Goth's standards, I should stop working with them otherwise I might be 'seen' as supporting someone who *gasp* is a sinner. That's not what God has said in His word and its certainly not what Christ is leading me to do. I don't want to be the servant that takes what he was given and buries it. We are called to share our beliefs, not to hide them. By disengaging with the world, we allow the message of the cross to be hidden - exactly what the enemy wants. Be it politics, banking, carpentry, brick laying, customer service or preaching the word, our task is to take the light given to us and share it with the world - coming alongside and sharing the good news. Did Jesus avoid working with that tax-fattened hyena who was working for the Romans? I shudder to think what path I would be following if Christ was afraid of being seen working with and supporting me... In Christ, Chaplain Carter
  9. Goth - quitting appears to be your stance in everything here, just based on what I see. You have quit trying to improve the political landscape because you have judged it to be a cesspool of lies and corruption. None of us here are disagreeing that there are dishonest politicians, but you've failed the system by not trying... by divorcing yourself from the entire process, you have let evil triumph. (Insert the words of Sir Edmund Burke here.) You've failed to heed the words of Christ himself - you are ready to pick up stones and stone them, yet failing to see your own corruption in the process. If you are a child of the living God, you have a duty to exercise your God supplied ability to pray for and become active in supporting the leadership that God himself has ordained. You are merely pointing out that all men are fallen. Ok, so what do we do about that? Quit, run and hide and pretend you're more righteous by not supporting *anyone* ? People suffer and will continue to do so when Christians refuse to take up their crosses and engage the problems of our society. That seems to be your answer. It's a self-righteous cop-out. It is this "I'm too good to help them" attitude that accomplishes nothing, is not helpful, is not loving and comes from a twisted kind of viewpoint that elevates self and calls Christ a liar and denies that the power of the Cross can change the hearts of man. Christ died on our behalf because...what? We were perfect? We were honest? Nope, he died because we sin and continue to sin. He didn't quit, He went willingly to the cross. I humbly submit you might want to re-think what you're doing with the truth.
  10. But you did. By not voting, by not getting involved, by pretending to be "helping out" by not participating you have only guaranteed one less vote for someone who would be a better representative. Your stance reminds me of the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25:14-30. Your master (I assume, Christ?) has given you a treasure - the truth, and the ability to do things with it - and what are you doing with it? Burying it?
  11. Goth Explorer - I understand and appreciate the sentiments toward dishonesty in any political party. As a Christian I despise it, yet I know we live in a fallen world. I know that when I cast a vote for someone, I cast it as educated as I can be - I cast it to attempt to get the people who more closely aligned with scriptural tenets into office. I trust and believe in the word of God - all others fall short. When I cast a vote for someone, it is both my hope and expectation they will uphold the oath of office and their pre-election promises. Standing idly on the sidelines, pretending to be an impartial observer and "not getting involved" because they might lie, they might be dishonest or they might double-cross the voters is disingenuous. They are accountable to both the voters and to God. You have a duty called by Christ to be ACTIVE in your faith and not passive, dismissing your participation by fiat simply because you don't trust any of them. Scripture hasn't called us to judge the world - something you appear to be dangerously close to doing - and by *not* voting, you have in fact allowed the enemy to vote on your behalf. There will never be a perfect government until Christ returns. Until then, I humbly suggest getting off your hands and asking God to help you decide which candidate / party to vote for and even though you know they wont be perfect, vote for those who are *closer* to keeping with Godly character and tenets. Voting is only part of the task - you must watch how they perform, and give them encouragement and pray for them as they execute the duties of their office. If and when they fail to uphold their sworn duty, then hold them accountable. Otherwise, all that you are saying is that the light Christ has given you is for your own personal use and nobody else...and that, my friend, isn't Christ-like. Warm regards, Chaplain Carter
  12. Please read JOHN 1, verses 1-18. Using that text, answer the question, "Who is Jesus?" Looking forward to your answers.
  13. As a new Christian you are experiencing something that defines our current world, and as others have pointed out, part of it is due to a viewpoint -- one that really does not (nor can it) have a full appreciation of what you have been saved from. At the risk of having my words misinterpreted, I might say that you are experiencing "buyers remorse." The kind of thing that happens when someone makes a big decision to purchase an expensive automobile, and rather than be thrilled every day when they get up to take a drive, they find themselves with mixed feelings - partly of dread, partly of failed expectations and partly of second-guessing themselves. Regardless, it's not that uncommon. Part of the issue at hand is expectations: some Christians are fountains of joy, writing of their experience in wonderful prose, extolling the magnificence they're experiencing and all that. And there you are, sitting in the same drab surroundings, clutching the half-warmed beer in one hand and the TV clicker in the other wondering how you missed the party. If you expect the party to come to you, you have the wrong idea. The real joy in Christ might come to you like it did for me - quietly, patiently and unexpectedly over the span of many years while I fought against my sanctification. Please try to understand this: you are declared justified when you accept Christ - that's a legal position. You are just (pure, forgiven and righteous) in the eyes of God. Now, a life-long process of sanctification begins. Don't expect it to happen overnight -- read up on sanctification. Part of the issue at hand is reliance on emotional content: these days, our culture from an early age teaches us and we're groomed to expect that life-changing events are filled with fireworks and glamour; press events, thrill rides, cotton candy and award winning smiles. When the people of God start seeking "feelings" over connection with God, the result is always going to disappoint you. Connect with God first - seek Him out; now that you have accepted Christ, you have a DIRECT line to God. Pick up the phone man and talk to Him. Read the book of James sometime. You may be impatient with yourself - God isn't so. He's awesomely patient and loving - far more than we are with ourselves and others. Your lifelong journey of sanctification will be more or less like a slow-motion peeling of an onion - each layer of self pulled away and revealed till the old man is left behind. TLDR; You can't jump for joy when you still carry the weight of worldly burdens on your own back. In Christ, -Chaplain Carter
  14. I think that verse in James is good to take to heart - it has little to do with making oaths as it does on by which the oaths are declared. e.g. "I swear by the gates of Tripoli" or "I swear on my mother's grave" or "I swear by the giant poobear downtown by the bus stop..." This is a kind of idolatry which is spoken against in other scriptural passages. More, God expects us to keep our oaths and the exhortation here I believe is for us to be very sober minded and be men and women of our word. So when you say, "yes," mean it. When you say "no" mean it. Don't waffle. Don't become situational Christians.
  15. Wow. If the OP's line of reasoning here isn't a picture of 1 Timothy 1:4 I don't know what would be. Central message of Christ is the forgiveness of our sins through Christ's redemptive sacrifice on the cross; that our eternal security is achieved only through Christ by a believing faith in Christ; a humble acceptance of his gift through faith by grace and grace alone. It's a gift that none of us can earn; a gift that none are worthy of having. A saving faith is a gift. What does the central message of have to do with ancient paintings and genealogies? Hint: It has nothing to do with genealogies, the color of anyone's skin or whether or not some half-stoned painter in 1971 painted an image of the son of God the way that appeases one group or enrages another. Wake up!
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