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  1. While I certainly don't share your belief about the current time being a part of the tribulation, I'm curious as to what facts and evidences has led you to believe as much and to make such a statement? How far along in the tribulation period do you believe we are? What happened to the events described in the early Tribulation period, as described in Revelation 6? For example, I really would have expected to see / hear / feel the great earthquake and observe the sun becoming as black as sackcloth...Not to mention the disappearance of the sky, and the mountains and islands being removed from their places. I also didn't get the memo about the rulers, kings, generals, well-to-do sorts tearing out of dodge to go hide in caves to escape the gaze of the one who sits on the throne. Even a very *casual* reading of scripture as it relates to the return of Christ and tribulation shows that it won't be a quiet, ho-hum, every-day back-page event that the media and others can poo-pah and remain silent on. Scripture very clearly states that EVERY eye shall see him. Mountains and islands being moved out of place, sun going black, sky rolling up like a scroll, people terrified of the one who sits on the throne - this is no insignificant event and one that you definitely wont sleep through. Further, the tribulation period is the beginning of judgement - something that Christians are spared from; the purpose of the period is clearly to drive people to repent and seek mercy and forgiveness. The wars and death and famine that Revelation speaks of have no equal or parallel in recorded history. So please, do share the facts and evidences that has led you to make such a breath-taking statement that we're in the tribulation period...and if so, at what stage? Cheers, -CC
  2. True, I think there's scriptural precedent to show that God hated certain humans - and that he in fact created some for destruction. There's the whole issue of election and limited atonement to support this view. Yet there's still scriptures that support God loving us despite our wickedness. My point is simply we aren't God, and can't possibly know the true state of Kim's heart - only God can. And while I agree it's unlikely, unlikely doesn't preclude possible - it is yet to be seen if Kim Jong-Un repents. He may not. It may be true that God hates Kim Jong Un. It also may be true that God has determined to save him, and loves him nonetheless. This is why its important for us to consider that while God hates sin, he can still love the sinner - He proved it by His Son's death on the cross.
  3. Man was created in God's image - which implies all mankind, start to finish, bear a likeness to our creator irrespective to our spiritual condition. More, that DESPITE our wickedness and the evil depths of depravity to which all of us came from, God divinely and sovereignly provided a free gift for our redemption, through grace and grace alone. That God's desire is for none to be lost - despite our wickedness. John 3 lays it out - despite all of our wickedness and depravity, God still ..STILL loves us. That's my point. DESPITE the wickedness, God still loves Kim Jong-Un. So Mr. Jong-Un in that case, isn't really any different. And if he is loved by our creator, then who am I to declare Kim Jong-Un unworthy of grace? Indeed, God provides wicked rulers (notably, the 'stiff necks' in Israel kept belly-aching for a king...) and God also raises up wicked nations to punish other nations. We agree that Kim should face earthly consequences - IMHO allowing continuance is a form of complicity in the world stage. As a sworn peace officer, I can be charged with neglect and abandonment of duty if I were to idly stand by while someone strangled another human being within my sphere of influence. I have a duty to act on behalf of the intended victim and on behalf of the people of the State in which I serve. The same *should* apply on the word stage - despots, dictators and their ilk getting away with war crimes, human rights violations and all manner of cruelties need to be policed as much if not more rigorously than in the hypothetical scenario I just presented. Our government's job is to protect the citizens of this country, so in that vein, if Kim Jong-Un's actions or inactions represent a clear and present danger to the security and welfare of this nation, then I see no other option but to completely destroy his ability to execute any such designs against this country. If that means driving a nuclear-tipped cruise-missile up his unctuous, pompous set of teflon'd nostrils, then that's appropriate. Blessings, -CC
  4. Oh make no mistake, if I were in authority to "do something about it" from a worldly perspective, my approach wouldn't be much different - he'd get one opportunity to cease and desist. Should he persist in his regime's long tradition of promise breaking, he and his complicit rank and file would be re-entering earth's atmosphere as finely sintered particles over the next year or two. I don't believe in bargaining with terrorists or communist despots - I do believe international diplomacy is worth undertaking, but continued inaction or defiance simply demonstrates that the military option needs to be used. There however, appears to be several 'doubts' expressed that God could possibly redeem such an evil man. Your view of God's strength, will and power seem to be severely limited - perhaps not, but this is what tends to come across. That God could not ever redeem such a 'ruthless dictator.' I beg to differ. I won't pretend to know Kim Jong-un's true heart - scripture is pretty clear that it's not for me to judge him or anyone else in the world at this time. I think it's safe to say he's not a Christian, as the fruit from his actions tell of a different 'father.' The actions of his government are at the very best reprehensible, and in total, evil. God does raise up evil nations to discipline other nations and this may be true in the DPRK's case. So, should his crimes go unpunished? No, certainly not. But if a murdering, Christian-hating Pharisee, who was still "breathing threats and murder" could be divinely saved, then I have to leave room for God's divine providence even in Kim Jong-Un's case, and as a brother or sister in Christ, you must as well, because we worship a mighty God. Blessings, -CC
  5. What makes Kim Jong-un any different from you or I? Did not God send his only Son to die on the cross as an atonement for our sin? What does scripture remind us? That God so loved the world... That rightly means that God loves Kim Jong-un, despite his actions or inactions. Despite his sin, despite the state of his mind and heart - God's will is that he would repent and accept the gift of eternal salvation. There is no partiality with God - for all have sinned and fallen short. TLDR; Kim Jong-un is loved by God, created in the image of God and divinely appointed to be North Korea's leader by God. Think of it this way - the Pharisees didn't approve of whom Christ spent his time with - I mean, redneck fishermen? Tax collectors? Whores, prostitutes, the sick and lame? Oh the shame of it all - and that disgusting woman at the well! A Jew speaking with a Samaritan whore? Sacrilege! Be careful that you find yourself not judging the world, for that is not ours to do, but of God's. Ours is to obey the will of the Father - I like to think of it as tending to my own garden before pointing out the weeds in someone else's yard. This is not to say we should not speak out against evil or such cruelties, inhuman like practices, torture and abuses. We are called to be Christ's ambassadors - to be salt of the earth, to have our yes be yes, and our no be no. To share the gospel with any who would seek the name of Jesus. To be ready in season and out to provide a reason for the hope that is in us; to show supernatural compassion - the ability to love the unlovely, to strive earnestly with men contending for the goodwill of God and to be counted as brothers and sisters in a life-long walk with Christ abiding within us. It is not ours to point condemning fingers and wish someone into eternal punishment. For if Kim Jong-un were to accept Christ by his interactions with President Trump, then a great choral refrain from heaven would shout with joy as another is saved by the grace of God. Don't be a Jonah. God bless, -CC
  6. The work of the enemy abounds all over, and they will continue to suppress the truth in unrighteousness. So what's a little nuke between friends? All kidding aside, Luke 9:54-56 reminds us that ours is not to judge and destroy but to do the will of the Father. Christ spelled it out - He didn't come to destroy the lives of men, but to save them. God gave Ninevah what, 400 years? Let's not be in a hurry to see their destruction - for if we are to judge North Korea, we must also point the finger at ourselves. As you aptly point out, California is part of our nation's spiritual fruit, so if we were to incite God to destroy North Korea, we too should be destroyed. I find myself being far too much like Jonah.Ugh.
  7. JLB - Salvation is not some property or characteristic that gets turned on and off like a switch by your sin. Salvation is a gift that you had no right to receive, no part in earning, no effort so massively undertaken that you could boast in its reward. It is a gift offered entirely free of strings or warrant - one that you could not possibly understand its entire scope in receiving. Yet it requires that one act of contrition - the will and act to receive it. Charles Spurgeon once wrote that if we could lose our salvation we most surely would. Charles at least, had a grasp on the depth of our depravity and the body of death (as Paul put it) that we find ourselves in at this present time. If any of us could actually stop sinning entirely, we would not need a savior. 1 John 1:8, ”“If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” You would, by declaring that it is possible to lose your salvation through sin, lose your salvation every day, and every hour of that day for the rest of your life. Scripture is very clear about what sin did and can do to our ability to fellowship with God. According to the false doctrine of losing salvation, we'd lose our salvation with each and every sin - even the ones you're not entirely aware of. (Sins of commission and omission.) You'd have to re-sacrifice Christ, each and every time. This view would suggest that Christ's work is unfinished, that His atoning death only worked for my sin up to 2:45pm on October 15th, 1973 when I accepted Christ. If there's any false teaching, it'd be those that would suggest that Christs atonement for sin was incomplete, and that He must be re-sacrificed each and every time someone sins after their justification. Further, that God must be constrained to our frameworks of time and space, and that we somehow can through our own works, turn on or turn off justification through faith and faith alone. Not by works, not by power, but through faith in Christ alone, which itself is a work of divine grace that has been given to you without merit. Even the ability to have faith in Christ must be given to you, because without it, you are incapable of believing and incapable of earning it. That should tell you just a little something about the total depravity we come from. We were once slaves to sin - that is, we no more had a choice not to sin than you have a choice to remain bound by the laws of physics. But the gift of salvation is eternal life - once slaves to the bondage of sin, we are free. There's nothing in scripture that even comes close to suggesting that this means we don't sin anymore. Christian freedom is the god given ability to abide in Christ and to choose NOT to sin. It is the ability to grow into the knowledge of Christ and by knowing His mind, be capable of discerning the difference between right and wrong. It isn't a magic wand that we suddenly become all knowing and wise and know the right and wrong to every single decision we're faced with. Those who would suggest that Christ abandons us the moment we sin are at best lost in their misunderstanding of the gift of grace, and at worst liars. If it were possible to lose what God has ordained as the eternal gift of salvation, then it's not so eternal and you make God out to be a liar. -CC
  8. Since this popped up in my login, thought a quick weigh-in: I'm going to disagree with the notion that a person who has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into their heart and has gone through the Spiritual Regeneration described in scripture can, by sin of omission or commission lose that salvation and be cast into hell at the time of their death. I think this concept starts with a very light view of sin and what sin does, and how pervasive it actually is. There's no such thing as a little (minor) sin. That's like saying that person in the grave is only a little dead. Any sin separates us from God. "But it was just one bite of that forbidden fruit..." So rather than go into a laborious dissertation with abounding cites and elaborate exegetical analysis, let me point to a simple scenario: It's your 60th birthday and you're driving along the highway. You've spent your life being as obedient and loving as Christ has led you to be, but as you round a curve and start down the hill, your car exceeds the speed limit by 1 mile per hour. At that instant, you have a heart - attack and die. Using the lose-your-salvation analysis, that 60 year old will now go to hell because he sinned. He sinned because he missed the mark - perfect obedience. Christ died on the cross for ALL of our sin; past, present and future. Peter denied Christ 3 times. You yourself will sin sometime today. To begin to bargain with sin is to miss the point entirely - it is sin that once removed us from God. And while we are still in these broken bodies living in this broken, fallen world, we're GOING to sin. I don't know about you, but I don't consider myself perfect and my walk with God could really use some work. My walk of sanctification is a lifelong process, but my justification - my legal position with God - was sealed the moment I accepted hrist. The rest of it is a work in progress. God bless, -CC
  9. Confession of sin is required from the sinner -- brothers and sisters in Christ are the only ones on earth qualified to receive our confessions and to pray for forgiveness. I have yet to see any scripture that says to: Confess our sins to unbelievers Confess our sins to the world at large James 5:16 Further, I would state that confession of sin to the world would amount to casting your pearls before swine. -CC
  10. Just my 0.02 here -- Selective breeding has little or nothing to do with the theory of evolution. There are massive, unfillable gaping holes in the theory of evolution for macro-evolutionary change. There's simply no evidence for it - not just for hominids, but for all of the living creatures and fossil record. Not one transition state in any of the fossils found. And if evolution takes those billions of years, then there was ample time for entire swaths of creatures in the stages of evolving to have been fossilized like the rest of them. I believe God put in the ability for all of his living creation to *adapt* to changes, but I feel that the phrase, "micro-evolution" is just a hijack of normal and expected adaptation, and is used to prop-up the rest of the mess that is the theory of evolution. Cheers, -CC
  11. I've given this a little thought in the recent days. Someone was on Twitter declaring that man doesn't have free will -and this from a self described bible scholar- who dismissed the half dozen or so references I provided about choosing / willing etc. Here's the interesting part for me - So picture yourself a created being - an angel - that are not quite like us in a number of ways. You're there, doing the work God assigns you and then one day, despite everything you see and know and realize about your situation, you decide to go with another angel, and rebel against the very God that created you. So free will - the ability to take action and thought in direct opposition to God's will - is something that apparently was bestowed upon even the angels. And it appears, once their choice was made, there's no return - no ability to repent or change of mind / heart or whatever else makes up for one in an angelic being. Angels who were cast out now called demons - and despite knowing what their ultimate destination is, they continue to corrupt and pollute the world with acts of evil according to the will and direction of their new master, Satan. As other people have written here, scripture doesn't tell us *when* the angels were created, just that they are created beings. And that 1/3rd of them were swept out of heaven in the course of a heavenly insurrection. Well, sorry that I cant honestly answer the question with known scripture(s) -- but I will say that it's probably worth some popcorn and a cozy couch when we get to heaven and hear the entire story from beginning to end. 🙂😄
  12. Yes. I've been encouraging all of my customers to switch to Duck Duck Go. I help many of them who are elderly and do not always comprehend the ramifications of spyware and trackers. I have had dozens of elderly customers who are frustrated and alarmed at what's happening to them while online - computers taken over, Trojans planted, invasive spyware / adware that clogs their drive and slows down their system. Re-directed and proxied search engines that took over via surreptitiously implanted plugins - the list goes on. There's no perfect solution, but using DuckDuckGo is a great first step in protecting their privacy. -CC
  13. Salvation cannot be lost. Salvation is a legal position before God, while sanctification is a process of walking in faith toward Godliness, or to be more Christ-like.It is a life-long process. Even tho our body may become inept through the decaying process of aging, our eternal position is untouched. We may be unable to articulate or exercise our faith because of the condition of our body, but we are more than just a body - we are a body, mind and soul. Our soul rests in the Lord and shall be reunited with a new body upon the day of resurrection. You might well ask the same question when: Someone falls into a coma Someone gets a catastrophic brain injury Someone dies The answer is the same, regardless of the circumstances. In Christ, -CC
  14. Great to see the replies here. I actually gave a sermon last Sunday on the scriptural use of force. Indeed, turning the other cheek is more about retaliation than it is of defense. Some would turn the scripture into a prohibition on any type of defense which is both clearly un-scriptural and imbalanced. Our very beings are designed by God to defend against infection and we can see how animals in the wild protect their young. Twisting "Turning the other cheek" into prohibition on defense suggests that if a man were to rape your wife in front of you, not only would you not be scripturally justified in coming to her defense / rescue, but you'd need to offer the rapist your daughter as well. This runs afoul of everything I know about scripture and about my duty to protect my family. At worst, it's an obscene oversimplification of scripture and at best, a wrong-hearted interpretation. Scripture tells us mostly about spiritual things, but their application is manifested in our physical presence and current reality. I used the Exodus 22 example in my message Sunday. The interesting thing about that passage is that even back then, there were extenuating circumstances for someone coming in at night when it's not really possible to determine if they're armed or not. God does specifically prohibit retaliation - a form of revenge - calling it HIS domain, HE will repay. We are not capable of perfectly discerning a mans heart. Only God is, and we are not called to judge the world at this time because we are incapable of being perfectly just and perfectly correct in our assessments. He is... So the domain of retaliation and revenge is left to the Lord. However, the Lord has provided some measure of justice via the government sanctioned civil magistrate. We have the police and other government agencies to deal with what comes after an assault or other crime. It's the *during* part that we should be cognitively aware of our scriptural responsibilities and rights. We have the right to defend, but no right to retaliate. Know the difference, and keep them separate. God bless, -CC
  15. Today we are seeing the predicted and predictable result of the removal of God from man's affairs. With the recent New Zealand mosque shooting, comes the oft repeated refrain on gun control, which is to say that there are political and societal pressures to remove such weaponry from the hands of civilians. As most capable thinkers might agree, there are already _laws_ against homicide. Yet, people still commit murder. There are myriads of laws already on the books about using a weapon - any weapon - in the commission of an assault or other crime, such as robbery. Yet, people still commit them. And still, the refrain continues - remove the guns! Ban the instruments! Make them all illegal and then all these mass shootings will somehow stop. Or so that's the general idea. So I have three questions for your consideration: 1. As a Christian, what do you say to those demanding more laws, more prohibitions, tighter restrictions and even complete removal / banning / confiscation of firearms entirely from the civilian population? 2. If you are faced with a violent aggressor, armed with a deadly weapon who is confronting you or your friend / family / fellow next to you, what will you do? 3. Please cite supportive scripture or scriptural tenets for your response. My own responses: 1. My response is no, we don't need more laws on the books because murder and armed assault / robbery already brings harsh penalties. Firstly, laws do little to stop any such proclivities of a criminal; laws are a very single-dimensional deterrence when a multi-dimensional deterrence is required. Secondly, laws are one part, but the threat and use of physical force equal to and opposite of their own is also required (hence we have law enforcement.) Thirdly, these two must be supported by a moral foundation - a clear understanding of right and wrong in a corporate setting. (Community / Society.) And in case you're tempted to say, "Yes, that's why we have police! To stop these criminals!" Sorry, no, that's only part of the reason - police are a reactionary force and a deterrent force. Very, very rarely do they act as an intervention force. Intervention meaning while the criminal act is being committed, the police step in and put a stop to it. Intervention is such a rare occurrence that most retired police officers who have served 20 or more years have never been there to actually stop a felony from being committed. You and I are responsible for our own safety and the safety of those around us. It's a responsibility that few are willing to accept, and fewer recognize. 2. Arm-chairing a violent attack is tough, but I know that I'm trained and 'wired' (that is, predisposed) to defend. Depending on the circumstances, I may try to get away from the offender and take up a defensive position until additional help arrives. I am armed (the photo is my conceal carry weapon) and even though I do not wish to cause bodily harm, I will use deadly force to protect my own life and the lives of those around me. 3. While the preponderance of scripture calls for us as individuals to, as Christ says, 'turn the other cheek' I have yet to read scripture that says allow the strongman to beat you and your wife & kids senseless, or murder them in front of your eyes while you passively observe, entreating them with passionate pleas for mercy and grace. So many of us forget that while we know God loves us and "God is the God of Love" - he is more aptly referred to in scripture as a JUST and HOLY God. We are quite the opposite, and failing His holiness test, I submit that I am imperfect. Yet, I am also His creation and He has stated quite clearly THOU SHALT NOT KILL. We are made in His image, and the subject of His concern and affections. To willingly allow another act wantonly, without restraint, violently destroying lives and brutally murdering them is just as bad as performing such acts oneself. That we have government instituted to control the actions of people as the higher authority on earth is only PART of the solution. The START of the solution rests in the individual men and women, who by their voices and actions agree to make such reprehensible acts both illegal and deserving of some of the harshest punishment should be reflective of their moral character and provide guidance and reveal a duty to do their own part in the restraint of evil on earth. I'm not advocating vigilantism, but I am stating what I think should be the obvious: If you agree that such violent criminal acts should be punished, but you are unwilling to try to use whatever means at your disposal to stop them when they're done right in front of you, then you are part of the problem. That's my 0.02 for today, Blessings, -CC
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