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  1. Yes bit each local church must be united to Christ by the Apostles! The reformers and their false doctrines and church are not built by Christ on Peter and the Apostles, there is only one new and eternal covenant with Christ as the mediator! One true church!
  2. He meant that we are not to give a title such as Father to someone because he claims to be a spiritual leader. But don't the Apostles do exactly that? Paul says Timothy is his son, 1 Tim 1:1-2 and 3 John 4 John refers to his children
  3. There can only be one church as Christ said I will build My church! There can only be one body of Christ! Not some spiritual gathering of believers! But the one true church ( physical) you are a holy nation etc. 1 Pet 2:9
  4. It refers to baptism! First came John not the accept Christ as your personal savior, but as John the Baptist! And later in John Three Christ and the Apostles go the river Jordan not say accept Christ, but to do what, that's right! Baptize, and when the Jews were cut to the heart and asked Peter what to do to be saved? He did not say accept Christ as your personal savior, but repent and be baptized!
  5. Christ condemned repetitive prayer, ( repeating within one single prayer) and not the repeating of a single prayer! Or you could only pray the Lord's prayer once in your life time! And it refers to our daily bread. So it should be prayed daily! And did not Christ himself pray in the garden (3) three times let this cup pass from me!
  6. How can there be more than one true church, are there more than one God, kingdom, new covenant, household of faith, vineyard, no! But theres thousands of church's, all founded by men and false churches not built by Christ on Peter and the Apostles! The church must be universal also, John 3:16 the whole world!
  7. Was Jesus simply rebuking the Pharisees or did He really mean call no man Father?
  8. Where did you find that in the Bible? And what about charity and the forgiveness of sins? Luke 7:47 and 1 Pet 4:8 charity covers a multitude of sins!
  9. So for us only faith? Not all three? Faith Hope and charity, what about and Det 6:4 you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart? what about Jesus in the Gospel said, she is forgiven much because she has LOVED much? Luke 7:57 and 1 Peter 4:8 charity covers a multitude of sins?
  10. If justification is by faith alone then why does Paul say 3 things are eternal? And the greatest of these is charity? Would not faith be the greatest? Mark
  11. Then you must these are false churches built by men! For Jesus Christ said "l will build My church ( singular or one true church) Peter and the Apostles, with power and authority!" Matt 16:18 John 20:21 Eph 2:20 the so called reformers were NOT Apostles!
  12. But did not Christ say blessed are the merciful, they shall obtain Mercy? Matt 5:7
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