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  1. Not because you have to. Not for the adjuration of the crowd, not for personal gain, not for self-satisfaction; not even for the blessings of our Heavenly Father. Then why should I do something for someone? Because it is the right thing to do, or, as the Bible teaches us, it is the righteous thing to do. Our Heavenly Father, out of the kindness of His heart, out of His compassion and His love for us does a million things for His children everyday. We should be like Him. Have you ever had your prayers answered? Do something for somebody and our Heavenly Father, Who sees things secretly, will reward thee openly. The point being, our Heavenly Father is good, just, loving and kind, and we should endeavor to be like Him.
  2. The sure mercies of David are, of course, the sure mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the eternal covenant which, as the Psalm implies, goes well beyond this flesh age. I enjoyed the post, Allon.
  3. No, we are not the Christian nation we once were. In the 30's & 40's, after the family ate dinner together, they would retire to the living room where dad or mom would get out the Bible and read Scripture to the rest of the family. Now that's entertainment! Then came television and eventually this stupid internet. The good news is, America is still the most Christian nation in the world, even though we are far from where we were as a Judeo Christian society. Furthermore, we can take comfort in the knowledge that it is supposed to be this way. We have all read in 11 Timothy chapter 3 a latter day description of what society would be like. There is to be a falling away from God in these end days, and as you pointed out Theo, people would not endure sound doctrine. So, we could say that our Heavenly Father and our beloved Lord Jesus has everything under control, Their control.
  4. Becky, I am going to assume you are somewhat confused by my posting and not just trying to argue like so many "Biblical scholars" love to do. All three of those chapters are the Lord's response to His disciples concerning the final generation. They asked Him, Tell us, when shall these things be, and what shall be the sign of Thy coming, and of the end of the world? That is Matthew 24.3 and the rest of the chapter details what is about to happen to that final generation including His pronouncement that This generation shall not pass. What generation? The generation they are asking Him about. I hope that helps to clarify. Thanks again for your interest. James.
  5. Hi Matthew. I agree that TIME in the heavenly realm is fairly insignificant as compared to our flesh existence, and in our Heavenly Father's Divine formula for time He is reinforcing that belief. However, when He tells us not to be ignorant of something, He means it. I would also be careful of accusing our Father of being slow. In fact, everything happening down here is on a perfect timetable, His timetable. As stated, there is an appointed time for everything, a time for every purpose under the heaven, and those times are exact. In my opinion, the epistles of James, John, Peter and Jude were used to fill in many of the "blank spaces" of the Holy Bible that the Holy Spirit wanted to be known or emphasized. For instance, the fate of the fallen angels of Genesis 6 or the importance of righteousness and sin in our lives, or the 3 heaven and earth ages. Just considering out loud, thanks for your input. James.
  6. Hollywood infidels love this scripture, for they have made millions from it. What does it really mean? Most people, even God fearing believers throughout the centuries have believed the scripture to mean that Satan is the beast and his number is 666. That is an incorrect assumption. The verse is actually a mathematical equation but the correct way of getting to the product, the answer, is given to us in the scripture itself; by the Holy Spirit, Who is much wiser than us. Here is the 666 scripture and it points a fiery dart at our generation:. Here is wisdom. let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six. Revelation 13:18 Here is the mathematical equation we are looking for and a breakdown of the underlined words in the verse taken back to the original Greek they were written in. Digest all that if you can and then allow your humble servant an explanation of what it means. The math is: 2,000 - 3 = 666.666.666. Sorry, I forgot how to bring up the "division" symbol. The math is to divide 2,000 by 3. WISDOM, in the original Greek, means Divine wisdom AND earthly wisdom as used for PRODUCTIVE reasoning. UNDERSTANDING, in the original Greek means, Divine understanding AND earthly understanding. To know; to allow to know; to be aware of; to have knowledge; to perceive. Wisdom and understanding in that verse is telling us that the math must be done using Divine numbers, like 3, and earthly numbers, like 2,000. Better said, 3 in Biblical numerology means Divine or spiritual completeness and 2,000 is the number of earthly years since our Beloved's crucifixion. COUNT, in the Greek, means to compute or calculate. NUMBER is purposely used 3 times in the scripture. The Greek word is arithmos, from which we get arithmetic. It means "To enumerate or count a number as reckoned up." We are being told to count the number of years to the apocalypse. BEAST is the first beast of chapter 13 which is the one world political system which has formed or is being formed today. MAN is human man. That's it! It has been 2 days, 2,000 years, since our Messiah Jesus Christ walked the earth. Do the math! It falls on our generation. Understand that the whole of Revelation 13 is about the arrival of Satan on earth, and when he is to come. Bless the Holy Spirit for giving us this info. If you are interested in what else is about to happen in these end days, please go to my website, sataniscoming.com. Comments are welcome but not necessary. James.
  7. Hello again Becky. The actual quotes you are probably looking for can be found in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, however the final generation is written of throughout the Holy Bible, if you know where to look. Again, if you have not done so yet, let me suggest reading my website, sataniscoming.com, it is all about what I believe our generation will have to face when the end comes. Thanks for your interest in the final days, that only leaves this watchman a billion seeds to plant.
  8. Hi Becky. Yes, I do believe the heavenly realm is outside of what we consider "time" to be, time is for the flesh life. However, there are only a few Biblical verses which are highlighted by the Holy Spirit. When He tells us not to be ignorant of His time formula, we should believe Him, and trust that He is telling us something profound. If you read my website you can see that TIME is one of the ways we are identified as the final generation. Allow me to go one step further with you. I believe Adam was created 4004 B.C. In other words, our generation is exactly 6 days out from Adam's creation. There are only 7 days in a week and the 7th day, the millennial day, is about to begin. Just some thoughts, thanks for your input. James.
  9. The Apostle Peter did not want us skipping over this scripture for good reason: But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the LORD as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 11 Peter 3:8. Using that Divine formula for time, our beloved Jesus was crucified 2 days ago. Now consider that our Lord Jesus Christ declared in all of the Gospels, multiple times, that He would rise again on the 3rd day. That 3rd day should begin during this generation then, right? I think Peter, and the Lord, did not want us to be ignorant of that one thing. It is also one of the many reasons I believe we are the generation that shall not pass. For more on what is about to happen, I would humbly invite everyone to visit my website, sataniscoming.com.
  10. Never was any good with languages, so must defer to your scholarship. Thanks for the response though; enjoyed it.
  11. I agree with you Servant Morris. The Bible plainly tells us to not, love this world nor the things of this world. We must stay centered upon our Father's Word, because the children of this world are falling away at a rapid pace.
  12. How about a new explanation? Of course, our Heavenly Father created the heavens and the earth, but verse 1 does not say when. Verse 2 actually states, in the original manuscripts, that the earth then BECAME void and without form. This was the "Tohu Va Bohu" which was Satan's overthrow in the world that then was. The Spirit of God then moved upon the face of the waters creating the world as it is now. Just some thoughts.
  13. Thanks again, Theophilus. By the way, are you and I the only ones interested in this subject? You are the only response I got, and in my opinion, this is an important prophecy. To answer your post, the prophecy is a dual prophecy, which the LORD used throughout the Bible. It definitely concerns Israel as it speaks to the siege of Jerusalem by the King of Assyria, King Sennacherib, Ye that are near, and also to us, Ye that are far off. As seen from Jerusalem, the USA is very far off, and in time we are certainly far off. Our Heavenly Father, knowing the end from the beginning, is also warning the children of this generation that we are being besieged. Isaiah 33:17 &18 are all about commerce being done, for it involves the destruction of the World Trade Center. As verse 18 implies, we have been pondering about terrorists and terrorism ever since 911. Thine heart shall meditate terror. Just my opinion Theo. Thanks again for your help. James.
  14. I just posted my first topic on this forum. Normally, anything Biblical I put in italics, but could not figure out how. No underling or bold either. Am I missing something? Thanks. James.
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