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  1. Thank you, Matthew and deade. (Matthew: I realize I am not the only one to experience the pain that I have experienced, but that alone does not make the 'suffering' or the pain any less powerful.). Innerfire89, I don't wish to get into a heated or nasty debate with you. Again, the following is strongly worded but is not meant to hurt your feelings. You did not address the specifics of my post. With all due respect, though I know you are not, you come across almost as an automaton or religious robot, incapable of having your own opinion and afraid to upset God with overly pious, obsequious fawning toward Him. These are real problems, real people, not "clowns" that we must deal with. If someone comes to you hungry, for example, Jesus would probably want you to give them food, not words about how they need to be less prideful. This world is real and requires practical solutions, not theological arguments. And by the way, referring to them as "clowns" contradicts your own strong belief in the body of Christ: you are seemingly insulting Him by referring to one of His creatures as a clown. I didn't mean that I would cross paths with the specific people that you ignore and later refer to as a clown. I meant you, along with the countless others that do as you do, make it more difficult for those like me who grow tired of others' innane, mean, selfish behavior. Just today, I was in the library sitting next to a young lady of about 18 years old who obviously "did not know better." I was trying to complete a job application (probably Job # 50 or 60 of my life, thanks to mental health issues). She was on 'speaker phone' with a friend who was using obscenities. Of course, the library staff were nowhere to be found, so I politely asked her to go outside with her conversation, which she did. I could have chosen to think "Boy, she sure is a clown," and then left. But how else will she learn the rules of the world (library, in this case). Obviously, her parents did not teach her. And next time she is in the library, she may be less likely to offend one of your children, or just children in general, etc. Please address these specifics: God throws us out into this broken world, knows we will sin, tells us we must beg for forgiveness when we sin (and we have no choice to not sin), and He owes us nothing? If anything, He should ask us for forgiveness. If I forced you into an environment in which you had no choice but to fail, would you be angry with me, or would you ask me to forgive you? If I forced into the boundaries of a football game for a lifetime and being a football player was the life you were destined to live, but I gave you no arms and no legs, how would you feel? And what if when you complained to me, I told you that you were being overly prideful and that you should ask me for forgiveness for your shortcomings. Would you ask me for forgiveness? I really don't think so. If God or Jesus were here, I fully believe he would be OK with me questioning why He brought me into this broken world. Just as I can ask my earthly father questions, I can surely ask my Heavenly Father questions. This world has largely been a nightmare for me. Mental illness, divorce, addiction, dismissal from graduate school due to mental illness, premature friendship terminations without closure due to mental illness, strong suicidal thoughts, times of being incapable to care for my son, whom I believe is from God, etc. Please consider that maybe others "have it worse" than you, and telling them they are being prideful by questioning God is like putting gas on the fire.
  2. Innerfire89, I disagree. The following is not meant to hurt your feelings, but it's strongly worded. God throws us out into this broken world, knows we will sin, tells us we must beg for forgiveness when we sin (and we have no choice to not sin), and He owes us nothing? If anything, He should ask us for forgiveness. If I forced you into an environment in which you had no choice but to fail, would you be angry with me, or would you ask me to forgive you? So I believe I have a very just right to be angry with God. I was taught it's OK to be angry with Him, but its not OK to not talk to him about it. Just like in a marriage. Sure Im weird. And who created me? So I have God to thank? for making me weird. That makes zero sense. And I would argue that by you not speaking up when people chastise you, that makes it easier for them to chastise me later on when I cross paths with them. Jesus called nobody a clown. He rebuked them.
  3. I believe my mental health symptoms are improving, either due to prayer or a new medication, or both. But my water is scheduled to be disconnected tomorrow, and it looks like some family members, including my young son!, will be loaning me the ninety or so dollars to keep it on. (I didn't tell him what the money is going to be used for.). I get so mad at God- the all powerful being who seems so very, very distant most of the time. My job has dramatically cut my hours. It always seems that the needs of the company ("the man" or the boss) overshadow the needs of its employees. The "higher ups" earn three times or more than the employees "in the trenches." Enough is enough! And finally, does anyone here believe Christians are persecuted more than others are? What I am referring to is not persecution due to obvious good that Christians do that the World consciously persecutes. And of course there is the perceived persecution when God is molding us, and the actual persecution when (God allows) Satan to persecute us. No, what I am referring to is unconscious persecution from "principalities." I feel the evil in others can sometimes sense the God in me, Thus, I get ridiculed, abandoned, singled out, hurt, etc. more than non-Christians. Please pray for my son Noah, who turns 13 today. He has anxiety that is called PANDAS. Please pray for me and my mental illnesses and my finances, and please address what I wrote above, especially my question about unconscious persecution from others. Thank you.
  4. May I suggest we all rebut with a spirit of love and discernment. I am seeing meaness and sarcasm in some of these rebuttals. As Christians we are called to a higher standard. It is possible to respectfully disagree and to even respectfully express frustration or anger.
  5. My 11 year-old son Noah has an autoimmune disorder similar to OCD called PANDAS. We live in central Missouri. He is very bright, and has a loving heart. Tbe PANDAS causes him to feel excessive guilt and to worry for his safety, etc. I have been in bed now for days with my own OCD/OCPD, unable to work. Of course the bills are piling up, and the rent is overdue. Please pray for these things, specifically that my son and I experience some relief. And here is a link to a gofundme account I have set up; please consider donating, and pass the link on to others and social media: gofundme.com/family-needs-help-w-rent-etc
  6. Hello Tony, I see your prayer requests and admire your faith. I feel empathy toward you because of the weight of your fears on you. I have OCD, and can relate to the anxieties and fears. I ask the following lovingly - have you ever been evaluated for the possibility that you have an anxiety disorder?
  7. With all due respect, and I only read a small part of your links, the arguments seem very weak and, frankly, disrespectful. To say that the loss of life on September 11th was only a fraction of what it could be is just downright wrong. Try telling that to a little girl who prayed with her daddy that morning, only to later learn he died. The argument is easy fuel for atheists. If there really is no God, the way the world is now is how I could picture it being with no (loving) God.
  8. Hello, I am new to this site. I introduced myself on your "Welcome Mat." I struggle with mental illness, and it has caused lots of problems in my life. My wife left me, which made me bitter. I have been through a lot of counseling. I listen to Christian radio. I don't understand why a loving Father would thrust His unsuspecting children into an evil, fallen world, expect them to (finally, after perhaps much pain) find their way to Him, and expect them to feel undeserving of His mercy? I would not my earthly father to treat me like that. I realize trials lead to character development, but when one checks oneself into a psychiatric hospital like I did (again) recently, that's a sign that God did indeed give me too much to handle. Also, I would not want to treat my 11 year-old son that way either. I don't wish to offend anyone by the above. Also, I read the rules of this Site, and I hope the following is not against the rules. (I also emailed 2 Christian forum websites (this was pfobably one of them) to ask permission to post the following, but didn't hear back. Would you please consider making a financial donation on my gofundme link; I am really in need and moving closer to eviction. Here is the link: gofundme.com/family-needs-help-w-rent-etc
  9. to this site. I live in Missouri.
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