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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.

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  1. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Hebrews 4:9 rediscovered

    <> DUH! <> DUH! Walter Bauer, “‘Sabbatismos’ -- ‘sabbatidzoh’ LXX—‘esabbatisa’ “den Sabbat feiern”. “Plutarch, mor 168A. Sabbatruhe, Sabbatfeier” So, several other Commentaries. Robertson Grammar p 541 the passive constructions like a]poleij t&? la&? (perhaps dativus commodi, Heb. 4:9), Grammar 152/153 Words in —mo verbs in —a common in LXX and N. T.); a[gnis-mo LXX, Plut.); a]partis-mo a[rpag-mo GRAMMAR OF THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT 152 in Plutarch, a[rpagh< common from AEschylus)1; goggus-mo goggu Arist., e]ntafia Diod., Plut., Athen.); peiras-mo the LXX). From verbs in –i N. T. Gk., p. 62) used by Josephus of John's baptism,2 but not in the N. T. of the ordinance of baptism, save in Col. 2:12, in x° BD*FG 47, 67**, 71, a Western reading rejected by W. H.; o]neidis-mo earlier than LXX nor in koinh< writers, Dion. uses parorgi j (Sap., Polyb., Jos., Plut., Test. XII Patr.); r[antis-mo sabbatis-mo etc.); yiquris-mo word for the hissing of the snake). The ending –mo survives in literary modern Greek. Cf. Jannaris, op. cit., p. 288. The tendency to make new words in —mo Greek vernacular dropped it (Thumb, Handbook, p. 62). A.T. Robertson refers to PAPYRI that use Σαββατισμός in religious sense as a keeping of the Sabbath _DAY_ . Classic Greek Dictionary Σαββατίζω to keep the Sabbath Σαββατικός of or for the Sabbath; for a Jew Σαββατισμός A KEEPING OF THE SABBATH: rest of the Sabbath. Σάββατον the Hebrew Sabbath … hence the seventh day or day of rest. In Old Testament times: Septuagint: Σαββατισμός < σαββατίζω in Ex16:30 Lv23:32; 26:34-46 2Chr36:21 ‘a keeping / rest / observance /regarding / hallowing of the Sabbath DAY’ the Seventh Day of the week. So in the early New Testament times: Plutarchius, Moralia 1660 De Superstitione 3 Justin, Dialogue with Trypho 23,3 Apostolic Constitutions 2,36 Martyrdom of Peter and Paul Epiphanius, Adversus Haereses 30,2,2 Without exception Σαββατισμός used with the meaning unambiguously ONLY of ‘A KEEPING OF THE SABBATH DAY’ / ‘an observance of the Sabbath DAY’— the Seventh Day of the week. Owen, “It remaineth;” that is, God hath prepared it, promised it, and invites us to enter into it. σαββατισμός. This word is framed by our apostle from a Hebrew original, by the addition of a Greek termination; and so becomes comprehensive of the whole sense to be expressed, which no other single word in either would do. The original of it is the Hebrew שָׁבַת, which signifies “to rest;” and it is first used to express the rest of God after his works of the creation: Genesis 2:2, השְּׁבִיעִי וַיּשְׁבֹּת בַּיּוֹם; — “And he rested” (or “sabbatized”) “on the seventh day.” And this being so of old, the word is used by our apostle to show that the rest which he now asserts for the people of God is founded in the rest of God himself. If this it had not been, it might have been ἀνάπαυσις, “a rest” in general; it could not have been σαββατισμός, “a sabbatism,” a “sabbatizing rest,” for there is no foundation for any such name or thing but in the rest of God. From the rest of God, this word came to give name unto the day of rest appointed for men, Exodus 20:10-12. Because God שָׁבַת, “shabbath,” rested from his works, he blessed יוֹם חַשַּׁבָּת, “iom hashshabbath,” “the day of rest,” the sabbath; which he would have us remember to keep.
  2. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Hebrews 4:9 rediscovered

    What or which <<previous statement>> is <<a conclusion drawn from>>? From this one in verse 8a, "If Jesus gave them rest". But this <<conclusion is drawn from>> also the following statement in verse 10, "HE, Jesus, having entered into His Own Rest as God" BY RESURRECTION from the dead! Just like Exodus 31:17 predicted, "the LORD on the Seventh Day rested and was revived". Re: <<(a 'sabbatism' or rest) (for) (people in general) (of) (GOD)>> It's not <>; it is a 'Sabbatism' viz., the "Sabbath-Day-of-Rest for the People" or "Sabbath-Rest-Day for the People"--- not for <>, but "for The People-of-God"--, in fact, "reserved on Sabbath, for The People of God."
  3. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Hebrews 4:9 rediscovered

    Strong's has become the Weak's. Prejudice and Bias are the directors of the manufacturing company that has left the country after cheaper labour and better sales. Yes, <> is real in 'apoleipetai'--"is being made valid". And 'ARA' emphasises the fact, denoting inference precisely to the conclusion that God's works through Christ, in that "Jesus gave them Rest ... He having entered into His Own Rest As God In His Own" were, and are being finished, blessed and hallowed, since "God raised Him from the dead"! Now what is the point, all this "Rest OF GOD" [katapausis TOU THEOU] in and through Jesus Christ consistently being spoken of 9 out of 9 times in the NT specifically in Hebrews 3 (2x) and 4 (6x) and Acts 7:49 (1x), and the Verb, God ''rested" [katapauoh] being spoken of 3 out of 4 times in the NT specifically in Hebrews 4 (3x)---, what is the point in identifying this "Rest OF GOD" [katapausis TOU THEOU] with the 'Sabbatismos tohi Laoi tou Theou'--"a Sabbath Rest DAY FOR THE PEOPLE of God reserved to be kept / observed / rested on"?! You have used the word now more than once. Well this is the idea it should be used for! EVERYBODY--all these o so clever be-titled and bedecked Bible commentators--, just ignore the DISTINCTIVENESS of both words and concepts and treat them and their immediate context, as if the PEOPLE'S, Sabbath DAY, which God "RESERVED", "FOR THE PEOPLE", constitutes "GOD'S", "OWN", "REST" which He, Himself, "worked" and "spake", and, "by the SON", "BY THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION", IS?! Just tell me one thing, Why do GOOD scholars, as soon as they are confronted with Sabbath-confirming truth, melt down like jelly babies in a frying pan?
  4. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Hebrews 4:9 rediscovered

    "Jesus", IS, "the Rest" -- "the Rest-of-God" [katapausis tou theou]. <> is exactly that Rest of God in the beginning, namely, that Rest in that "God blessed"; In that "God hallowed"; in that "God finished ... ALL, WORKS, of, GOD and: RESTED" -- "rested", wherein else than in Jesus Christ and in Him IN RESTRRECTION FROM THE DEAD?! This is where Hebrews 4:4 comes from -- from exactly THIS POINT in the progression of "ALL the works of God" -- in their climactic COMPLETION IN JESUS CHRIST. From nowhere else! Therefore, < When Hebrews 4:4 says. That was "When God raised Christ from the dead by the EXCEEDING GREATNESS OF HIS POWER WHICH HE WORKED", blessing, hallowing, finishing and resting "THE DAY The Seventh Day" -- "Sabbath OF THE LORD GOD". This is called the fanaticism and legalism of 'old covenant sabbatarianism'. Then the Bible must be fanaticism and legalism of 'old covenant sabbatarianism'! I'll nevertheless stand by it.
  5. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Hebrews 4:9 rediscovered

    The "rest" of which Hebrews speaks, is related, neither to possession of the land Canaan, nor to the Sabbath of the OT and Jewish Law; but is solely to "God (who) ... in these last days ... speaking by the Son ... JESUS ... gave them ... the People of God ... REST [Katapausis]"--HIMSELF, "JESUS", our "Rest given" us. He alone, who once and for all, "GAVE THEM REST ... the REST-OF-GOD ... the SON", is <>! In contrast but not contrarily, the "Sabbath-keeping remaining for the people of God" of which Hebrews speaks [the 'Sabbatismos apoleipetai tohi Laohi tou Theou'], specifically and exclusively is that "Sabbath-Rest-DAY being left remaining for the People of God", "in these last days", which "GOD ... BY THE SON ... THUS CONCERNING SPAKE : And God the day The SEVENTH DAY, from all his works RESTED" -- rested by and in and through and with Christ Jesus that <> in hope of the resurrection of life by the Power of his, Jesus Christ's, Resurrection from the dead "on the Sabbath Day".
  6. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Hebrews 4:9 rediscovered

    On Hebrews 4:9, Here "the Sabbath-Rest-Day being-made-valid-to-be-kept-presently-anew" [sabbatismos apoleipetai Present Passive], is the weekly Sabbath under the New Covenant by virtue of the fact "JESUS having entered into his own Rest as God in his own ... having given them ... the People of God, Rest"--"the Rest-of-God" [Katapausis tou Theou], HAVING RESURRECTED FROM THE DEAD "ON THE SABBATH DAY ... AND GOD the day The Seventh Day from all his works RESTED"--rested in Christ, through Christ and for the sake of Christ. That perpetual, Eternal Rest to be enjoyed and which indeed is enjoyed perseveringly by believers in their fellowship with the Father and the Son, is CHRIST JESUS, God's Son whom God "GAVE" so that everyone who believe in Him shall have the "REST-OF-GOD" [Katapausis tou Theou], weekly "Sabbath-keeping [sabbatismos] (it) having been caused to remain valid [apoleipetai] for the People of God" [tohi Laohi tou Theou] under the New Covenant of Grace by the "Power", and on the grounds of, exclusively, "his Resurrection" from the dead "on the Sabbath".
  7. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Hebrews 4:9 rediscovered

    The blessed "Rest OF GOD" [katapausis tou Theou] from the toils and troubles which Christ Jesus "had to suffer according to the Law and the prophets", which was looked for through the ages past by all true worshippers of God, was "JESUS (who) gave them ... the People of God ... REST." [autous Iehsous katepausen] -- "THEREFORE, THEREBY AND THEREWITH a Sabbath-Day-of-Rest for the People of God is being made valid anew." [ARA apoleipetai Sabbatismos tohi Laohi tou Theou] Hebrews 4:8,9.
  8. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Hebrews 4:9 rediscovered

    <> of whom? Of man? And man's <>? The Scriptures when they , typify the things concerning the Christ and God's fulfilment of the Scriptures through Christ. But man's certainly is in the Old Testament Scriptures, in the STORY OF THE FALL. If that meant anything, it just how man's after so long a time of degradation and deeper and further FALL would be like. Look at Calvary! There is seen man's to the Word of God in Genesis, which man's second and confirming of his wickedness to God's Word in Christ in the Gospels, QUITE CONTRARY GOD'S response to man's treading under foot of his goodness and mercies! The <> never was a covenant which God closed with man; but always has been the covenant which man closed with God only to make a horrible sin-mess of his promises and assurances with. ON THE CONTRARY the Sabbath Rest Day of the LORD GOD in his goodwill and mercy, the Seventh Day which God granted man to share through CHRIST JESUS ONLY, ALREADY was part of his love and mercy to man's ingratitude and disloyalty to the love of God. Just to get our perspective right.
  9. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Hebrews 4:9 rediscovered

    Hebrews states , “shall NOT enter into”--[ei eiseleusontai eis]. It does not state <>, but that the rest was “the Rest” of God, “My Rest” [Katepausen Mou], which “GOD, in fact, entered into” [kai katepausen ho Theos]. “For God spake in a certain place (in Genesis 2:2,3 and 3:8-24), in this wise, And God did rest IN THE DAY THE SEVENTH DAY from all his works.” <>??? The Scriptures substantiate by the bare facts of the bare Gospel necessities as written in both Genesis and Hebrews, "thus, concerning THE DAY The Seventh Day... GOD, spake" [eirehken gar pou peri tehs hebdomehs houtohs ho Theos: Kai katepausen ho Theos en tehi hehmerai tehi Hebdomehi].
  10. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Hebrews 4:9 rediscovered

    Thanks for being so kind. Everyone not blindly following the translation of the past 50 or 70 years or so, <> and THEY alone are correct! ... which has been the of 'them' in the worldwide orchestrated campaign to standardize one 'functional', none-equivalent 'translation' of the Bible in every language of all peoples on earth. Wake up, the lone wolf individual no longer has a say in the Word of God in his own language or in anybody else's language for that matter. I for one, DO NOT ACCEPT IT. With the same contempt I am being rejected, I reject the universal clandestine powers behind Bible translation for the past century already. Mine is no <>; it is the challenge of the warrior for Christ in full armour and with the Sword of God’s Word in heart, mind and hand, ready for Victory in Battle. Exodus 15
  11. <<Christ cancelled the Sabbath Law on the cross; it no longer is valid for Christians.>> But what does the Scripture, Hebrews 4:9, say? It says, "A Sabbath Rest Day remains for the People of God." [apoleipetai Sabbatismos tohi Laohi tou Theou] Why, and How, does the Scripture, Hebrews 4:9, say, "A Sabbath Rest Day remains for the People of God"? It says, "BECAUSE if [ei gar] JESUS gave them Rest (Himself being the "Rest-of-God") [autous Jehsous katepausen]... THEREFORE [ara], a keeping remains / remains valid [apoleipetai] of the Sabbath Rest Day [sabbatismos] for the People of God." [tohi Laohi tou Theou]. Now unlike anyone before, have I consistently for the past fifty years been the one person emphasizing this; and, have I been the one who like no other before, have focussed the attention on the HOW or modus operandi of God in Christ, as HE, AVAILED and ATTAINED this "Rest of God ... for the People of God", and "THEREBY AND THEREFORE VALIDATED a Sabbath-Rest-Day for the People of God ... AS HE ... JESUS ... ENTERED into his own Rest as God in his own" THROUGH HAVING RESURRECTED from the dead ... "ON THE SABBATH". At this time before my opponents and critics and despisers and mockers and insulters, Let it be discovered, THIS PASSIVE of the Present Indicative Verb, 'apoleipetai', which at most may be abbreviated and put in brackets in commentaries, but never has been done consequential justice. For in fact in this Scripture, Hebrews 4:9, it is written indelibly forever, "Because JESUS gave them Rest ... keeping of God's Sabbath Rest Day indeed IS BEING MADE VALID" -- ANEW, "He", through Resurrection from the dead ON THE SABBATH, "having entered into his own Rest as God in his own"! Yes, it's the Passive, "Sabbath Rest Day indeed IS BEING MADE VALID" -- IMPERATIVE, COMMAND! Command, the "Sabbath Rest Day indeed is being made valid FOR THE PEOPLE OF GOD". "Because Jesus gave them Rest ... therefore and thereby a Sabbath-Rest-Day for the People of God IS VALIDATED / IS CAUSED TO STAY / IS TO BE KEPT ... as He ... JESUS ... entered into his own Rest as God in his own", He having resurrected from the dead "on the Sabbath".
  12. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Gill's Commentary on John 19:14 reviewed

    There are two conclusions that may be reached or not reached here. The one I admit is out of my hands, is whether one might or might not accept the Bone Day is real directly in correlation with one's faith or disbelieve in Jesus. This conclusion is usually reached a priori pro or con based upon one's imagination purely or firmness of Faith. The other conclusion with regard to the Bible's Bone Day, is reached postliminium, restoring its legitimacy upon previous historically based evidence and confirming its meaning with past and existing textual facts.
  13. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Gill's Commentary on John 19:14 reviewed

    History many times before, and history at present is proving everything I am claiming with regard to the Bone Day in the Bible. And in the meantime not one rejection or attempt at refutation of my claims has been made upon or for linguistic or exegetical reasons or because of my lack of knowledge of the Hebrew language. Give you credit, you have been the first hopeful! Here's opportunity for you to make a name for yourself. Refute the existence in the Bible of the Bone Day with text and precedent. Save yourself the embarrassment to try it with logics and superiority. Both are irrelevant and fruitless as you can see or should be able to see so far.
  14. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Gill's Commentary on John 19:14 reviewed

    False accusation. Quote me where I as sole or main reason <> But the sole and main reason the Jews will not see "CHRIST THE SUBSTANCE" of the Bible's "Bone Day", for sure is because they do not believe in Jesus Christ. They see the Bone Day and DO see it; but they won't. They won't not because of linguistics, but of the condition of their hardened hearts. The same applies to Christians who WILL not see Jesus' Passover of Yahweh Bone Day. They WILL not have the Christ "according to the Law and Prophets"; they will only accept Him as the "mental projection" of their "vain imaginations" : the 'Jesus' of their Lawlessness.
  15. Gerhard Ebersöhn

    Gill's Commentary on John 19:14 reviewed

    It's (a) ... <> already proven wrong and ignorant and UNBELIEVING by each proven incidence since my discovery of the lost Bone Day of the Passover was first PUBLISHED WITH EVERY POSSIBLE REASON TO BELIEVE ITS EXISTENCE, ITS EXISTENCE NAMELY, IN THE SCRIPTURES.

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