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  1. Oh believe me I know the feeling I'm no "rookie" with this anymore,the biggest thing I have had to deal with is explaining "salvation" not by works and that none of us is perfect/sinless yet once in awhile on Christian sites I discuss on we get "trolls" even some of them believe the earth is flat and that they "must" tell everyone!
  2. So basically the all around understanding is that God gives mercy to who he wants no matter if good or evil has been done and that actually makes sense because esau and jacob were no exception to having adam's old sin yet between the two God lifted up jacob and loved him and hated esau and lowered him.
  3. Very well I shall see about those scriptures.
  4. Where is written that God "hated" esau?in Genesis Isaac loves esau and rebekkah loves jacob(just turned to genesis) and the only separation God told of was that from both children would be two nations one ruling the other.
  5. Prerequisite...oh boy another word to define...lol Prerequisite-An end or required condition. I think Maggie in another post made more clear what she believes particularly mentioning that only through Jesus is salvation.
  6. Well faith in"Jesus " saves through accepting him and his works which is by God's grace but, God has made it clear and even Jesus has made it clear that "none come to the Father except through the son" and that he is "the way" to salvation" many seek after God first which is no big deal unless one doesn't accept Jesus for as it is written"If ye reject me(Jesus) then ye reject he who hath sent me". I said you were kind of "leaving out" an "important" part of faith because faith in Jesus "saves", faith in money doesn't, faith in self doesn't and even faith in people(excluding Jesus) doesn't save, and idols don't save(works of man) though ye think what you say probably doesn't need "mentioning" it can certainly be "helpful" to "share" about your "faith" because it keeps from "miscommunication".
  7. Well God is no respector of persons it doesn't matter what age or what one's title is here on earth life is but a vapor in the first place, all we can do is "trust" God/Jesus in his decisions, I suppose some things we simply "aren't to worry about" because we can discuss on this for days or so on but, it won't "Change God" after all we will face judgement and we can mourn our loved ones but, there after we should focus on "serving". A good example of this was King david he had a child with a woman that he killed through sending him to the front lines in battle whom he later married and God deemed it wrong for the child to live and not only this told david through a prophet before the child's birth what he had done wrong and told him that he could only choose a punishment out of choices yet the child would still die, and David despite knowing this "Prayed" and "Fasted" while the child was alive for the child and when he was told that the child died he ate and continued to serve God "trusting him" certain that he would "go to his child" some day" there is a lot to be said from such "faith". I say this because as I would think you are aware "faith" is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, meaning that faith is resting your hope in God/Jesus the "things" being "promises" and the other "things" being what God/Jesus has done and still does do in our lives despite not being able to physically "see" these things being done yet stillu "witnessing" them.
  8. Also I think I'll find and like that video you posted @Williamit was pretty funny!
  9. Awesome did I mention that I'm on youtube as well and may have commented on some videos like trolls?
  10. Alright thank you origen I learned a lot from that video,I now know what a straw man is I think...let me give it a try... In one of your posts you put a comment about exercise sounding like extra fries but with a strawman I could oversimplify,exaggerate or put the focus on something more interesting to viewers in an attempt to get people on my side and againsr you such as... "Look at those fries on a pedestal he wants us to praise potatoes"! would that be accurate?
  11. I wouldn't ever say that an infant is in comparison to God especially in power though they are according to Jesus (including older kids)"the greatest in heaven"(I think he was referring to greatness compared to all other mankind that are not "humble". Also yes it is possible my southern baptist family stands by things such as that "children don't ask to be born" and that a child dieing before sinning or even entering this world is "more blessed". Not necessarily my total view but such beliefs were what I had available to "start out with".
  12. I so wanna post a dreamworks trolls music clip but don't know how or I so wanna post a dreamworks trolls music clip but, I don't know if I'm allowed to and I don't know how to here.
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