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  1. Yeah but, that can happen on any site, right now I'm causing quite a stir on Twitter concerning the catholic church and one guy is insulting me on there and acting as if I don't know the Bible, no matter where I go people have a problem with me lol!
  2. Well goodnight everyone and may God bless you all!
  3. Yeah, good to see someone familiar from there besides deade, I left CC because I came there for advice and got critically analyzed, ridiculed,insulted and didn't feel very welcome anymore, I'd rather not get into what we talked about but, I just couldn't stay and it takes a lot for me to consider leaving any Christian site I still have friends from there on other sites so it's not all bad.
  4. I picked 3-Works, Prosperity, and Judging because those 3 are amongst the biggest "delusions" that I have witnessed always adding up to "spiritually bad" actions like "prideful boasting", "believing one's self to be perfect/sinless no matter how wicked one's actions are" and "personal targeting".(personally involving one's self with someone's sins or actions instead of working out one's own spiritual issues)
  5. Hi ya sovvy interesting seeing you here! Been laying off the Christian sites because of all the annoying tension with some people.
  6. Ok cool thanks for the feed back I intend on making review videos of my songs to fix errors.
  7. Hi everyone it's been awhile just updated by getting a new phone so now I can access sites like these better and I have unlimited data now too!
  8. Two new songs of mine are available on my channel!
  9. Welcome here you can discuss with bible smart people and possibly make new friends,hope you like it here!
  10. Cool well now I have a total of 4 songs 3 without the rotation thing though ironically the "experiment" worked so far that video has gotten about 20 views in a short time!
  11. (Update) I now just added two more songs to my youtube channel and even a link to my channel on Twitter! Things are getting "interesting"!
  12. no problem after all you don't have to if you don't want to, I might try that movie maker.
  13. Oh believe me I know the feeling I'm no "rookie" with this anymore,the biggest thing I have had to deal with is explaining "salvation" not by works and that none of us is perfect/sinless yet once in awhile on Christian sites I discuss on we get "trolls" even some of them believe the earth is flat and that they "must" tell everyone!
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