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  1. Please pray that I always live a holy, repentant and diligent life pleasing to God inside and out. Please pray that I can be reminded that God is protecting me and helping me to not sin against Him.
  2. Please pray that I follow Yeshua no matter what and please pray that I never become bitter towards God.
  3. Very glad to hear this. May the Lord Yeshua Bless you.
  4. Please pray that I never think or say any bad words. I am having scary thoughts about this, but I am praying against this ever happening too and it never happened and never will.
  5. Please pray that I never use God's Name in Vain (I never have and never will). Also please pray that I am able to forget about all of the mean and ignorant things other people have said to me (specifically teachers and boss(es)).
  6. Thank you for sharing, this is indeed very important.
  7. Praying for you Just Mike. I hope you get better soon.
  8. Glad to hear that you have made it.
  9. Please pray for my dad (earthly father) to be healed what he is going through now physically.
  10. Praying about this matter.
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