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  1. Please pray for my dad (earthly father) to be healed what he is going through now physically.
  2. Praying about this matter.
  3. Please pray that I am for Speaking in Tongues no matter what.
  4. Please pray for my past, present and future educational career. Please pray that God helps me to realize that with His' help that it was and is perfect and please pray that He helps me never to cheat. Yes, there was slip ups on my part but it was pretty rare. I also pray this myself too.
  5. TonyT

    Prayer Request

    Praying about this matter. Also, my mother had colon cancer back in 2013, but thankfully she has been healed through God and the treatment prescribed by doctors. I pray that this would be the same for you immediately.
  6. This is a good resource that I remember reading before about God and China. https://answersingenesis.org/genesis/the-original-unknown-god-of-china/
  7. Please pray for help to forget about all the mean or ignorant things that others have said to or about me whether it was from someone older or younger than me. I am also praying against this personally. Thank you and God Bless.
  8. Praying about this matter.
  9. I am part Japanese, but I have been a believer in Jesus since I was a little kid. I was born in the United States however. Edit: And I mean that I believe in Jesus as the One, True and only God.
  10. Please pray that harsh things that were said by others to me in the past that I am able to forget about it and that it doesn't affect the fun and goodness that I am having now (from God of course).
  11. Thank you for sharing The Story with all of us. Glory be to God.
  12. Praying about this matter.
  13. Please pray for me because I am taking an online required class for my degree called Health Sciences and the chapter I just read condones homosexuality and the next chapter we are supposed to read is about abortion. Please pray that I stay away from these evil ideas, beliefs and practices of liberal colleges and that I finish the class (they also require discussions in the class which are kind of personal/inappropriate) without condoning or having anything to do with what they teach. I 100% hate abortion and homosexuality and I am against these sins 100% and do not condone them.
  14. Praying about this matter.
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