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  1. Innerfire89

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    I don't sell snake oil anymore, it's fish sweat now. Lol
  2. Wow, thank you brother. That's exactly what I needed to be reminded of. It is Christ who is my strength not myself which is self destructive. My parents passed on some not so good behaviors as well, not to bad mouth them or blame them for my own sin, but it wasn't a peaceful household.
  3. That's a good point, the things that make me angry have always made me so and I just repress it only to come out later. I need to find new ways to deal with what's making me angry.
  4. I've always had problems with anger, I was always getting trouble at school as a kid and even lost a job because I threw a clip board across the shop. Now that I'm a Christian this issue has greatly improved but it's still and issue, today I ended up cussing in wal mart and then slammed a car door at a gas station. This is something I'm ashamed of, I feel like I should be put in a jail cell with the rest of the angry people in world. Prayers and advice on controlling on my anger will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Innerfire89


    It's always the believers fault that finiacal blessing or healing didn't come through, do they have any idea of God's standard? One can never deserve any blessing from God.
  6. Is this an actual game?
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