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  1.    The Catholic Church is back in the news after the pope has written an open letter to 1billion + Catholics admitting (for the umpteenth time) that the Catholic leadership has again been covering up for Priest pedaphila).    The Church managed to cover it up until the statue of limitation for prosecution ran out.

        His letter mentions little or nothing about the punishment or removal of these guilty priests. Where is the outrage by the Catholic congregation who continue to give their hard earned money to a Church whose leadership is sick in their heart, even moreso, sick in the head,

       If these sick perverts were in my church, I would demand an internal investigation, and every priest that even knew about it would be removed. I would never return to the church doors until justice was metered.

       I am sorry if I seem hardened and inconsiderate, but right now I am more angry at the Catholic congregation than I am the perverts that call themselves leaders in the Church. I am proud that neither can lead me anywhere.

         For those who disagree with me, read 1 Cor. 5: 1 thru 13, and see Paul’s response to a son sleeping with his stepmother: (1) He is startled that no one has mourned the sin (2) He admonishes them to throw the bum out (verse 13),  (3) He says not to associate or company with fornicators, verse 9. It seems the Catholic Church is lost when it comes to scripture.

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