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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. faramir.pete

    Only Mass Deportation Can Save America

    William, whilst I accept that people will always express political opinions, I hoped (clearly in vain) that a Christian Forum would express Christian views. You are right, I do not knowwhy I joined here either. I will depart, fair well one and all.
  2. faramir.pete

    Only Mass Deportation Can Save America

    Well I guess I was wrong when I joined this forum, I thought it was Christ we are following here, my mistake. I will leave now, good luck with your war on Islam, I have a feeling it may be the war that triggers the end of our world and all political agendas, but maybe that is your agenda.
  3. faramir.pete

    Only Mass Deportation Can Save America

    I think you are missing my point. The OP said for the US to be saved it has to deport these people. I find it astonishing that the salvation of a country could in some way be linked to carrying out such an unChristian act. Particularly when the country was founded by people fleeing religious persecution. Remember we are called to be Christians before we are nationals of any country and we are expected to behave like our Lord, who loves all people. I know the pictures and stories shared here point to atrocities, but they are not the norm for all immigrants, not even for all Mexicans into the US, so why deport all of them?
  4. faramir.pete

    Hi Ya! Looking to be a better disciple

    I will listen to a few more and let you know if I have any helpful thoughts. But believe me you have a message and you need to carry on being brave. I am sure He will bless you.
  5. faramir.pete

    Hi Ya! Looking to be a better disciple

    Okay you explained the connection for the name, I just heard that bit too - like I said the first episode was a bit long :)
  6. faramir.pete

    Hi Ya! Looking to be a better disciple

    Hi Lissie, well I have just listened to your podcast, the Getting to know us episode. I have to say I like it, I will be honest I did not expect to, but your honest, real conversation was refreshing. I do have a few thoughts, like perhaps it would be good to limit the length to something around 20 or 30 minutes, people begin to lose focus after that, and perhaps try and choose a topic and stick generally to that thread so that folks don't feel like they are being a voyeur (or whatever the audio equivalent of that is) at a private party. But perhaps your later episodes are more structured :). I am also a little confused by the Title of your Podcast, you have not explained where it came from or what it signifies. I certainly feel that two young mothers like yourself and Katrina have something to say especially to the Millenials of our world and I hope you get a host of followers. I see what you mean about the way you use uneditted language, it is a little colourful but as your potential listeners would use language in the same way as you do (my two daughters have similar vocabulary) it will probably not offend them, but expect someone to tell you that you need to clean up your act there. Sadly there are more 'Baptist' bible thumper types than liberal free thinkers in our world. As I said I like it and I shall listen to more, keep following where He guides you and for me you will not go far wrong. Oh by the way, I love Gloucestershire too :)
  7. faramir.pete

    Hello to Christ Forums!!

    Hmmm a twenty something woman who clearly worries that her age is an issue or something. :) Good to have you with us here, I am sure you will find at least a few people who will debate with you, I just pray that you are also patient and tenacious in equal parts. Lol Welcome from a 60 something guy from the UK, just kidding!
  8. faramir.pete


    Interesting, if we take the view as Fergus has above, that there is intelligent life somewhere other than on our planet, and let me say here that I do not perceive of any good reason why that is wrong, then why wouldn't there be the possibility of UFOs? Whilst I do not profess to having seen a UFO and have not spoken with anyone who has, does not preclude the possibility that suchthings exist. After all I have not seen God or Angels that I am aware of either but I believe whole heartedly in them! And Jesus did say he has many sheep from many sheep folds, nobody said those sheep folds had to be on this planet!
  9. I saw the movie, and I have to say that there was very little in it that pointed to God as I know Him. The film seemed to be focussed on a journey of self discovery, which may be exactly what the author and many people in our world need, but at no point did I see her take a step towards a faith in God. So my opinion of the film is, like many movies, it delivers on entertainment value, is funny in parts, has something to teach about humanity and human relationships, butas far as the spiritual value it was very lightweight.
  10. faramir.pete

    How Godly Women Dress

    Whatever your view on the above passage, it is true that men and women look upon the appearance of the messenger and his associates and make judgements based upon what he or she sees. If we wish to be believed when we speak for our Lord then our words and what people see should match up. This is know as congruity. The best way to explain congruity is to look at what the opposite is, that is incongruity, or doing and saying one thing whilst acting in a totally contradictory manner. An example would be for a woman who looks like a street hooker to stop you in the street and ask you if you love the Lord Jesus. How many conversations do you think will lead to a conversion? Even if she is genuine in her intent to convert, theman or woman accosted will struggle to equate her attire with her message. Our clothes say everything that people understand about us until we open our mouth and speak, and weshould also remember that communication is 80% non-verbal! So we speak louder with how we look and act than the words we hope to convince with.
  11. faramir.pete

    Gardening As A Way To Feel Close To God

    Can't fault your logic, but I am happy to say that even though I live in the suburbs of a medium size city, we get a lot of birds and wildlife in our garden and not just the common varieties either, we get some very different birds visiting as well as the residents: sparrows, starlings, blackbirds and robins. With visits from larks, finches, tits, warblers and even the occasional red kite.
  12. faramir.pete

    Gardening As A Way To Feel Close To God

    Size of the garden has very little to do with what you grow. You can make a fine relaxing space in any place, just check online. My own space is 18 yds square, so a bit bigger than your 40 sq m, but not huge.
  13. faramir.pete

    Hey, nice to meet cha!

    Welcome Douglas, glad you found us.
  14. faramir.pete

    Only Mass Deportation Can Save America

    William I have no intention of discussing this issue further, you have shifted the focus entirely from the OP and introduced an entirely unrelated emotive slant to the issue of whether deporting groups of people will 'save America'. I do not have anything more to say on this issue and never had anything to say on the issue of crimnals whether legal or illegal imigrants.
  15. faramir.pete

    Only Mass Deportation Can Save America

    I disagree with the OP, mass deportation of any group on the grounds of some judgement call will not save a country from the effects of that group. It will simply highlight the bigotted nature of the judge. You have carefully highlighted a specific group of criminalised Mexicans and shown graphic images of the sort of mayhem they caused. This is a very emotive form of persuasion, but I recall similar pictures coming out of Vietnam in the 1960s after the American Marines stormed through the villages, and I have seen equally graphic images coming out of Afghanistan as a result of US and allied troops fighting there. I do not hear any calls for the punishment of those soldiers. Yet the victims there were also sons, daughters, mothers and wives. The OP speaks of effectively judging all of a group on the basis of a few evil representatives of that group. If all Mexicans are treated as if they had carried out these atrocities and deported as the OP suggests, then you will simply increase animosity and need to spend many dollars closing the border between the US and Mexico. Christ teaches us to love our neighbours and do good to those who harm us. I am not aware of any get out clause or proviso to this teaching. You clearly have an opinion that is at variance to mine, and that is why I believe we shall not be able to come to any agreement on this issue. So I am going to withdraw from this thread now. I am sorry if you or any of your loved ones have been affected by these evil people and I trust that they will be brought to justice, but I refuse to accept that all Mexicans are the same as these evil men.

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