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  1. Dogs and even to some extent cats are possible with having a deep bond with, but what about other animals? Cows, pigs, dolphins, apes and even some birds can form a good bond with humans. What do you believe with bonding with other creatures? Do you think it not only helps the animal but also helps you in a way, and see it as valuable as bonding with your fellow man? Also, what about reptiles? Most reptiles are not as intelligent as the animals I just mentioned but some can be trained. There is actually a video on youtube of a man voice commanding his lizards like lizards and there was an incident where a man from Costa Rica bonded with a crocodile. Do you think to some extent reptiles like lizards and crocodiles can be trained and tamed to a degree, not as well as dogs but not too far off? Do you have any personal bonds with any animals?
  2. I'm just going to get into this one, I think that half the time that morality is simply subjective. Now, that being said, I am not saying that morality in general is relative and subjective. Someone breaks into a house and kills a family of six including a baby just for fun, that is evil. I am talking along the lines of personal opinions and defense. Let's just say someone is attacking you, they are the same age of you and have no mental problems, but constantly attack you with their fists and blunt weapons. Now, the most nonviolent thing to do in the situation is simply walk away and ignore you but they persist on and continue to attack you, wanting to fight and won't live you alone and there no authority figures near by. Now, some people say it would be wrong to attack someone smaller and weaker than you while others say that it would be alright. When it comes to survival, self-defense, loved ones and your own mental and physical health, do you think that is when morality becomes invalid?
  3. So, I am just go to get right into it. Do any of you feel that college is a necessary to be successful and in this day and age worth it? I am current college student now but I can't help but to feel like even if I do apply myself in college and get a job for experience, it won't really help me get the career that I need. I want to be a screenwriter as well as produce successful and exciting books. I am currently writing my own online novel right now and plan on using the services of Fiverr to help get it proper advertisements. I know college is very important if you plan on becoming a doctor, lawmaker, policeman or etc. However, I can't help but wonder i the same logic applies to all careers. In this day and age we have the internet where you can publish books online, profit from gaming and gain plenty of attention online and even on the news. I even seen gamers and bloggers on interviews and on television. So, what is you opinion on college?
  4. Interesting answers. Also to David, sorry for the late response but I'll try to answer your questions that best way I can. I think it is a bit half and half, God my usually allow something to happen because it is merely a test. To test us to see if we can overcome the obstacle, usually to we can get stronger and learn a lesson. And really, that is an important part of life, to learn and overcome. Half of the time I simply think that bad things happen just because you can have good without evil and you can;t have balance without unbalance. As for anger, hatred and sadness, I think that God allowed us to have those emotions. Those sort of emotions help us grow and build character. They are in a way a necessary evil at times. At least this is what I believe.
  5. I have always been bit of a loner myself but over the years it has grown a bit, saddening. I am the paranoid type and when I am sitting by myself in a cafe or outside on a bench, I can't help but get this feeling that people are watching and judging me. However, to answer your question I usually try to shrug it off, play on my phone or go somewhere else. I usually go to a more secluded area to relax my nerves and chat with friends online. Sometimes I listen to music and other times I may just play video games are draw. I am now focusing on writing stories, so that sort of helps get my mind off of things.
  6. I'm sure most if not all of you heard this argument before. Many people who are against the idea of God bring up this question and use it against believers. It got me to thinking a few good arguments against said question and I get the feeling people may be upset with what I may say. In the beginning there was God and nothing but darkness. Now, I could be wrong here but many scientist say that the big bang was created by chaos and before that there was darkness and nothing. The reason I am bringing this up is to not really compare the big bang and God but just to bring up chaos. We say God created the universe others say it was made by chaos. I think that chaos is one of those natural things that most exist in the world and in a way might of always existed in some form. Maybe it is something God has to allow allow to exist, no matter how horrible or unfair it my seem to some and he can't truly get rid of. Like how we can't really get rid of fear, anger, or sadness no matter how hard we try. It is just too natural.
  7. Really, that is a tough one. Stress for me comes almost on a daily basis. If I am not worrying over one thing it is another. As immature as it may sound, I would just try to ignore what is stressing you out for a while and just do what makes you happy. Life is too sort to let stress get the better of you. If you are having a problem, just try to think of a solution and apply it. If you can't think of anything at the moment, no need to go and pull your hair. Just take a breather and do something that puts your mind at east, listen to music, go for a walk, maybe exercise. Do something to better help stabilize your mind. Maybe look for a new hobby that might interest you.
  8. Over the last few years on the web I come across some interesting articles and books concerning Nephilim skeletons. Now, it can be argued that many of these fossils are frauds but a part of me actually believes that these fossils are authentic. I always been interested in cryptid creatures and the unknown so I just wanted to bring this up and here what other people have to say concerning this, Do you believe that said articles and photos of these creatures are real? Have you seen any of these photos yourselves? Or do you believe them to be fake? I'm just curious to know what other people have to say concerning this topic. If these fossils are real, do you think it will in any way damage the evolutionary theory in any way?
  9. I speculate it could be a combination of the flood and change in the environment. Dinosaurs as well as other prehistoric creatures might not of been able to adapt to the sudden changes in the environment in time, they were quite different from the current animals that still live on to this day. Maybe insects could of played a role in the extinction of dinosaurs, making them ill and transferring diseases in them. Just a small theory, it could be that they simply didn't have enough nutritious food in their diet. The plants may have been on sort supply for them and the plant eaters didn't have enough to survive off of, therefore making it harder for the meat eaters to survive. It could be a combination of all of these theories.
  10. Really, if you want her to go on the path of Christ I suggested you just sit down and have a normal conversation with her. Do not be to forceful and try to push your beliefs down her throat, that will on;y just turn her away and make it impossible. Ask her, what she doesn't believe in God and give actually reason to why she might want to consider God without trying to scare her or be too aggressive with your stance. Look it her for her point of view and then maybe she will look at it from yours. Do you really see a future with this woman whether she believes in your beliefs or not? Ask yourself that before trying anything with her. Aside from that, all I can side is leave and let live. If she truly loves you and you love her then all might turn out well, maybe in time if you act like a proper example of a good Christian then she might come around ad begin to believe in God.
  11. I personally don't think God is male. I think God is more of just a gender-less cosmic being with infinite energy and power. Yes, the book was written by men but think about this. When we say mankind, we are talking about the entire human race, man, woman and child. The terms back in those times are much more different than they are now.
  12. Thanks, I actually read that article some time ago. I used to go on this website from time and time again to here its opinion on feathered dinosaurs. The thing that seems odd to me about the whole feather dinosaur deal is is that there is fake fossil factory in China and that is where most most feathered dinosaur fossils are found. I'm surprised when a new dinosaur is discovered there, no one seems to skeptical on is authenticity. Not that I'm saying every fossil from there is fake. However, a do agree with you on the artist depiction. I can't help but think there may be a bit of wishful thinking in some of their pictures, the dinosaurs just look too puffy or colorful in some cases.
  13. I really don't listen too christian music to often unless I need bit of a pick me up. However, if I had to pick I would have to pick Skillet. I have been listening to their music for years and just last year found out they were a christian band. I was surprised to hear that at first but after doing research it turned out to be true. You learn something new every day.
  14. Hello, growing up I always have a love for dinosaurs and still do to this day. Over the years we have gotten to learn more about them through there fossils and even got blood tissue from certain fossils. Many scientist speculate and even agree on the theory that birds are living dinosaurs, evolving from dinosaurs such as velociraptor and other small feathered theropods. Over the years, this was something a bit hard to swallow. Mainly due to me coming from a christian family and mainly due to me finding it hard that all modern birds evolved from dinosaurs. However, I have done some research and came across some interesting information that made me find it even harder to believe this. One of them is that there is a creature known as protoavis, a creature that is said to exist 210 million years ago and is also more close to being a primitive bird than dinosaur. I have also read articles about there being shore bird footprints found around the time of the late Triassic period. There are also cases of cryptids, which are creatures such as bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. Basically creatures that have not been truly documented, but simply spotted in certain regions. A number of said creatures have been identified as dinosaurs such as Mokele Mbeme (a saurpod) and Ropen (a pterodon). I don't want to sound like a whack job or anything and I know that I am new here, so I am probably not making the best first impressions. But putting aside crytpids for those who are unsure of them, do you believe birds came from dinosaurs or have some sort of relationship to them? What is your take on feathered dinosaurs and what do you say to the evidence?
  15. Clawstomp


    I personally do not agree with most of Atheism but feel as though if they choose to believe in what they believe, who are we to stop them? It's hard for myself to believe that everything happened on its own, even many scientist agree on it. There are plenty of things that exist in this world that would don't understand and still try to figure out. Saying that everything happen on its own and there is no higher supernatural force is something I can't agree with. However, everyone has their reasons to believe and not believe.
  16. Hello everyone, just wanted to pop in and giving everyone here a nice 'hello'. I'm new to this site and thought it would be nice to introduce myself to everyone. I hope I will be able to fit in here and will do my best not to offend anyone with my post. A little information on me, I'm a young 22 year old college student who is a senior who is majoring in English. I hope I will be able to get along with many of you, hope you all have a good day.
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