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  1. Be careful of what you ask for . You just might receive it. If you believe that your "Self Righteousness " is going to build your faith with self imposed "suffering" you are entering into a Works Orientated Salvation . Nothing you can do other than living the Christian Life by observing God's commands and observations will gain God's righteousness . Observe : " Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers ." 2nd.Cor 6:14 . The command is plain and simple and demands that we carefully observe it. If you deliberately enter into a marriage, business arraignment with any unbelieving reprobates that are the ministers of Satan , you have entered into direct disobedience to God and will reap the negative and painful results of your actions . God is serious and anytime He commands something to His people He demands strict observance of them. Any time you have DOUBTS of whether something is of a Genuine Christian Belief or Confession supported by sacred scripture you must carefully pray without ceasing . Prayer reveals to us the actions that God imposes upon us for our own good . NEVER take it upon yourself to do anything that may be questionable and lead you in the path of the ungodly. I answered your posting using the example stated above. So I never meant any ill feelings towards what you may believe.
  2. I cannot see a time when God would cause one of His own Elect and Chosen people to under go physical harm for no reason . Remember, God rules in the entire life of all of His people. And with that comes certain promises that place certain restrictions that He will not allow. Not while we are under the constant watch of Guardian Angles . God does test us for the reason of trying our faith. But fighting without provocation is usually not one of them . If we cannot observe God's commands in " Loving and forgiving " our adversaries that may not agree with us and we incite them by our caviling then God is out of the picture and we are left open to receiving what we have brought upon ourselves. Example: If I am driving in traffic and observe another vehicle driving too close to my vehicle and I let out with a few foul insulting words , I've left myself open to them doing the same to me if not more that may result in a fight. This could have been avoided if I would have just kept my mouth shut and continued with my driving. That way I avoid him and please God at the same time. Jack Webb : " Just the facts Mam,,, just the facts." :-) Louis Duvall
  3. William, thank you for your thoughtful answer to my question pertaining to What is, or is not ,sin . You covered this thoroughly and understandably ,I am grateful,,,,,,,,,,,, L
  4. Self motivation is not a prerequisite to believing in God . We cannot effectively believe in God unless we have the authenticities of Christianity built within us through a genuine relationship with God. And that alone is the motivation we have for a full surrender to the works and ways of God . Without that there isn't any sharing in the blessed life set before us through a salvation that we neither earned nor deserved. I think at this point we ,as true believers , need to stress the importance of sanctification by the Spirit that causes us to look forward to a gradual build up that sets us one step at a time in order to gain the experience that eventually leads to un-questionable faith and hope that ultimately leads to maturity. But even at a mature stage, can we actually admit that we could move mountains by entering into God's trying like what happened to faithful Job ? I often think of that . And I would just leave it at that . We,of ourselves cannot believe because we aren't created like that .So that is the reason we attribute our genuine faith and salvation to God and God alone . Phil.1:29-30 " For to you it has been granted and etc.." ..........L
  5. William , a question I have been meaning to bring to the community of believers ; When is sin considered to be sin ? And when is sin not considered to be considered ,sin ? Not a tricky question when considering that while Christians are IN the world,they are not considered to be OF the world . Since the internet was invented a wide range of subjects have been discussed via social media and etc. I have found myself ,on occasion , becoming involved in some very heated discussions concerning politics . Especially now that we have a reasonably moderate president there is the tendency to defend many of his actions . Is this considered sin ? In that I am reading Lewis Sperry Chafer on the one hand and almost immediately find myself on the net arguing with some liberal leftist about the question of Abortion, for instance . What say you ? Louis
  6. No way,,,, Jesus said "Do this in Remembrance of Me." He gave no indication of Him being "present" in the bread and the wine . He established " The Lord's Supper." Baptism and the Lord's Supper are the only two sacraments we are to observe . The Catholics have a zillion plus that aren't found anywhere in Holy Writ.
  7. Trump will be an excellent president if he keeps all of his promises as best he can. I doubt of he is power hungry or had a self centered reason to be president . I am looking forward to a complete renovation of government . Not what we had to endure for the last eight years . And no, Mr.Trump is not a Christian. But that was not his purpose for running for the high office. I see jobs, growth in the economy, Affordable health care, and most of all a hand on job killing regulations. The democrats are on a witch hunt to unseat Mr. Trump. They cannot understand that they lost this election .So my advice ,if it's worth anything, is to be cautious of what you read or see on TV . Because the liberal media will do or say anything to cast a shadow of doubt on Trump's presidency. The democrats cannot offer a decent candidate to equal the integrity of Trump. So Hillary Clinton is certainly not the candidate of choice . Seeing that she never had anything to offer but her dishonesty and lies that don't seem to bother her a bit ! And that's dangerous !
  8. Looking at it from the standpoint of Christianity you can understand that everything in the life of the believer is related to God. What he reads, views, studies, and tries his best to avoid the near occasion of sin. The life of the unbelieving is estranged from what the Christian's way of life is. Remember, the believing have a responsibility to maintain, whereas the secular world has no constraints except what is considered to be repulsive in their thinking. For instance the unbelieving are not all "bad people." They just live a life that is devoid of a relationship with God. God never enters their thinking unless they witness the death of a loved one or come upon a sudden tragedy . "Oh my God, " is the usual response . Not being critical . The believing are in complete control by the Holy Spirit and use the highest degree of caution to steer away from sin. We have to be constantly on the look out and observe complete obedience to the Word !
  9. I don't see anything biblically wrong with cremation . We have to consider the untold numbers of Christians that were subjected to the horrors of the Roman culture that exposed them to physical torture and being burned at the stake. If they were burned then it is obvious that ashes were left at the site where this tragedy took place. I personally am for cremation . L
  10. Heb.10:4 is an allusion to the old testament sacrifices offered through the High Priest . The sins of the people were forgiven,but resurrection to Heaven was not possible . yet . In Lk. 16 Abraham's bosom was the righteous side of Hades. While the Rich man was on the side that received sinners .Later to be judged and then enter Hell as their final abode. However Heaven could not be entered into until the death of Christ and the fulfiling of the law. Even though the souls of the righteous were saved, their bodies were still in corruption and had to be raised incorruptible. 1st.Cor.15:42 ff. This happened upon the Upon the death of Christ when the temple curtains were torn down exposing the Holy of Holies .Something the people could never imagine seeing . Then the righteous were raised incorruptible. While the unrighteous sinners will remain in Hades until the Judgment . LD I gather from Matt. 27:52 that God reserved a special group of people that died in Christ and were buried, Later to be seen of by many who bore witness to His Resurrection.
  11. Absolutely correct. But trying to explain God's Sovereignty to the unbelieving is very difficult. But Jesus did say,when asked by one of His apostles , "What might this parable be ?" And He said unto you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God; but to others in parables ;that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand . Now the parable is this ; The seed is the word of God . Those by the way side are they that are they that hear ;then comes the devil,and takes it away ,the word out of their hearts ;lest they should hear and be saved .They on the rock are they,which, when they hear, receive the word with joy ;and these have no root ,which FOR A WHILE ,and in time of redemption, FALL AWAY . And that which fell among the thorns are they,which when they have heard,go forth and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life,and bring no fruit to perfection. But that on the good ground are they, which are of an honest and good heart ,having heard the word keep it and bring forth fruit with patience .Luke 8:9-15 LD
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