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    Teaching, witnessing, sharing, testifying.
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    Retired for many years.
  1. "The Shack" is a deplorable representation of the Trinity and all we believe in.
  2. Non-nuclear devices exist. We have them, Russia has them, China has them. With knock-out limited range, one could destroy the NK capital, another each military location, knocking out the ability to communicate electronically, without fallout, without destruction. Communication with all that heavy artillery NK has lined up on the border would be impossible.The only other option is for China to occupy NK, removing Kim Jong Un. I think they would prefer that to a U.S. air and ground war in NK. SK certainly would. Japan, Guam, et al would breathe a sigh of relief.
  3. Winken

    The apes

    See, there was one tiny thing practically invisible that landed from outer space on a bunch of rocks, splitting it in two. One day they stumbled across each other and one said to the other, "Hi......you come here often?'" And the other thing told it to shove off. That's when it reared its ugly head and became an ape.
  4. I'm still shouting at Trump et al to employ the EMP.
  5. Winken

    God IS Love

    God's Love is a powerful, Spiritual force. It urges and motivates us to serve Him. His Love is real, genuine, the highest and best. The Love of Jesus reaches deeper than the deepest ocean and reaches beyond the vastness of space. It is immeasurable, limitless. He delivered us from our arch enemy at the Cross. His Love is relentless, freeing each Believer from sin and death. He Loves us! He seeks the lost; His outreach is before birth, before conception, just as God's outreach was in Jesus and before His physical birth. Should one fail to turn to Him before one dies, Jesus’ Love weeps over that grave. He is not willing that any should perish. A Mother’s Love is strong and fervent, even to giving her life for her child. A man may give his life for a friend. Such great love is love indeed, yet even that does not approach the vast, limitless Love of God! His Love impels, stimulates, excites and incites us. O! that we would respond to Him today! He knows you! Do you know Him in return? Have you confessed His Love, His Amazing Grace? You may do so, right now, today! Bible at the ready? Romans 10:8-13, Romans 8:1, John 5:24. Love so Amazing, Love so Divine His Love for you throughout all time Shining through Jesus' sacrifice at Calvary Who could neglect the One so Mighty? God's Love we cannot describe Not even the greatest earthly scribe He reaches out from beyond the stars Yet comes to you where you are. Respond to His Love this very day Follow Him always, in His Embrace His Great Love with others share Their heavy burdens God will bear. ---Bertha James Laird
  6. I was testing everyone to see who couldn't answer the question, or would come up with .............. NO!!! It was either my Alzheimers, Senility, or ...... (can't remember the other one). O! Here it is: dementia !!!!
  7. Topics or discussions or requirements or ideas or suggestions about this mind-numbing diabolical "educational system" for children is beyond deplorable, beyond disgusting. For Christians, it is the obvious revelation of blatant heresy.. For non-Christians it is blatant blaspheme. That day of reckoning is coming, and soon. Christians all across the USA should pull their children out of any similar classes without delay.
  8. That's how they do it in Norway. There isn't constant haggling in their legislative body.
  9. 67%. Our granddaughter has lived there for many years. All of her income taxes, health and hospitalization, property tax, and much more, are covered. She even gets 30-day free vacations every year. Her education (up through Ph.D.) was covered. She pays for her home, groceries, outings, and travels around the world. It is amazing!!
  10. If it results in a better package than Obamacare, I'm all for it. I still do not understand why we don't ask Norway and/or Switzerland how they do it. Just a very simple question, after all.
  11. Amen! Keep them safe, Lord! Make their efforts count!
  12. Wow, Jimmy........ I think you should be an advisor to Pelosi!! At least you know what's in it before you have read it! Sterling!
  13. My words and deeds divided by your thoughts about them results in your response. Your thoughts came up with "rude," "snarky," "no respect, "no Christian love," and your doubt (your doubt) that I was treating others alike. You have to own that. My response was intended to be light-hearted, first of all, and secondly, to wonder why we Christians estimate the age of the earth, when we know who we are and where we are going. Nothing more.
  14. I think Dawkins / Hitchens / Darwin deserve our inattention.
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