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  1. The bible taught us to meditate on the Word of the Lord. There are many examples for that. In terms of techniques, you can take what you have learnt and apply it to a Christian context.
  2. I play the piano/keyboard for the church. My parents sent me for 8 years of formal music lessons to prepare me to serve in church. I enjoy it a lot. I admit I'm not very good at it considering the amount of formal training that I have had. I've been part of the worship team since I was a teenager. I just find that I'm more talented in singing than running my fingers over the ivory-and-blacks. It's a shame that after my church got rid of the old (broken) organ, no one really took up organ playing. Our organ player has retired, so it seems that this skill will not be passed on.
  3. Tithe and Offerings are one of the core teachings that I've taken with me since Sunday Schools. Money is always a sticky topic, some consider it sensitive. God has never failed me and blessing me a hundred fold when I give my tithe; and I do find whenever I slack off doing it (guilty as charged) my finances seems to disappear. The weird thing about this is it's not instantaneous. It's more like plugging and unplugging an iron, it takes a while for me to receive an unexpected bonus when I might need it the most, and suddenly my car brakes down after a few months of not paying tithe. Some might think it's just a coincidence, but it's God's way. This law is so important, and is one of the fundamental way to show our obedience.
  4. 2 Corinthians 6:14 taught us not to be unequally yolked. I've seen both successful and unsuccessful relationships between believers and non believers. Also have a few friends - including my "little brother" in church who started dating a non-believer, brought her to church and now they are happily married. In fact I would say that now his wife is a stronger believer than he is. So, don't be discouraged. Honesty will be the best policy here. Talk about it to her honestly, let her set her boundaries and understand what she is comfortable with or not comfortable with. Do not assume, or decide what is best for her without talking to her first. If she is uncomfortable with your beliefs at all, then you might need to re-consider this relationship. If she's open to understanding what your beliefs and values are, perhaps invite her to join you at church once in a while, then discuss with her about it - how she feels, what she learnt, whether it's in line with what her core value is now, does she need to, or is willing to change, etc... Take it easy, do not attack her beliefs or value, because that's who she is or who she has become. Only God can change one's heart. And always pray for her.
  5. It does boil down to respect. Just like the homosexual community is being oppressed by some religious activities, I also believe that the church are being bullied by some homosexual activists. It's two groups of people who have opposing values. And in my opinion, the party who is ultimately "wrong" is the party that does not show respect to the other. EVERRYBODY sin. You and I do. Homosexuality is a sin. Lying is a sin. Getting intoxicated is a sin. etc etc. Just because it's legal, doesn't mean you need to do it. And just because some people are homosexual, doesn't mean you should hate them. You love them! Hate the sin not the people. You say, "I believe what you are doing is wrong but I love you anyway". Share the gospel with them, the rest is up to them. Similarly, if a church is against a certain teaching and you wish to go against it, do not expect them to conform! They are not forcing you to stop your homosexual marriage, then please don't force them to accept your homosexual marriage.
  6. I do not believe that. I believe God gives chances and love to the living. Not after the judgement. He loves all of us and it saddens Him that we have fallen to sin. He have us grace and a way to be saved. If you choose to reject it, there is no other way. Luke 16:19-31 is the story of The Rich Man and Lazarus ... Scary as it may sound, there is really no second chances.
  7. Moving out is very hard, especially if you have a very close relationship with your parents. I moved out of home for university at a very young age of 16 and then moved to another country shortly after graduation. It's important to keep in contact and just spend time together - if possible, together with the husband; if not, some one on one time is good. I find it hard to regularly call my parents because of the time difference. But when I do, I can tell they are happy to hear from me. They know I have found happiness in a new country. We always keep each other in our prayers. In the end, it is up to your parent(s) how they would like to live their lives. They have the right to choose. As a daughter, you would need to respect that. Communication is key. Don't assume - don't assume you know what she wants, and don't assume she knows what you want.
  8. The human body, the vessel, that holds our Spirit and our Soul is designed by God. It's complicated, intricate and perfect by design. Science has a while to go to figuring how the brain works, let alone how thoughts and consciousness even exist. Electrical pulses and data are essential, but thought, how those electrical pulses do what they do and what they mean is something that can only be perceived by the brain. So what if you get to record every single bit of data stored in the brain, storage isn't everything.
  9. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28, NIV) It may sound absolutely absurd, but God might be using the corruption for a reason. Just trust that everything will work out. It's a principle that is very difficult to follow but I hold on to it every time things "fall apart". Back to the main discussion, do what you must, leave the rest to God. Mercy and forgiveness is something so hard to do in this modern times. Some people might see it as foolish but it's what God taught us.
  10. Definitely a huge blessing! I come from a country where food is such an important part of the culture, so it's so important to just pause, and thoughtfully acknowledge that having a meal (especially with friends and family) is such a blessing.
  11. Erm... don't understand the paper too well... too many big words. Haha! But it seems to me nowadays the more that scientists learn about our existence, the more they will find out that there is "something greater" out there. We often view science and religion as a contradicting thing and they work against each other, but in my opinion, we just need to give science a bit of time to catch up with religion. I love this video by minutephysics that gives you the gist of what physicist and mathematicians have been working on for years just to find that the universe seems like there might really have had a beginning. Honestly, I think they're getting closer to Genesis 1:1 and the idea that before creation, God existed.
  12. Cool quiz! I got NIV from the quiz and it's spot on! As someone who is born in a country where English isn't the first language, I think this translation works the best. I am blessed enough to be born into a family who uses English as our main language. My parents have been using NIV since they joined the church and brought us up with it. About ten years ago, my father was chosen to lead the Chinese speaking congregation in our church and we have since used bilingual Bibles that has both the English and Mandarin on either half of the page. A few years back, I migrated to New Zealand. I'm back to using the English language Bible. I've always been very weak in my Mandarin and understood English way better. Other than that, I've also used the Good News Bible, The Message and New King James for Bible studies. I like to compare translations sometimes, and it's now so easy to do that with the help of the internet.
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