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  1. I know it is weird but it is true. There is a movie, a series actually, called Lucifer. The first time I heard about it I told myself that the world was coming to an end. However, after reading a preview online about the movie, I realised that it had nothing to do with end times or even religion. It is an investigative movie. We, however, have the main character being immortal, has the ability to hypnotise others and purports to be the devil. Basically, the plot is that he comes to earth and sets up a bar. He is overwhelmed by the earthly joys and is not willing to go back to hell. He starts to help a detective in her investigative duties. At the end of the day, he falls in love and becomes mortal. I like to think that the producers wanted a title that would raise eyebrows, leading to a greater audience. Would you watch such a movie?
  2. I recently upgraded to Windows 7. I love everything about it so far. However, since last week, I could not connect to the Wifi.The wifi tab cannot go on either. I have looked on the internet for solutions but all have not worked. I am considering switching back to Windows 7 since I entirely depend on Wifi. Anyone with a similar case or a solution?
  3. Windows 7 will always be significant to me. I have used it throughout the years and I can say that it suited me perfectly. However, as they say, that nothing is good as a change, I recently upgraded to Windows 10. so far it is crispier and I love it .The graphics are rich and I can almost customise everything on my machine. It is also simple just like Windows 7 was.
  4. I have been watching quite a number of Christian channels lately. One thing I have noticed though is that they do not have advertisements like the other channels. Is it a policy or it's just that companies do not see a promising audience in the Christian channels?
  5. l believe a good movie critic will always hold his stand. What would be the use of positive comments only? If there are certain elements in a movie that I did not like, I would vehemently put them on the table. This will enable the producers to check on them the next time they are producing another movie. I would not be rude or mean but I would put my observations in a polite way. What is ailing most industries is sugar coating by the fans. After all, the movie producers need honest critics.
  6. It has been a growing trend whereby we find Tv stations offering live church programs on Sundays. They broadcast for around 2 hours. This has made many Christians get lazy and opt to stay at home. I feel that this should not be the case since going to church I believe is more effective than watching on tv. Churches on the other hand who pay to be broadcasted on tv may defend themselves by saying that they are targeting those who cannot make to go church like the elderly or the sick in hospitals. This, however, has made healthy Christians boycott the church. Do you think that live church broadcasts are necessary?
  7. I normally tell those who drink and drive that the devil is playing with their lives. This is because it is risky, not only for you but also for others. There was this case of a driver who was drunk and was carrying many passengers. What happened is that he ended up causing a tragic accident and everybody perished. I would advice anyone drinking to always call a taxi when they are through. It is much safer. Another thing is that these days things have been simplified. You only need to have an app in your phone and the taxi will get you at the door step.
  8. When I purchased a laptop earlier this year, the first software I installed was Grammarly. I am using the free version and I can confidently say that it has helped me improve my written English a lot. I am saving up on some cash and I hope to upgrade to the premium version. I believe this will give me more command of the queen's language. The good thing is that even with the free version, at the end of the week you get an analysis of your work. You get the words that you have a problem with the most. They tell you how many words you have written, how you are fairing with other writers and how to improve. I think that this is the best software around. None beats it.
  9. Sometimes, we find ourselves having weird talents that leave us in a dilemma. This is because they involve engaging to some level of sin. One wants to do as God wishes while at the same time your talent's calling. Boyka is a 2016 movie that features a fighter whose talent is in the ring. He has a dream of participating in the big league and he, therefore, works hard, winning matches back to back. He donated to the church and severally had an internal conflict especially when the priest insisted that God does not love fighting as it maimed others. On the qualifying match, he ruthlessly beats the opponent who later succumbs to injuries. Boyka learning this traces the wife of the dead fighter. He finds that they owed a certain tycoon money and therefore the wife is ever held hostage. He makes a deal with the tycoon to fight so that the woman may be set free. In the end, Boyka emerges victorious, and the woman eventually forgives him. He is remorseful of his actions. It is a nice movie that has lots of emotions.
  10. I like to always listen music whenever I am stressed. I believe music is the soul healer. It boosts one morale. Sometimes you find that the music has just the right lyrics that give hope for your woes. I also try and talk to friends. That way I am able to divert the tension in me and it fades away. Friends also encourage me and help me to go through the troubles.
  11. I think it is a bad move. This should be condemned in the highest terms possible. Disney should know that whatever is instilled to a kid remains in them forever. When you air such, kids will grow thinking it is okay to engage in such weird acts. Sometimes I even do not understand why content producers insist on including gay roles. Whatever they are brewing up is not good and if not stopped it will bring chaos in the near future.
  12. I think honesty is on the verge of dying. Many people presently want to fake it till they make it. It has led to many throwing the virtue of honesty away. For instance, we see business people hoarding goods every day and using faulty weights. They try to reap more from the unsuspecting public. The Bible condemns such. The world has become intolerable to live in. Everyone wants the best for themselves. Greed has consumed us. However as @jahanzeb ali qureshi put it, there are still good people who work hard and are honest in their day to day lives. I just hope that the situation gets better.
  13. @theophilus I hope you are not insinuating that earthly judgement is not valid. God watches over everything everyday. I think those who will be in trouble are those who pass wrong judgements out of corruption since they are not exercising their God-given mandates in the right way.
  14. This is a tricky topic. I think that just like the Bible states, vengeance is God's. However, the lawmakers and judges are God's servants and through them we get justice. There were laws during Moses's time that the Israelites were to follow. If one broke the law they would be punished. There were some offences that even had death as the penalty. I personally believe that God works through the judicial systems so that His people can get vengeance. The problem arises from issues like corruption and greed that leads to wrong judgements and innocent people find themselves serving sentences that are not theirs. The Bible says that just like the birds, God will provide for us. However, it is only if we work. The same way, we do not expect God to come personally and avenge us. It is taking us who wrong us to the courts and justice is bestowed. Taking the matter into our own hands is what I think God did not want us to do.
  15. Let's begin by asking ourselves whether pets have souls. From the Bible, we see that only man has a soul. Animals do not have a conscience of knowing what is right and wrong. Therefore animals do not fit here and we cannot have salvation for them. Which faith would they follow? Who would baptise them? It even becomes funny. I think creatures (pets) were created with the sole purpose of serving man and making earth a beautiful place.
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