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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. LittleRedRidinghood

    Execution for spreading the Gospel

    Dear William, Putin is a monster with changing faces. He is not giving free opportunities for christans, he is a former KGB officer, who was long stationed in Germany (he also spreaks German fluently). Please be careful with wishing evangelists regulation. It would surely keep some strange and unbiblical people out, but the price is too high. Regulation means: Only if you are straight with government opinions you are allowed to preach. Neither Russia nor China (both countries allow registered christianity) are democraties, Russia is a semi-democratic nation. They do not accept freedom as a foundation value. Conserative christianity in Russia is definitely not the same as in America: It means Russian orthodox church. The Russian orthodox church is know to be hostile against baptism ( and charismatic). There are lots of testimonies from suffering brothers and sisters.
  2. LittleRedRidinghood

    Terror in Europe

    Dear Sue D., I agree with you about laws and countries - you shall obey the laws of the country you are living in. Do Americans believe the world is mocking them because of illegal immigrants? It is really not at all true for Germany.
  3. LittleRedRidinghood

    Terror in Europe

    We have those II-WW bombs, too (sorry, ChatterBox, I`m afraid you have to deal with the bombs our pilots threw :( ). Round about once a year some area of our city (including hospitals and homes for the elderly) are evacuated to get rid of another old bomb. The IS simply hates every one not sharing their crude islam-point-of-view. Either you support "the enemy", whoever that might be or you are not strict enough or .... We have a nice syrian refugee lady here, a muslim, but not covering her head. One night in Syria some IS fighters stood in her bedroom - that was the time she ran and only stopped here in Germany. A majority of the muslim refugees flew because of IS. Many, many of the refugees want to integrate. This is a very sensitive point: Main problem at the moment are not the refugees en masse, but the "original inhabitants". Far right parties have their time now, trying to scare people, offering "easy answers" which are impossible to live. We have an increase of crime, yes. But major part are those against refugees like burning houses down where they are intended to live, attacking persons with darker skin. Plus pre-judicing every muslim as a terrorist-to-be. This could turn out as an self fulfilling prophetie... we have to strenghten and live our freedom in Christ more visible. It is possible to get a, for example, muslim father with similar values: Neither he or I want our daughters to run around half naked or see our sons drunk by noon. These values are to strenghten because that will weaken the call for sharia law. Main crimes confessed by refugees are shop lifting, not paying for the bus, having no documents and molesting females by catcalling or touching. Sexual assaults and drug dealing are mostly committed by north african fortune-seekers, who are not accepted as refugees in Germany. There is no rape wave! Just to understand: I do not want any Islam. I`m only searching for ways to reach muslims. No, I`m not afraid of islamic threats.
  4. LittleRedRidinghood

    Choosing between your parents and girlfriend

    Well, let me tell you as a parent, we`re not always right. We`d love to be, but we are not. Usually parents seek the best for their children, but some are selfish (sorry to say so). If they are afraid that girl is only in it for the money, there is the possibility of contracts and agreements. Yes, one should honour his/ her parents. That`s a commandment and not to discuss. Obedience to parents is another pair of shoes, it is due as long as one is a child. As a grown up one is self responsible and no longer tied to obey their parents - searching for advice is fine, talking only good about the parents in public, looking to comfort them and take care when they get old is "giving them honour". But strict obedience ends with becoming an adult. I as a parent have to accept that, too. My sons and my daughter are responsible before God`s eyes all by themselfes now. Sometimes parents are over cautious with in-laws-to-be because they are afraid to loose their sons and daughters. Seeking further advice from mothers and fathers in Christ could be a good idea because they are not that emotionally envolved.
  5. It is one thing to condemn abortion and another thing to be there. *well done by those protesters, very brave* And, @ Meg, I think that that`s the difference. If we leave those mums-to-be all for themselves, with no help, their kids will most likely get in troubles ( for a moment let`s not think about how this special baby was conceived). It is too short only to protest. It is much harder. It takes a long, long effort to establish a surrounding where kids can grow up safe.
  6. Ok, one big difference is that you can`t join an insurance when already diagnosed. You`re in it as soon as you start working & earning money or are officially listed as looking for employment with a local "Jobcenter". Germany`s scientists are not allowed to take fertilized ovocytes to research. Abortion is allowed under strict rules (I am against abortion).
  7. 1st: Wonderful. I found the forum about health care, which deeply interests me. I am from Germany, we have public health care since *very long*, originally not only meant to protect the sick, but to fight down the socialists (chancellor v.Bismarck). So I´m always surprised when considered as socialistic. The German model: Every person getting a wage has to pay a percentage (roundabout 14%). You pay half of it, the other half your employee. There are different public insurance companies one can choose. Spouses and children are free, it is called "familiy-insurance" (bad luck for living together and not being married. No free insurance). Exceptions are very wealthy people and self-employees. They have to choose from private insurance companies. The money goes straight away to insurance and does not end on your account at all. If your employee happens to pay his part not properly, insurance companies will hunt him: They have neither humour nor mercy *hurtful penalties*. On the other hand I can visit the doctor and the dentist without fees. If I want something special not covered by the insurance like professional teeth cleaning or bleaching, I`ll pay for that. EM and hospital do cost a (small) fee to avoid unnessary treatments, but its maximum 280 € pa.. And for medical treatment. If you are too poor, you can get free medicals. One has to prove every year. Bitter are dentures. The insurance companies pay only half of them. People without jobs are insuranced via "Jobcenter", that is tax supplied. Homeless people are worse off. They are not covered, because not registered by Jobcenter. So usually health care has not to be covered by charity. How is home care for the elderly organisized in your countries?
  8. LittleRedRidinghood

    Hello from Germany

    Thank you!
  9. Oh? Obama was presented as best president the US ever had. Tsss. Glad to learn your perspective from a brother in the USA first hand ;) . ( Not kidding. Really.) What about health care? This is something we Germans don`t get at all. Public health care is great!
  10. LittleRedRidinghood

    Has Trump professed Christ?

    Thanks, I`ll search that. 60 Hard truths ... I do not feel offened. I am really interested in how political and other topics are seen from other points of view, trying to get Gods intention in the every-day-thing. I don`t get the point: Where ist 3-parted religious teaching theological liberal? Just to explain myself: I do believe every single word in the holy bible is true and God is to trust and follow and obey. For Germany Angela Merkel is conservative. She protects christianity. Our far right party AfD - oh, Lord, have mercy! They seem smooth with condemning same sex marriages and some other points, but there is much Nazi stuff below the surface. With them leading Germany we could close all churches - the same with left wing and "green" spectrum. They vote for environment, but would destroy good family politics. Of course Cologne was a catastrophe. We`ll never let that happen again. See, we have a root of stupid politics, which made this possible: Because we do not want to be called Nazis again, police and army were held small over decades. This is changing now, but it will take time.
  11. It is indeed very difficult to reach Germans *not soft at heart*. There are some wealthy ones doing a lot of good, but most times they carefully keep out of the public. Being a christian is not so well looked at in Germany. People believe believing should be private, not to be carried on the outside. 2017 is pretty cool btw, 500 years Luther gives one a nice free hand to share the gospel. We have an extra holiday, so no one can miss.
  12. LittleRedRidinghood

    Has Trump professed Christ?

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, news are often somewhat "coloured". But please, please notice: BILD is worst yellow press, in Germany not usually cited. That`s an interesting point: Mr. Trump choose many good people *thumps up*. I bet you feel blessed! Trumps decisions are good for inner american topics, are they? We do not have a "rape crisis". There was New Years Eve in Cologne and other cities, which was really bad, but there are not significant more rapes. Crime in general rose slightly in absolute numbers, but not in percent (more people means more crime, everywhere, I`m afraid). The wast majority of refugees where shocked and condemmed those things, suggesting to sent thosepeople back to their countires. Most of these crimes are not confessed by people fleeing the syrain war, but from north african people searching their luck. They do not get german asylum, but will be sent back. There are two different groups! 2014 there was no mass immigration in Germany, this started in summer 2015. And I do think most of sexualt assaults are not reported - something I as a woman do not understand at all. I going to find out what "liberal" means to Americans. From what your describe it sounds like our "left" and/ or "green" political spectrum. And I`m a bit confused: Evolution is part of German biology lessons, while social darwinism or post modernsim would rather be found in religious lessons, which are parted in three different sections for pupils to choice: Lutherian, catholic or pure "ethic", for non-believers or non-christian believers. Is evolution teaching part of ethic teaching in the USA? Nazis tried to combat a lot of good things ... we are really looking for not letting them grow again! I`m glad that "Dunkeldeutschland" (i.e. darkGermany, a new expression for the nazi-time) is over. What mistakes you are afraid Germany could repeat? Most people here agree with NATO. We have our pacifists, mostly left or "green" political spectrum. Be belessed, LittleRedRidinghood
  13. Yes, we do have a lot of new ex-muslim christians in Germany. Most of them are so wounded with horror and crimes muslim "brothers" like IS did to them that they are leaving Islam and searching ... if lucky, they find christians welcoming them and they find to Christ. If unlucky, they end up in mosques ... their members are busy fishing out there, too :( ! A lot of German christians are deeply, deeply afraid of all those "dark strangers", what is very sad, because people are really searching! We have a little (very little) love-and-missionary work, originally meant to serve people in need, mostly homeless and families with little money. But 2015 we got swept with refugees. We made room for 6 alone-travelling female refugees (last ones in food chain) to give them a save shelter.
  14. LittleRedRidinghood

    Hello from Germany

    Thanks, William. Please, with forum is the correct one to talk about every day christian living and to compare differences and similarities berween US and Germany?
  15. LittleRedRidinghood

    Has Trump professed Christ?

    People in Germany are very confused about Mr. Trump. What we hear within our news sounds terryfiing and not biblical at all! What makes you think he might be a believer?

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