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  1. We are finite, so we think space-time; God is infinite. There was no "before" for Him because He created time and space. He exists outside of "before" and "after". He views them as objectively, where as we view them subjectively. They are the confines within which we are able to reason, but to Him they are merely His creations
  2. Mjh29


    I still don't get why they don't like us lol.
  3. Mjh29


    There are not multiple truths; there is one truth. So interpretation, when it goes against logic, is flawed and needs changed.
  4. Mjh29


    I would never claim to be sinless, brother and I do believe that the Scriptures are to believed first and foremost; however, if logic is going against what we think the Scriptures are saying, perhaps it is our interpretation of them that needs changing.
  5. Mjh29


    I agree. Though how would you say sin has tainted my logic?
  6. Mjh29


    Did God not in His infinite wisdom create the logic of the earth? Does it not show forth His ultimate glory? How could creation bring Him glory if it works counter to His revelation?
  7. Mjh29


    Then Jesus paid the penalty for this sin, since he died for all sins of all men, and therefore all are in heaven I am not trying to trap anyone,brother; I am merely trying to help you see that Christ couldn't have died for every sin of every man.
  8. Mjh29


    Is a lack of this application a sin?
  9. Mjh29


    If I may ask a question. You said that Christ died for all sins of all men. Is unbelief in the power of His blood a sin? ~ If it is a sin, then didn't Christ's blood cover this sin as well? So then if it is a sin, then it was covered, and all men will be in heaven ~ If it is not a sin, then there is not penalty for not believing, and since every other sin was covered, then all men will be in heaven. Duuuuude! Noice! We twined!
  10. A little corner of the internet where I share my daily devotion as well as personal studies.
  11. Just wanted to invite any who would like to check out my little "thinking corner' site. I post some of my daily devotionals there, as well as my personal studies. Would love to see you there! capt4christ.home.blog
  12. Indeed! The problem with Arminianism [as far as I see it] is that it is only willing to accept and use choice verses with which to build their theology. And in my experience dealing in dealing with them, when confronted with passages that do not fit their description of God, the either deny the verse's context, try to pit it against other Scriptures [as though the Bible can contradict itself], or will make up some nonsensical explanation for the verse. just my experience though, and I am more than happy to discuss these things with an Arminian... all I ask is that we hold the Scriptures in high esteem, and deal with them faithfully and honestly.
  13. Presuppositional Apologetics basically is recognizing that all facts come in a framework. So, when trying to debate, say, an atheist, we have to recognize that we cannot point to the facts as though they were self-evident; though they are for us, the atheist does not have the same frame of mind as we do, and therefore will interpret the facts radically differently than the Christian. It recognizes that, in order to show forth a good defense of the Word, we must first show the opposition that they do indeed believe in something, because all men ultimately have faith in something. It then shows that, apart from an intelligent Creator, that no other explanation for our universe makes sense.
  14. If I might, suggest a book? It is titled Christian Apologetics by Cornelius Van Til. It is a very, very useful resource for learning the defense of the faith from a Biblical standpoint. I have found a wellspring of information and illustration in this book, and think it is perfectly suited for what you are asking for. God Bless!
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