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  1. Presuppositional Apologetics basically is recognizing that all facts come in a framework. So, when trying to debate, say, an atheist, we have to recognize that we cannot point to the facts as though they were self-evident; though they are for us, the atheist does not have the same frame of mind as we do, and therefore will interpret the facts radically differently than the Christian. It recognizes that, in order to show forth a good defense of the Word, we must first show the opposition that they do indeed believe in something, because all men ultimately have faith in something. It then shows that, apart from an intelligent Creator, that no other explanation for our universe makes sense.
  2. If I might, suggest a book? It is titled Christian Apologetics by Cornelius Van Til. It is a very, very useful resource for learning the defense of the faith from a Biblical standpoint. I have found a wellspring of information and illustration in this book, and think it is perfectly suited for what you are asking for. God Bless!
  3. [quietly chants] one of us....one of us.... one of us! ;)
  4. This is one of the books[ or rather, group of books]I need to add to my collection. I love to have a hardback copy, simply because that is how I have always studied, and I like to highlight different colors. When I'm done with a book, it looks like a rainbow lol. I have read some of these volumes, and absolutely love them!
  5. I literally do the exact same thing. It smells amazing! The pages in the one I have are just the slightest tinge yellow, and I absolutely love that! I keep a leather polish wipe in my Bible case, because I can't stand when it gets handprints all over it lol!!
  6. Sure! ~ For me, one of the main things that I really enjoy about the Geneva is the poetic language. Since the Lord drew me to Himself, I used the KJV to memorize portions of Scripture... it was just easier for me to remember for some reason. I loved the KJV language, but really wanted to get a study bible whose notes I could trust would not lead me astray, and in doing some research, I came upon the Geneva Bible. I actually found one on Ebay for relatively cheap, so I decided to give it a try. I was not at all disappointed. So for me, the first thing that personally stands out is the poetic language. ~ Secondly, I can't get enough of the notes. Many, many times, I'll be reading a portion of the Scriptures, and get confused as to what was actually trying to be said. Then I'll look at the notes, and be like "Ohhh! Ok!" It has helped me grow so much in my understanding of the Word. Though at times they can be a bit hard to understand due to the old English, but really all I need to do is re-read the note a bit slower and actually digest what it is saying, which personally I find is a nice check to make sure I am actually taking my time and digesting not just skimming the Word.
  7. I've been told I'm a cultist because I don't believe in free will lol. I try to be as kind as possible, but I draw the line at being called a cultist.
  8. Mjh29


    Thank you!
  9. I absolutely love mine. It has helped me grow leaps and bounds in my understanding of the Word.
  10. I personally love this Bible. I have had mine for about 4 months now, and can't imagine reading without it. The notes are so helpful, and really give great insight to the Word. I love the old English, it really adds a poetic element, making it much easier to memorize. Your thoughts? Like or Dislike? Would love to have discussion! God Bless!
  11. Mjh29


    Hey, I think I know you! lol; thanks Brother!
  12. Indeed, I have been in many a debate like that; usually I just step back and try and keep the peace.
  13. Thanks, will do! I really try to fellowship more than debate; unless it is something regarding salvation or something of that kind of importance, I think that disagreements aren't really that important.
  14. Mjh29


    Thank you so much!
  15. I am looking forwards to it as well! So great to finally find somewhere where I can share and debate, and not be called a cult member lol. Thanks so much for the warm welcomes! I'm hoping to post much more in the future!
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