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  1. Well -- She believes it's necessary to understand First -- and Then commit 'out loud' to that belief. And it's Her understanding that's important.
  2. Just now found 'this', so will respond -- of course I Don't like false and heretical doctrines. Sometimes it depends on what a person defines as Being false / heretical. And false / heretical beliefs Are dangerous. Depending on the belief system -- some of Christianity is heretical To THEM. However -- 'we' know that God's Word is the way, the truth and the life. The only way To God is through the blood atonement made possible through Jesus Christ's birth, death and bodily resurrection. There Are some belief systems 'out there' who are determined to conquer every geographical area possible with 'their' very false / heretical beliefs. If a born-again believer is not willing to deny God / Jesus Christ , they are murdered.
  3. Sounds like she's a new Christian -- and well -- the Holy Spirit Does teach and leads a person to the truth. And, yes, satan Is the author of confusion. And God is Not the author of confusion. Why is that non-Scriptural. And she's Also right that the important thing Is salvation. I'm not so sure that she Is denying it -- as one of the other posters shared -- well -- she shared that she feels she needs to fully understand concepts before admitting to accepting them. And, yes -- the Deity of Christ Is theology 101. Well -- the Godhead. I would be interested to know what prompted her interest in Christianity compared to being Muslim. Where she's located, etc. (today has been a Long day -- I've been on two different subject areas as well as helping my husband with some ceiling light modifications in our high living-room ceiling. It required moving and covering furniture and getting scaffolding up. It's finished now --)
  4. Absolutely Yes. And conversing with them is the only way to find out. Patiently, lovingly.
  5. Fred -- Why are you trying to find an 'impossible' situation for God? How do you think the original Words of God 'got around'. By word of mouth for one thing. Back then -- the words of men were taken very seriously -- was one way to pass along family traditions and geneology. What little Scriptures 'they' had was sacred to them. And, God has / had given people enough in nature around them to 'see' that something bigger / greater than themselves was 'up there' in the sky. God has given everyone a God-consciousness. People try to fill it with all sorts of 'stuff'. The concept of right from wrong. Adam and Eve were in this world Before your American Indian people of 1400 AD. And there was Before the flood terrain and After the flood terrain. The Tower of Babel -- God changed the language into lots of languages and the people were forced to spread out geographically. The whole world was 'out there' just waiting to be explored and people groups to be 'discovered' and evangelized. so -- let's Not limit God / Holy Spirit.
  6. This is what I found from Grace's comments. She's saying that she Does believe Jesus. My comments -- I was Trying to share that I can understand where she's coming from. And I was agree with some of what she was saying, but I didn't realize that I had to specify word for word or phrase by phrase What I was agreeing With. She Is coming out of a Muslim background -- and That is far different from Christianity.
  7. Origen -- look back about 5 posts and you'll find what you sent.
  8. And how would You KNOW that it's impossible? And how would You know that that hypothetical -- remember -- it's Your hypothetical -- would be unreachable for salvation. Look at Hebrews 1:1 "In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various says, but in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son....." Were Adam and Eve believers? They were in the beginning of time -- God's very creation. And Noah and his family -- obviously they knew about salvation.
  9. Gracious sakes -- it's not a matter of me not believing You -- but I Would like to find the posts being referred to -- and I did find the two I was looking for. I was Trying to put them together and it wasn't working very well. It Seemed to be a matter of not connecting very well between asking and answering the same question. And, by the way -- Grace was not repling back about a secret rapture -- that was deade and theo.... talking. I clicked into what you shared. Seems there are parts of two conversations. BTW -- I click into a lot of things with "like".
  10. Okay -- for the 3rd time -- or whatever 'time' -- okay -- your hypothetical North American Indian in 1400 A.D and is mentally competent. Why are you assuming that that particular group of Indians were not believers. How do you know that someone or a group of believers didn't reach out to him/ them with Gospel unto salvation and they accepted // just like anyone would in 2018 or back in 300 A.D. Sounds like you assume that Indians are automatically 'heathen'. How about nowdays -- are there any 'heathen's' in our churches? How about '' is the person a believer or not". There seems to be this idea that somewhere in the "darkest - most remote - part of Africa" that there are people hidden from God. This subject came up in another Forum -- my response was "if you're really That concerned about those in the darkest - most remote- part of Africa hearing about salvation -- then You volunteer to go to them and share Christ with them. Then you'll no longer need to worry about them." In a More direct answer -- that North American Indian will be 'saved' just like anyone else. God - through His Word -- shared by someone who cares and follows the leading of the Holy Spirit in sharing with him / that group. God knows where every human being is located. He's not going to 'miss' anyone who is one of His elect. An aside -- is there such a thing as being 'unsalvifically' saved? You used the terms "be salvifically saved". What other kind of being saved Is there?
  11. Yes, a Lot of people have trouble understand how a man can be both man and God at the same time. The 'man' in question is Jesus Christ. She needs to understand that it's not essential to fully understand that. We Believe the trinity -- we believe Jesus Christ as having been God incarnate , etc, even though we don't comprehend how it could be. The virgin birth of Jesus -- Mary being a young woman who conceived by means of the Holy Spirit. That is a Biblical truth that we accept -- realizing that Jesus was fully human And fully deity -- while He was here on earth. The human part of Him was pointing mankind to God the Father. Jesus Christ prayed to His Father. He was performing miracles to show the people that there was really Someone 'bigger" than they were. They questioned 'how can this be happening'? He knew He was going to go to the cross. He was there to die in our place with our sins upon Him. That's why for an amount of time -- God could not look upon Him. He Died with our sins and took them to hell -- in our place -- and then He arose from the grave after three days. God rose Him back to life. And then He ascended back up to God the Father after 40 days. Seated on the right hand of God the Father. I'm going to try to find where she says "No, it Doesn't." I hadn't seen that.
  12. One of the areas of confusion with Grace is her comment about Messiah being the first born of creation. Obviously He Is the creator -- not the first born Of. Wm -- what is the false information you are referring to that you feel I'm encouraging? Obviously I'm concerned about that.
  13. I'm saying that from the perspective that Grace is coming from a Muslim background and converting to Christianity. That's quite a change for her. She's Trying to understand Scripture from the Bible compared to what Muslim's teach. It sounds like she's Trying to understand the trinity. It Sounds like you want her to understand everything 'now'. I wouldn't mind talking to her 'woman to woman' about Scripture. The trinity "God the Father, Jesus Christ his Son and the Holy Spirit." It sounds like she's confused about Jesus Christ having come to earth -- God incarnate -- in order to die on the cross and be raised again -- proving He was indeed the Son of God and not just another religious leader of that day. So - yes - she's confused about Christ being God. John 10:30 "I and the Father am One." But that was only while He was on earth. She's simply saying that she's in the process Of learning. And a person doesn't have to understand Everything completely to be saved. Having said That -- there Are certain essentials -- the virgin birth of Jesus -- that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. The death, burial and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  14. FfO -- I believe that Wm has answered your question -- he stated "We have confidence that none of the elect will be lost. However, this does not relieve us of the Great Commission, God uses us instrumentally to bring His sheep into the fold (Church). Which is what I said, also. :) Trust you've been having a good day today :)
  15. When a person feels led to go 'somewhere' to share the Gospel with people -- Go to that place and share. God is omniscient -- all knowledge -- He knows where everyone is located and will make sure that everyone who Needs to know Him Will know Him. Since 'we' Don't have that knowledge, 'we' share where God leads us and share with those around us. That way there won't be those who have never heard of God. "I" could be told about God -- about Jesus Christ -- that Jesus Christ is God's Son -- that He was born, died on the cross and rose again -- I could be told all of that and Reject those truths. So "I" no longer have the excuse of never having heard. And there are those -- like my sister and family who felt led to go to Brazil to share Gospel unto salvation with those people. They started three churches as a result of people accepting Christ as personal Savior. And those people in those churches continue to share with Their friends, etc. and the Word continues to spread. And I have a cousin in Alaska doing the same thing. And I do the same thing through this Forum. There are people 'here' from all over the world. So 'this' is 'mission field' as well.
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