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  1. Fred -- Why are you trying to find an 'impossible' situation for God? How do you think the original Words of God 'got around'. By word of mouth for one thing. Back then -- the words of men were taken very seriously -- was one way to pass along family traditions and geneology. What little Scriptures 'they' had was sacred to them. And, God has / had given people enough in nature around them to 'see' that something bigger / greater than themselves was 'up there' in the sky. God has given everyone a God-consciousness. People try to fill it with all sorts of 'stuff'. The concept of right from wrong. Adam and Eve were in this world Before your American Indian people of 1400 AD. And there was Before the flood terrain and After the flood terrain. The Tower of Babel -- God changed the language into lots of languages and the people were forced to spread out geographically. The whole world was 'out there' just waiting to be explored and people groups to be 'discovered' and evangelized. so -- let's Not limit God / Holy Spirit.
  2. And how would You KNOW that it's impossible? And how would You know that that hypothetical -- remember -- it's Your hypothetical -- would be unreachable for salvation. Look at Hebrews 1:1 "In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various says, but in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son....." Were Adam and Eve believers? They were in the beginning of time -- God's very creation. And Noah and his family -- obviously they knew about salvation.
  3. Okay -- for the 3rd time -- or whatever 'time' -- okay -- your hypothetical North American Indian in 1400 A.D and is mentally competent. Why are you assuming that that particular group of Indians were not believers. How do you know that someone or a group of believers didn't reach out to him/ them with Gospel unto salvation and they accepted // just like anyone would in 2018 or back in 300 A.D. Sounds like you assume that Indians are automatically 'heathen'. How about nowdays -- are there any 'heathen's' in our churches? How about '' is the person a believer or not". There seems to be this idea that somewhere in the "darkest - most remote - part of Africa" that there are people hidden from God. This subject came up in another Forum -- my response was "if you're really That concerned about those in the darkest - most remote- part of Africa hearing about salvation -- then You volunteer to go to them and share Christ with them. Then you'll no longer need to worry about them." In a More direct answer -- that North American Indian will be 'saved' just like anyone else. God - through His Word -- shared by someone who cares and follows the leading of the Holy Spirit in sharing with him / that group. God knows where every human being is located. He's not going to 'miss' anyone who is one of His elect. An aside -- is there such a thing as being 'unsalvifically' saved? You used the terms "be salvifically saved". What other kind of being saved Is there?
  4. FfO -- I believe that Wm has answered your question -- he stated "We have confidence that none of the elect will be lost. However, this does not relieve us of the Great Commission, God uses us instrumentally to bring His sheep into the fold (Church). Which is what I said, also. :) Trust you've been having a good day today :)
  5. Because since 'we' don't have God's knowledge of who His elect are -- 'everyone' Does have the opportunity to accept Christ as personal Savior." As far as 'we' know, everyone we come across in our lives Is one of His Elect. No one will 'be saved' by mistake.
  6. How about the fact that Revelation 21:1 says "Then Ii saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. vs 2 I saw the Holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God....." Doesn't That sort of clarify it.
  7. Doesn't 'literal' mean that 'it' really did happen. Maybe a person doesn't like what Did 'literally' happen, but that doesn't mean it Didn't take place.
  8. Yes, Revelation passages talk about 42 months / 1260 days and that equals 3 1/2 yrs. `This is talking in future tense -- "They Will trample on the Holy city for 42 months." That which will happen in the future. The 3 1/2 years will be the Great Tribulation period. Zechariah 14 :4 talks about "on that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Lives, east of Jerusalem and the Mt of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley,....." The 2nd coming of Christ for those 1,000 yrs. which I realize that lots of people don't believe in. vs 9 "The Lord will be King over the whole earth. On that day there will be one Lord, and His name the only name." Jerusalem will be the center of worship. Kind of like with the RCC -- their center of worship is the Vatican and the Pope. But our true person to worship is Jesus Christ and in that future time He will be reigning from Jerusalem. And, yes, I realize what I'm suggesting is controvercial. Especially in 'this' section of the Forum.
  9. And all That is in the future.
  10. I was just looking at the subject area -- soteriology -- controvercial doctrines. There are many doctrines listed -- Calvinism / Arminian / Arian / Universalism and maybe one or two others. There are actually 6 listed. Being 'controvercial' means that there are a variety of thoughts 'out there'. Most of these areas are from men who've done a lot of studying in these various areas. It's also said that God's Word is Truth. That's from John 14:6 Jesus Christ is telling everyone who reads that passage that "I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father, but by Me." Jesus Christ speaking. One of the tennets of Calvinism is 'irresistable grace' -- Mr. Calvins interpretation Of. Part of TULIP. So -- Why would a person want to be saved? Because one of the many jobs of the Holy Spirit is convicting a person of their need For a savior and after salvation -- convicting that Christian of sins that need to be confessed in order not be grieving the Holy Spirit and getting away from a closer walk with God. God works through His Word. IF the Holy Spirit simply 'jumps into a person's heart' and the person has No say in the matter -- then why the need for the cross? Why John 3:16? For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that who so ever believeth on Him will Not perish but have everlasting life." I'm on my way into helping out at church.
  11. Ransol -- You're talking about Two raptures? So you believe that there will be a rapture of Jews and others under the law After the 7 yrs. of tribulation. And one Before for those under the age of Grace. Actually -- aren't you talking about the rapture and then the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ? The passage -- Revelation 7 is talking about the great multitude of people having be saved during the tribulation period -- they were martyred because of their believing during those 7 yrs. But they died just like we would die today. There are lots of people being martyred in countries Because of their faithfulness to God. And that will be happening Again during those 7 yrs. of tribulation. "They" will be killed for accepting Christ as Savior.
  12. Well -- various concepts come to be from various Scriptures. I don't understand Why anyone would Not want a rapture to take place -- it's usually more the timing Of such in question. Eventually everything in Scripture Will take place. :)
  13. As long as we're here on earth, we'll have the flesh to deal with. Satan knows our make-up and uses it against us all the time. We can repent of 'one' thing and turn from it, just to have something else pop up in our lives. And, yes, that's even with the Holy Spirit indwelling us.
  14. I'd have to disagree with your comment about it being a joke to be laughed at and mocked. Each person has a soul that will spend eternity somewhere. Each soul should also be important to Us, shouldn't it?!
  15. The topic of same-sex attractions To Me , at least, Is a serious subject. Satan uses any means possible to destroy that which God ordained. God made male and female to be together to establish 'family'. Just because same-sex unions got enough votes to pass in lots of states, doesn't mean it was any where Close to really accepted by the Majority of people. God Could have created each person with the ability To have sex with Either sex, but He Didn't. When He says that two people of the same sex laying together the same way that a man and woman were made to lay together is an Abomination to Him, shouldn't we be Listening and practicing self-control? Anything that a person does -- as a life-style - that is so hated by God -- it's putrid in His eyes -- Is a definite Problem. Does that send a person to hell? IF It's being done with a rebellious inner spirit, then I'd Really reconsider my spiritual condition. And there Is a difference between being Tempted to act on a given attraction, and going ahead and fulfilling that temptation. If the person who started the thread is still around, are you suggesting that having taken part in a same -sex sexual encounter makes a person non-forgiveable -- it Doesn't. When the Holy Spirit convicts a person of any particular sin, the person Can respond back with sorrow / a repentant heart/ ask forgiveness and be forgiven. God won't turn away anyone who comes to Him with the repentant heart , asking for forgiveness. But Sometimes a person won't listen To the Holy Spirit. They're determined to do their own thing Anyway. Their attitude might be -- well -- I've really messed up and if it's going to 'send me to hell' anyway -- I might as well enjoy my sin while I'm still here. That's a lie of satan. Sounds like you're suggesting that just because lots of homosexual people believe that God -- somehow Made them 'that way' -- that That gives them the excuse To live that lifestyle. And there Are churches that cater to homosexuals -- they don't question their actions or anything. And there are high schools that cater to homosexual students who are bullied at regular schools. My thought is that Maybe that's an indication that 'society' does Not really accept same-sex 'coupling'. If it Was really 'just another life-style' Why make such a deal about it. Why the name calling? Why 'gay' bars rather than regular ordinary bars. Biblical morality / ethics say that fornication is Wrong. Sexual activity between unmarried couples is Not to be done. Godly marriage is between one man and one woman Period. And intimate sexual touching is to be saved as a special part of marriage. A person can decide to drink before getting in their vehicle and get into an accident. They loose an arm or leg or are paralyzed. And they can forever after regret having gotten drunk and getting into that accident. They Can ask forgiveness and Be forgiven, but they Will forever have the scars to live with. A constant reminder of why NOT to take that 'next' drink. God knows our heart -- and our heart is reflected in our actions.
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