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  1. “If Trump said Brexit was no problem for Ireland then he is a complete.....” Oops, what do I mean by ‘if?’ Don’t I know what it said on the BBC website? ’bye, y’all.
  2. Only an American could turn a theological argument into a tirade against “socialism”.
  3. I am not rejecting anything. If Jesus self professedly didn’t know the mind of his Father on a subject, then he didn’t know the mind of his Father on a subject. I mean, A implies A. The logic could hardly be more elementary, could it?
  4. If Jesus did not know the day and hour, then by definition, he did not know the mind of the Father on that subject. Maybe you put that down to the fact that he was speaking as the incarnate Second Person of the Trinity, or maybe you leave the seeming paradox unresolved.
  5. So what has any of that got to do with the possibility of self deception?
  6. So God’s will, secret or otherwise, has nothing to do with his mind? Whatever terminology you care to use, only God knows whether I will still be a Christian the day that I die. I do not know that, and you do not know that. If you want to say that becoming apostate would mean that I was never elect to begin with, fine. In God’s eyes that might even be true - after all he has known the end from the beginning. I may know the beginning, but I do not know the end.
  7. Quite right. I died on 25 March last year. How clever of you to know that.
  8. You are making no sense. I repeat to you the challenge I threw down to Matthew Duvall. If you have direct access to the mind of God, tell me the date of my death. Otherwise, case closed.
  9. Matthew Duvall’s splurg about God revealing his will, in general terms, in scripture, was irrelevant to whether his will for a particular individual can be known - which had been the question in debate. Except in the circumstance of a special revelation to that individual, it cannot be known. Even God’s general will can only be known insofar as he chooses to reveal it, so the idea that the Bible provides the answer to every question relating to the mind of God is fallacious.
  10. Then tell me, which year has he pencilled in for me to leave this mortal coil?
  11. You can have the conditional assurance that if you remain faithful to God (I.e. if it is God’s good pleasure to maintain you in the faith) then you will be saved.
  12. I haven’t gone back to being an atheist any time in the last almost forty years, and I have no immediate plans for doing so. But, like Joe Bloggs, I do not possess a crystal ball, and I have no direct access to the mind of God.
  13. That God will accomplish his purposes is not in dispute.
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