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  1. I marvel at the biblical ping pong you all must do to try and be right. "I interpret it as water [namely] spirit" I dust my feet off; no more will I speak on this forum. God is taking me elsewhere. Amen.
  2. He is referring to the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins and for the receiving of the Holy Spirit. Rebirth is mentioned in Titus 3:5. Some translations use rebirth, the KJV says regeneration, but the Greek word is synonymous with rebirth. It is quite clear that Titus 3:5 is talking about baptism for the remission of sins.
  3. And what do you have to say for what Jesus spoke unto Nicodemus in John 3 KJV?
  4. Please stop spouting this, thanks. I've already shown you that baptism is not a work plenty of times, and that Jesus had the power while he was on Earth to forgive sins and that is how the thief on the cross is saved. Guess what, he is no longer on the Earth and the remission of sins is through the baptism of John. It's almost as though I'm shouting to a brick wall. I'm absolutely astounded that an individual can be shown the literal verse that says "Baptism is not washing yourself, it is coming to God with a good conscience" AKA "Baptism is not a work," and then repeat exactly what they've said before many times. Sue you are in your old age and you are still preaching that baptism is a work, polluting the generations that come after you. What have you done? Did you take a sharpie and cover John 3:5 KJV? [Mod Edit]
  5. The Father is masculine but I doubt He's "male" unless he has a male spiritual reproductive organ, which I cannot even type with a straight face. Male and female denote biological function, which applies to organic material/flesh, neither of which the Father is of (He is a spirit). The Messiah was the only one to have seen the Father, and he calls Him "Father," so there is a pretty good hint towards His character.
  6. It's better to be poor. Even to the rich young man in Matthew who followed the 10 commandments, Jesus told him to sell all he had to give to the poor and to follow him. Of course there will be many older folk Christians with good sums of retirement funds that tremble at the thought of losing them; let alone giving it away. Even the poorest of America are typically rich in comparison to more than half of the world's population. The rich want a piece of their heavenly inheritance early on this Earth, and by doing so display that they do not truly believe in heaven after all. I would say that even a penny desired all to oneself is a penny wanted separate from God. There is no compromise between the world and God; a single bite from the fruit in the Garden killed all mankind.
  7. Why did you lump 80% of your bible into the clump of books "Not for us?" If that isn't apostatizing I don't know what is...
  8. I clicked on the scriptural references for [34] through [38] and they do not reveal any abandonment of the seventh-day Sabbath.
  9. Because the generations before me have polluted the faith with the doctrines of men and teach slothful salvation.
  10. Rip it from your bible for kindling if it is not for you and do not be deceived if you believe that there is but one unforgivable sin...
  11. Hey; just because you are told not to boast of works, does not mean they are of no importance. You may not gain salvation through works, but you may certainly forsake salvation through works. Hebrews 6:4-6 KJV
  12. And I was just struck with fear when I read the prophecy of Daniel of end times in Daniel 7:23-25 KJV and the warning from Jesus about people like the scribes and Pharisees (Catholics) commanding Sunday instead of Saturday with Matthew 15:8-9 KJV. Just a genuine concern and fear.
  13. Anyways, just wondering why honoring the day he rose means that we should not honor the Sabbath day.
  14. So you are one of them fellas that believes Jesus was entombed Friday afternoon (good Friday) and rose Sunday mornin?
  15. But I am wondering why the time of the law of the 10 commandments was changed to Sunday, and who did it? I've heard that an ancient Caesar ordered the Catholic Papacy to change it to Sunday.
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