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  1. I meant, reading like I did. I read it without adult guidance and it brought questions and doubts on my mind. Good thing I was a little older at the time and I was aware of how not to take the bible, literally. But then again, people have different ways to understand things. At an early age, influence has a huge impact on a child. Maybe they can read them when they're older. Anyway, how can you justify violence to a child?
  2. I think, there's nothing wrong with self-defense. You have to protect what God has given you, after all.
  3. Yes, it should be this way. If only. But which God? Different people believe in different Gods, therefore, there are also different views on morality. If only we can all unite in this. The law of one God.
  4. I agree with this. The separation of Church and State. What you believe is wrong may not be wrong for others. The laws of the land must be respected but you have a choice to stick to your faith, personally. The same goes for gay marriage. They can get married, legally, but the church will not allow it.
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