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  1. A soulmate, for me, is someone whom you share coincidental similarities. Like you have the same birthday, you collect the same stuff, eat at the same place, drive the same car etc. I have known people who have met their soulmates and married them. Some didn't end up with them. I didn't end up with my soulmate, either.
  2. I meant, reading like I did. I read it without adult guidance and it brought questions and doubts on my mind. Good thing I was a little older at the time and I was aware of how not to take the bible, literally. But then again, people have different ways to understand things. At an early age, influence has a huge impact on a child. Maybe they can read them when they're older. Anyway, how can you justify violence to a child?
  3. I think, there's nothing wrong with self-defense. You have to protect what God has given you, after all.
  4. Yep, that's the Old Testament, all right. I used to read the book when I was 12 years old. I just decided, why not? It did contain a lot of violence, adultery, nudity, you name it. :( I'm not letting my kids read it like I did.
  5. Trixen

    Saying Grace?

    I always pray before every meal. I don't know, we were doing that since I was young so I do it even today. Sometimes, even a simple snack like chips or sodas from a store. I feel like every time we eat, aside from waking up in the morning, is a blessing.
  6. Me too. Movie Marathon all day. I try to turn off my phone because, for some reason, my ringtone makes me nervous. Sometimes, I go to quiet places like the beach, read books, and take pictures.
  7. You can't reconcile Evolution and Creation. It's Science and Religion, accordingly. Science will try to prove to create something out of nothing through our own capacity, as humans. In religion, you have faith in power, miracles and one God.
  8. Me too. Is there a definition for being a true Christian? All I know is, to be Christian is to be Christ-like, to be like Jesus.
  9. I grew up singing Traditional Hymns and I would never exchange them for Contemporary Music. Sure, there are great new artists and compositions nowadays, but the memories I have that are attached with the old hymns can never be replaced. Old hymns are easier to remember and sing.
  10. I'm online, more or less, 12 hours a day. I use the internet for work. I receive and send emails, frequently. Social media has taken over my life that I sometimes find myself automatically logging on to it. Keeping myself busy keeps me off it. I can shut off everything from social media to apps, but the emails has to stay.
  11. I usually take my family to places they have never been as a form of appreciation or reward. Traveling, for me, is my way of encouraging them to bond and spend quality time together. Does that count as luxury?
  12. I don't know. I prioritize my family and I want to provide them a comfortable life. I don't try to live with luxury but I don't know if traveling is a luxury.
  13. I agree with memorized prayers. When I was young, it didn't sink in to me how wonderful the words are. But as I grow older, I get to understand everything and I pray wholeheartedly. The feeling that God is listening makes me at ease.
  14. This is a sensitive topic and as much as I wanted not to believe it, it's still happening. There are those who form peace rallies, which is ironic. There's block voting, promoting a certain candidate on live television and more.
  15. I think this is a very complicated topic. I would probably say that I can't convince a person to be someone they're not. Being gay, for example, is a part of who they are and trying to change means they would have to be someone else for the rest of their lives. Yet, the same goes with adulterers, gamblers, drug users etc. We are all sinners. We cannot justify who we think we truly are as an excuse to commit sin. So my take on homosexuality is, it's wrong. But I don't judge them, for who am I to judge. We all have our own struggles.
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