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  1. I have a Core 2 Dou laptop and it is perfect for my official work. I don't want to waste the money on the costly computers. A computer should have enough disk space to save your office data and collection of your favorite media file. The sys ram and graphic card should be upgraded according to your needs. I am satisfied with my PC and i love it.
  2. It is better to stay alone rather than enjoying the company of those people who are destroying your life. If you don't feel that those people are good for your religious and social life then you should waste another moment by being with them. You should pray for them that people get them on right way and faith. It will a positive effect on your life and their lives too.
  3. I am not sure about it that if a nonchristian can go to heaven or not. I think if a person is good at heart and if he is a good human being then he could have a chance to go to heaven. I would love to ask William about it as he uses to help all of us about everything. If a person cannot be a good human being then he cannot be a good Christian. So first preference is to be a humble person.
  4. I am really sorry that you are going through this situation. It must be the very depressed situation. I can pray for you that God bless you with happiness. I have many women like this. They only need attention and they create problems in their life too. It is better that you take her to some psychiatrist to get her some therapy. This seems to be a medical condition with her mind.
  5. I use to enjoy the workout every day for 25 minutes and I think it is healthy for us. I think it is the best of age reversal and it is a positive activity. It keeps you away from drugs and other bad habits as no one would like to waste his health on negative activities. I never faced problems with my joints or bones due to workout.
  6. My best friend was on his bike and hit by a truck. He got his 5 bones fractured and he is in a critical condition.He is in I.C.U and suffering from the coma. I want to request you all to pray for my friend that God bless him with good health and he gets up as soon as possible. He is the household in his home and everyone in his family is so worried about him.
  7. I agree with Sue D. that it is good to marry with the same religious background. Their beliefs should be the same. Love is not all about dating. It is better to marry the person whom you love rather than cheating each other. It is necessary to keep a communication with your spouse to have a better understanding.
  8. A friend of mine, his son is suffering from hemophilia. His father is a barber and he is s poor guy. He cannot afford the those costly medicines to cure his disease. I can't see him in this trouble. I try to help him out as much as I can. I request you all people to pray for his son that he gets well soon. No one else can understand his pain but your prayers will make a big change in his life.
  9. I think it is the most important thing is to worship the God as we cannot worship anyone else. If we want to be blessed by the grace of almighty God then we would have to worship and ask him for help. There is no doubt that the God is the holy spirit and he deserves to be worshiped.
  10. I f you are planning to make a blog then Wordpress is the best option for this. You also should target the relevant audience by the proper use of keywords and meta tags. It is better to write the posts that people are interested in. Your intention should be to help out the people about their social and religious problem so they come again to visit your website. God Bless you.
  11. We have never seen the God but we still have a firm belief in him. It is not because we are just going blindly but it is due to the symptoms. There are many symptoms that God does exist. Everything that does exist has some symptoms. Just like we can be sure that rain is going to come when there are so many dark clouds in the sky. In the same way, if we look at the complexity of the world then we can realize that these things can not come into existence without a creator. Everything is working in a proper way. Look at your solar system and stars. Look at your body function and immune system. These all things tell us that there is someone who is handling all these things and he is the God.
  12. Grammarly works perfectly on Google Chrome. I have installed the Grammarly on Firefox but I am having a problem while using it. I agree with William that it is better to upgrade the free package. The paid version would be perfect and would have a lot of other features that are not available on free one.
  13. Love is the important factor to asks someone to be in a calm state of mind. If you found a girl in anger then you should behave to her in a nice way otherwise she could be more rash or angry. When you see a girl being so rude then ask her to calm down as it does not suit her to be so angry and she looks beautiful when she smiles.
  14. I think it is due to ignorance of literate people out there. I am really surprised that educated people also having the same thinking. We all are the creature of God and we don't have control over our birth color or race. We all are equal in the eyes of God then who else has right to categorize people with their race and skin color.
  15. I think the windows 7 is the best OS ever. I had any problem using this OS. I am having better system speed. I was using the Windows XP before this and I liked that too. Windows 7 has a user-friendly interface and easy to install. I like all the features and the application in it.
  16. I think it is better not to have sex before marriage as it is a sin. I think it is socially acceptable but it does not seem good to have a sexual relationship before marriage. The singles should control their urge to have sex before they get married.
  17. The world was not in this way. We are facing problem in this world because of our own mistakes. Dishonesty is one of them as it disturbs the whole system. We will get the same results of our intentions. So whenever we are having dishonesty in our mind for anyone then we should expect the same for us from everyone. There are a lot of honest and sincere people in this world.
  18. Love is about taking care of each other and being staying sincere. Everyone takes the things in their own way. Things are really different before and after marriage. So we should consider being loyal and sincere with our all relationships whether its about family or spouse.
  19. I will pray for your father that God bless him with good health and happy life. Parents are the great blessing of God for us and we should respect them. I don't have my parent alive so I know the importance of parents. I wish that your family stay happy forever.
  20. I want to ask about your opinion that love is more important before or after marriage. I have seen in the Asian countries people prefer to maintain their love after marriage. IS it same in the Europe and America? How should it be?
  21. Ye my friend i agree with your opinion. I should stay away from that girl as it is not good socially and not good for both lives. I am going to tell her to talk to someone else about her problems or talk to her husband as i don't have any relation with her. Thanks for your opinion.
  22. I agree with your point. God loves its creature whether they are obedient or not. God hates the sin but not the person who do this. For this reason a person could suffer from pain after doing it as it is to make him understand that he did something wrong.
  23. I never watched the movie " Passion of the Christ ". It seems so much heart touching as you told about the story of this movie. I would to watch it. Mel Gibson is also a good actor and obviously a talented director. I would love to watch that movie. Let me know upon its release.
  24. I agree with William that a child should be educated before he is instructed. the child comes to the world with a blank mind. It's mean that he does not have anything on his mind as he never experienced anything in life. It is our responsibility to teach him in this way that he could understand the good and bad.
  25. Cancer is really painful and life taking disease. It has taken many people away from their families forever. Poor people cannot afford the costly treatment for cancer. I wish God bless all those people with health and make their life happy. I request you all to pray the same.
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