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  1. I think it is the most important thing is to worship the God as we cannot worship anyone else. If we want to be blessed by the grace of almighty God then we would have to worship and ask him for help. There is no doubt that the God is the holy spirit and he deserves to be worshiped.
  2. We have never seen the God but we still have a firm belief in him. It is not because we are just going blindly but it is due to the symptoms. There are many symptoms that God does exist. Everything that does exist has some symptoms. Just like we can be sure that rain is going to come when there are so many dark clouds in the sky. In the same way, if we look at the complexity of the world then we can realize that these things can not come into existence without a creator. Everything is working in a proper way. Look at your solar system and stars. Look at your body function and immune system. These all things tell us that there is someone who is handling all these things and he is the God.
  3. The world was not in this way. We are facing problem in this world because of our own mistakes. Dishonesty is one of them as it disturbs the whole system. We will get the same results of our intentions. So whenever we are having dishonesty in our mind for anyone then we should expect the same for us from everyone. There are a lot of honest and sincere people in this world.
  4. The world is getting more and more materialistic every day. Moral values are dead but there are some people exist in this world who are honest. Due to population and other problems, people are chasing for money and fame whether by fair or unfair means. I still believe that there are many good people in the world. God bless us all with honest thoughts.
  5. If you learn some art of fighting then it is good to save yourself and other people around you. You can fight with evil and bad people so they don't hurt anyone without any reason. It is necessary to find peaceful atmosphere for you. If you have some fight with a person then try to make him understand in a soft way but if he attacks you then you have the right to save yourself with self-defense techniques.
  6. I found the love of God if I am afraid of his grief. He blesses us with a lot of blessings. Fear of God is really good for us as it keep us away from bad activities and it leads to being near to God. It let us follow the orders of God. I love my God so much and I am so thankful to him for everything that he gave me and he took me away from the thing which was not beneficial for me.
  7. I can hear the God inside my heart, inside my thoughts. Maybe i am not that much spiritually powerful that i could listen to his voice directly or physically. I think those individuals who listened to his voice, they are much blessed as they are special one. We are breathing, eating, drinking, walking, watching and thinking, these all abilities are gifted by God. This complex human body system cannot come into creation with out any creator. There is the God who made all of us and blessed us with countless blessings. Always try to stay happy and hopeful because hopelessness takes a person away from God. If you want to be near to God and want to listen to him then we have act upon his orders.
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