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  1. I am not talking about Polygamy as Polygamy is not applied to Christians. Christians are able to have multiple spouses via divorce. Elizabeth Taylor got married and divorced multiple times. Because of divorce many Secular and Christians are able to marry over and over again. Polygamy is a man having multiple wives at the same time. A Christian is suppose to have one spouse at a time. That is the loophole many uses for divorce. A Christian should not remarry even if their marriage fail. They can only remarry if they got widowed. Divorce gave some Christians an opening to marry again even if their spouse is alive.
  2. It is very sad that there are only 2 countries in the world where there is no divorce. Vatican city and the Philippines are the only 2 regions on earth with no divorce. I can understand cases though where a husband is abusive or a wife cheats because those are really grounds for separation. I just don't like the fact many people are taking advantage of divorce so they can have multiple spouses or they can get money. In my belief a person should not remarry as long as their spouse is alive. So if they end up on separation they should just stay celibate.
  3. There are so many things science can't explain and there had been many incidents where science had been proven wrong. I know many Atheist see Science as their "religion". They think everything has to be explain by science. They really think the Big Bang Theory is real. An explosion will never happen if no one does it. It won't just explode on it's own.
  4. The three suspects are said to be boys so they are minors. That must be the reason why the parents of the victim is not happy. In the US most teen and child criminals are sent to Juvenile centers instead of jails. If these suspects are adult men, they will be jailed ASAP regardless of their ethnicity,religion and sex. I remember there was this little girl who became a serial killer and she was sent to social services before she got jailed when she turned 18.
  5. Homeschooling children is one of the best way to make sure the generations that will came from you will continue God's will. Most schools today will just influenced children to be liberal and Atheist. Also parents must also guard what their kids watch on TV so they won't be influenced by all those propaganda. A niece of mine just turned Atheist because of a video her teacher forced her to watch. I think the older generations must not let their children be influenced by peers who always follow what is trendy. We are in a generation where mocking Christianity is seen as cool.
  6. God created only 2 genders but liberals are now forcing other types of genders. Tumblr people just invented different type of genders. Then there are now people who identify as genderless like this weird person from this article: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/judge-gender-genderless-legal-patch-us-landmark-ruling-a7651036.html Then there are those people who calls themselves gender fluid because they flip flop between 2 gender identities. I remember the interview of a "transexual woman" saying that the man who will have relationship with "her" are not gay because "she" is a woman. Now transgenders are trying to make this term happen: Cisgender. They call us normal people as cisgender.
  7. If I didn't study Martial arts a robber would have killed me years ago. Having a martial art lesson is one of the best decisions of my life because I would have been dead if I am not able to defend myself against someone armed with a knife. God wanted us to respect our bodies so there is no way I will let someone stab me with a knife just because he wanted to have my wallet. I am able to worship God today because I had been able to defend myself years ago. I live in a city with a high crime rate so it is important for me to defend my self from anybody who wanted to cause me harm. I hope that person who tried to kill me will find God in Prison. I already forgave him.
  8. With LGBT dominating it's power in Hollywood that almost every TV shows have liberal agenda on it, what are some TV shows you can recommend that is more Christian friend but entertaining. I mean even superhero shows have Gay characters or characters who have abortion. Are there Tv shows you can recommend that are more Christian family friendly?
  9. The corporate media wants to promote abortion as a women's right because they are able to take advantage of it. Pepsi uses the cells of aborted embryos for taste enhancement tasting because they can't do animal testing anymore thanks to those Animal rights people. Many Pharmaceutical companies uses cells of aborted embryos for medicines, vaccines and other stuffs like cosmetics and food.
  10. I think think many of the women who fought "her" are not aware "she" was a man. Many of them actually complained that they allowed someone who not only born as a man but grew up as an adult man is legally allowed to fight women. If transgenders want to fight, they should have their own division. So there won't be any unfair disadvantages.
  11. If your spouse abandoned you and divorced you, Don't remarry as long as your ex is alive. Just concentrate your energy on your children and raise them as a better person so they won't end up like their parent who asked for a divorce.
  12. The disturbing part about transgender women being allowed to compete against women is how physically stronger they are even if they have female hormones now. If their body developed as an adult man they will have the bone density and muscle mass of a man. Imagine if Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao decided to become a woman and compete against women. Men are not suppose to beat up women even if they dress up as one.
  13. From what I have learned from going to church, A married person can only remarry if they got widowed. If they separated to their spouse, They should stay single as long as their ex is alive. Obviously I am more orthodox on that part. That is the reason why I am careful when it comes to finding a spouse. I am not in a hurry to get married because I don't want to be in a failed marriage.
  14. Did you know the Olympics now allows "trans-gendered women" to compete against biological women in the Olympics. There is this Navy seal who decided to identify as woman and had plastic surgery to be a woman but identifies as Lesbian. This person competes in Mixed martial arts against biological born women and "she" beats them up brutally. Most of "her" opponents have no idea they are fighting against someone who is born as a man and served the military and did body building for years. Social Justice warriors thinks this "woman" have a right to fight actual women in the ring because "she" is a woman now. We know men and women are split in different divisions at sports to make the match ups more fair because men have stronger bones and reflexes. Apparently a man is now allowed to have a boxing or martial arts match against a born woman without her knowledge because "she" is a woman now according to laws.
  15. Latin American Television seemed more Christian friendly because the protagonists is usually religious and they pray during the lowest of lows. You can see scenes they pray though yeah most characters there are Catholic and the kissing scenes there are way too extreme. South Korea despite of being a non-Christian country have a better portrayal of Christians and their TV shows are more Christian friendly. On screen kisses are lighter or sometimes there is none. Hollywood is the most anti-Christian television and movie industry though. I mean they promote the most Anti-Christian things like abortion and divorce.
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