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  1. If my country will have a system like this, I will immigrate somewhere else as soon as possible. I do not want a microchip to be inserted inside my body. With everything going on, I won't be shocked if the end is near. Lord have mercy for humanity! I have a feeling that a western country like the US is most likely to implement this. I think this technology had been existing since the 90's. During the 90's there was a credit card in form of a chip being inserted in the shoulder. I do not like the idea of a national ID system where invasive chips will be inserted on our bodies. I don't even have piercings and Jewelry. @thisnthat I also don't like that idea too. I don't want to forced to have something surgically inserted on me against my will.
  2. To make it worst they have a lot of articles promoting acceptance of homesexuality and transgenders too. They also promo the so called Non-gendered and gender binary people. Now they have 4th,5th , 6th and 7th kind of genders. Their article about Anal sex promotes benefits of it to little girls. How the hell damaging your anus beneficial? This magazine had been responsible for giving young girls anorexia and now they are not contented because they are now encourage them to sodomize and telling them it is good for them. The anus is created by God to eject dirt from out body. It is not created for intercourse. I won't be shocked if one of these days they will promote this in children's magazine.
  3. I think in able for Christianity to have better publicity without selling out to the liberals is to do more charities that media can see. Provide jobs to the unemployed, give scholarships to poor smart students and help the livelihood on some 3rd world countries. I think that might somehow convert some people. I know churches have charities but at this moment NGO's are doing a better job which is a shame. Christian families in western families should also have more than one children so the population of Christians won't drop. Look liberals prefers to have only 1 child or prefer to have cute dog instead. Christians can still outnumber them eventually.
  4. He is republican because most Samoans are conservative Christians but he doesn't like Trump. That might be his trigger to run as Independent. I think he is a conservative who managed to appeal even to the liberals because he is not preachy about his beliefs. He is not the only celebrity who is interested with the presidency. Most of the celebs who wants to run though are liberals. Most independent candidates are not allowed to attend the debates because of the law they must have 15 percent approval rating. He might be the first independent candidate who might be able to reach that quota because of his mainstream appeal.
  5. Sparky


    The second type of Atheist you are talking about have the agenda against religion because they blame it for all the wars in the world. They think the world will be peaceful and better if there is no religion. They should try living in a communist country. A place where there is no religion and see if it's the utopia they are dreaming of. Look At North Korea. Let's see if they will like it there. Many of the Atheist became that way because they thought no one listens to their prayers. Other became Atheist because they got influenced by liberal media because their idol celebrities are Atheist. Then there are those people who became Atheist because they are siding with the LGBT. They do became that way because liberal agenda is becoming strong.
  6. Teen Vogue had been responsible for making teenage girls hate their bodies and make them anorexic but things had gotten worst. This mom wants parents to be vigilant against this magazine. This magazine is marketed to girls 11 to 17 years old but it's having articles with tutorials on how to do sodomy. This perverted magazine pretending to be a fashion magazine is teaching young girls how to sodomize. To make this worst the article is not using gendered pronouns to be appeal to the 3rd genders and so called gender fluid people. Do not let this magazine corrupt your daughters. It is filled with extreme liberal agenda. parents should be aware what their kids watch and what they read. I hope more parents will be vigilant against this garbage trying to corrupt the mind on of the young ones.
  7. If a Christian left Christianity, No one will stop them and they can go back anytime they want. If a Muslim left Islam he will either get killed or be forced to return to Islam and get killed for it. It doesn't sound like a religion of peace at all. People are not allowed to leave Islam even if they don;t want to be a part of it anymore. If a Muslim man dated a Christian woman, There won't be an issue at all. if a Muslim woman dated a Christian man she will be honor killed by her family. All those Saudi Billionaires dating Hollywood celebrities don't get any backlash. If a Muslim woman does that she will be stoned to death.
  8. Condoms already exists during the ancient times in form of animal intestines. Sounds gross but they have limited technology back then. I think family planning is not bad as long as no baby is getting killed. I do know the Catholic church is against family planning because of what they are doing to the Philippines. They kept on blocking the reproductive health bill there.It is a low where the government will provide free condoms and pills for impoverished families so they will not be reproducing.That country have an over population problem.
  9. Dwayne Johnson is the highest paid Hollywood actor now. He use to be a wrestler but he is now an actor and a businessman. I think he is now a Billionaire so I can't say he has no skills. He is a college Graduate he doesn't have a tainted reputation so we cannot really say he is dumb. I am not sure if he will do a great politician but I think he can handle the debates because Pro-wrestlers are trained to make impromptu promos. His biggest advantage though is his fame.
  10. I am not talking about Polygamy as Polygamy is not applied to Christians. Christians are able to have multiple spouses via divorce. Elizabeth Taylor got married and divorced multiple times. Because of divorce many Secular and Christians are able to marry over and over again. Polygamy is a man having multiple wives at the same time. A Christian is suppose to have one spouse at a time. That is the loophole many uses for divorce. A Christian should not remarry even if their marriage fail. They can only remarry if they got widowed. Divorce gave some Christians an opening to marry again even if their spouse is alive.
  11. It is very sad that there are only 2 countries in the world where there is no divorce. Vatican city and the Philippines are the only 2 regions on earth with no divorce. I can understand cases though where a husband is abusive or a wife cheats because those are really grounds for separation. I just don't like the fact many people are taking advantage of divorce so they can have multiple spouses or they can get money. In my belief a person should not remarry as long as their spouse is alive. So if they end up on separation they should just stay celibate.
  12. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/401154...-donald-trump/ There is now a campaign that petitions Pro-Wrestler turned Actor, Dwayne Johnson to run for President. From what I know he is not a democrat because he grows up with Christian and Samoan values. He don't have political experience though but so does Donald Trump. From what I know he will run as Independent because his values is more similar to republicans but he opposes some of Trump's policies. On the other hand democrats want either Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. Are you going to give the Rock a chance? We had an actor President before. Kanye West and Paris Hilton are also vocal about trying Presidency.
  13. The media have declared a War against him because of his controversial stands. Also he is also shooting his self to the foot. He should be thankful to Kelly Anne Conway because she is so dedicated on defending him through thick and thin. It seemed like the Democrats are building up Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to defeat him next election. The Rock is currently being hyped up by the media to run against him. The only media that doesn't hate Trump are Fox news, The Blaze and Alex Jones. Media is controlled by liberals so they are trying their best to destroy Trump.I don't really like Trump but I know media was too unfair to him.
  14. Muslims are also doing the same thing, In Pakistan that is what they do to the Greek Minority known as Kalash. They try to convert them in exchange of food or jobs. Unlike Christianity though, Converts are free to leave if they like and their lives wont be in danger. In Islam you will be killed if you left Islam. Christianity if more forgiving. I mean look at the people who left Scientology. They got accepted back to Christianity with open arms. They are not forced to return to Christianity, They returned on their own will.
  15. and people with no religion and wants to abolish religion. Look how the liberal Atheist media wanted to portray Christians. The way Western media like Hollywood portray Christians is really an offensive satire. Their Liberal LGBT agenda is being shoved to the mouths of our children. They want to look open minded and accepting by allowing Muslims to enter the country without any background checks. I know I love mentioning Sweden a lot but that country is in grave danger for Christians. I do know though Christians suffer the most in Muslim and communist countries.
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