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  1. That's no way possible, what they will create are not humans. Just advanced machines which will never reach the intellectual level of God's creation. This is what the word calls" man's wisdom which is foolishness compared to God's wisdom
  2. I agree, but what is the solution? What are you telling these women. To be content without husbands? that it's all right?
  3. I watched season 1 and 2, i think. But it was getting to scary for me so I stopped. Any movie that has the potential to give me a nightmares I refrain. I just watched a new series called "designated survival" very intense.
  4. My favorite Christmas movie is home alone. Most because I like humor and also we all enjoy the movie; the kids, even my grandmother finds the movie interesting.
  5. In my time dealing with teenagers in faith, one of the hardest thing for them is to come out of their social groups. They dread the mockery that comes with been different. In some situations like schools, being a good person will even have you physically abused. So to some extent I understand them, however I like to encourage them that the journey of salvation is not for the weak- for many are the battles. Jesus Himself suffered a lot and as His co heirs we must walk in His footsteps. The great news is, He will always be there to fight our battles and the even greater news, we will be crowned with eternal life of joy and celebrations when we hold on.
  6. You have point there @ChatterBox , there's definitely more to transgender than meets the eye. Perhaps before we ask ourselves why anybody would want to be associated with a certain gender and not the other, we should ask ourselves why we want to be the gender we are and not the other. Or why one prefers a certain faith and disagrees with another. Some people even quit trusting in the one true God and turn to wicked gods and witchcraft. i want to believe that no one person holds the monopoly of truth but each of us believes in his own translation of reality. And sometimes a person's translation may not go very well with a majority. My point is simple; before we judge or condemn these people let's really try to understand their story. Only then can we help them.
  7. Ican see you have the figures, thanks for that. But have you factored in, that a lot of men are facing a lot danger and die more than women. For illustrations, more men die in wars as soldiers, gangsters who get shot or imprisoned are more men than women, the number of those addicted to drugs and alcohol, more men, accidents; more men. You can now see why there's a defecit. now whether we chose to acknowledge or ignore this fact, it is here with us and must be addressed. And even though it may not be an excuse for infidelity, it is a contributor.
  8. True words, however not very applicable. Women want to get married. No wonder we have so many men with mistresses. this is one of those issues that I desire every one to open their eyes to the reality and not blindly quote the bible. I mean, the modern man is faced by so many dangers and eventually has a higher chance of dying than a woman. ​​​​​​​
  9. Thanks for the recomedation, and yes I agree we all have some form of desire to commit sin. But let me remind you, being gay is not just a desire to have pleasure. It's a nature, it's not another habit you pick from your high school buddies. For some people yes, but some are born with feminine hormones and there's nothing much they can do about it.
  10. This is rather sensitive, because as we give our views on this matter it would be great to hear from an actual homosexual or transgender. Reason is, even the poor and down casted too have their story. I actually feel sorry for these guys, imagine you are born in a world where every one is gay and you are the only one who have feelings for the opposite sex. How would you feel? How would want those people to treat you?
  11. How does that justify the cruelty this people face? Women and young girls are raped and watch their fathers, husbands and brothers butchered in cold blood. i don't see how that is a plan to mode character my friend @theophilus ​​as a matter of fact it is such kind of cruelty that turns young children to terrorists. A person can't be the same after watching soo many loved ones being killed.
  12. Wow, I never knee that, thanks. ​​​​​​so they don't have a god they worship?, are they like aetheists?
  13. Hello good people, I have been trying to find a part time gig to supplement my day job income. I've heard severally you can make good money online only I don't know how. Are you making money online and if so how?
  14. I feel like there's a broad path that the modern Christian is following which though not outrageous is the wrong one. I remember growing up, attending church on sunday was a culture followed religiously. Nowadays, the tides have changed, people all busy following the latest football game. You find one can't memorize a verse but has the entire league table on his finger tips. Even in church, people are talking football after service. What's happening people?
  15. This is really great, "The word says to ‘give drink to those who are thirsty, and feed the hungry’; so how about dinner tonight?"
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