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  1. I recently came across this joke and I am sure you will like it. Son: Dad, I am hungry Dad: Hello, hungry Son: Dad, I am serious Dad: No you are hungry Son: Dad, are you joking? Dad: No, I am Dad Son: Screams Dad: Ha ha ha
  2. @Ali_s Thank you so much. I am in tears whenever I see someone posting in this thread praying for her. I am so happy to have all the prayers and with all your prayers she is recovering well. Thank you, everyone. So good to be here. :) :)
  3. I think people are being one sided and why to concentrate on sports when they have come to visit the Lord. This happens in our place too. Last week I went to a temple and after worshiping I was sitting for a while to meditate but a group of people behind me started to talk about cricket and football. After that, the conversation moved on to tv series. I wonder why they have to talk about this in a place of worship.
  4. Thank you so much @wallet I will surely convey this and with all your prayers she is recovering good and she is healthy now. She is happy and healthy. Thank you all :)
  5. @Clawstomp Thank you for sharing your experience. Nowadays I am getting this feeling a lot and traveling and art helps me to take away that feeling of being alone. I play some nice music and then sit and draw or paint which makes me feel good and relaxed. :)
  6. @theophilus Thank you for praying for her. She has seen a doctor and now she is feeling better and regaining her old health. @wfredeemed009 Thank you so much for praying for my friend and for me as well. She is been doing good and she has a doctor's appointment for the next week. :)
  7. I read the book but I have not watched the movie fully. I loved the book as she travels to three different places in the quest to find a way to connect with her true inner self. I was so taken by the way she travels and the way she describes the things. It's one of the best books I have read. I will watch the movie soon. Thanks for the thread.
  8. It's been two years since I started working online. Earning in online is a bit difficult task and you should have patience. Lots of patience as this will not be like your passive income job. Some days, you will be earning a lot and some days you will be left empty handed. I usually rely on survey sites which pay a good sum for the surveys that you do. If you are good in writing then you can try for writing sites. Also nowadays blogging can be very helpful. Other than this you can provide coaching and teach people through tutoring websites.
  9. Hello friends, I hope everybody is doing great. My best friend suffered from a severe stomach pain last week and watching her suffer I just couldn't just see that. I was so sad and dying inside. She was in such an agony and pain. Now she has recovered but still not got her health back completely. I miss her and I pray for her daily that she will get well soon. I request our friends pray for her good health. Thank you to all of my friends.
  10. @justme I am glad that you are alright now yet I will pray for your complete recovery and for good health for the many many years to come. I pray to the God for a healthy and happy life for you, my friend. Stay strong :)
  11. Thank you, friends, for all your wonderful suggestions. I have started to keep a journal and I write whatever and however I feel. It's like sharing to a friend. It helps me a lot. I will pray to God and pour all my sorrows to him and I think I will definitely get the answers.
  12. Thank you, friends, for sharing your ways to beat off the stress. I too have started to travel a lot and this has proved to be a great way to beat the stress and distract yourself from the problem for a while giving you a better vision to solve it. I listen to music when I am traveling and the experience is just wonderful. :)
  13. @Sparky I can understand the pain and sufferings that the Christian community is facing world wide. In my mother's town the majority of the population is Christians and everywhere there will be a lot of churches and Christian schools. But what I have seen recently is that there is no unity among them itself. They are not helping their own people and keep blaming the others for their problems. I really feel sad for them. My grandma told that in her locality there even has been disputes and fights lately.
  14. I don't have much belief in horoscopes even though I listen to it for my mom's happiness. She is a very strong believer and sometimes she tortures me with that. I mean how can they predict our future so accurately and tells us that this is what is going to happen. She said I have to get married by this year as per my astronomical signs and if not I will never be married again she told. This is so hard for me to believe and accept.
  15. Oh dear god, what is happening to people? I really appreciate the fact that they are concerned about the climatic change and carbon footprint but the tweet saying, "Having children is one of the worst things that you can do for the planet." I mean she herself being a woman and a feminist she says this. When the news came about China's one-child policy last year I was terrified but now they are saying having children is bad. They are the carriers of generation. This looks like a plan for extinction if you ask me.
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